Thursday, October 3, 2013

About the government shut-down this week

Comment:  Given the federal government shutdown this week, we decided to put a pink cloud of love and peace over Washington, DC.  I had a hard time keeping the pink cloud in place.  It felt like there was lot of hot air trying to push the cloud away. Then i started to get messages:

We are here with you tonight.

The current situation in your government is showing very clearly where the problems are.  Yes, people are immature.  And, there are many dysfunctional people and processes being exposed. 

The older souls are making fun of it, which does help somewhat.  Younger souls might go into panic or fear otherwise. 

Everyone who is calm or loving or making fun is helping to relieve some of the anxiety.  Big changes are afoot as you all know.  Your current structure have to break down, so you are seeing the results.

It will happen in other industries.  You  have seen the collapse of the banking, financial services and housing industries.  Now, your federal government is the focus.

Much good will come out of this time of the government shutdown.  How long it will last, we will not predict. Be assured that the world will not end because of it.  Many foreign countries are taking notice so it will have some impact on diplomatic relations.

Should your government default on its obligations, the United Nations and other mature soul countries would try to help stabilize things.  We don’t expect it to get to that point, though, nothing is certain at this time. 

Continue to do what you can, where you can. Every older soul who takes the time to speak out publicly — or to their government representatives — will have a strong effect, so you can help by encouraging your older soul friends to do that.
You world will go through periods of upheaval and uncertainty for some years to come, so don’t get alarmed or become fearful.  Do your best to be a stable and calm presence.  This greatly helps the younger souls and uncertain older souls to get through also.  

We are with you at all times.
~ Your entity ~

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