Thursday, September 25, 2014

What is important to know about our own healing and healing journey?

To be present.  To be awake and aware.

When something isn’t working well, you stop and focus your energies toward that aspect of the physical body.

When everything is going smoothly in your body, you are on autopilot and not aware of your body.

Both perspectives are needed for balance.  Some lifetimes require more focus on the physical body than others.  Every aspect of healing, illness and wellness has lessons and gifts associated with it.  .  Some seem easier than others, obviously, though none is more important than any other aspect of the body.

You, as a spirit, occupy a physical body.  There are great many lessons just to allow that interaction to happen for the time you call a physical life.  There are a million or more aspect s to the planning and implementation of all that is involved in getting the spirit into a body suited for the life you planned — from choosing parents and DNA to siblings, partners, children, friends and associates along the way.

It is a project that is not thought much about in the physical life.  If you could see it, you would be awed by the orchestration it takes, You, of course, have seen it in the spirit realm before and after each lifetime.

Just know that whatever is going on with your body in this life, it is rarely an accident.  Accidents do happen though not as much as might think.
Each change in your body offers gifts and lessons.  Each is a unique experience designed specifically for you.

Your physical body is the vehicle you have chosen for this lifetime.  Each [body] is different from each other.  While there are commonalities, each is uniquely different in the way it works for the spirit using it.

When something “goes wrong,” ask yourself and your guides to help you understand what you are supposed to gain from the experience, rather than fussing or getting angry about it.  Shift your perspective just a little and you may find it is easier to accept or understand what your body is telling you.