Thursday, July 19, 2012

Any messages about the energy right now?

We are here with you tonight.

There are times when energy builds or so it seems, so that things may be accomplished and many people can focus on a common goal.

You have created 2012 as one of those time periods.  You are releasing much, changing much and recreating much in your world.  You, collectively, are doing this.  You are preparing for the return of the High Mental Body — the Infinite Soul.  There is much to be done to prepared in yourself and in so many others.
Your growth is accelerated, yes, in what feels like pressure.  You are preparing yourself to handle much more than you have ever handled before.

In 10 years, you will look back and be amazed at the changes.  In 20 years, the same.  In 100 years, the same.  Yes, the pace has increased and will not be “relaxed” — you will at some point realize that you are doing so much more than you ever thought possible.

People are “stepping up” in many ways, especially doing the work they need to do on themselves regardless of soul age.  Many of you are more aware of how much needs to be done.  And, to be bluntly honest, nothing needs to be done.  All is evolving as it should. You feel pressure inside yourself to do your own work – no one else’s.  Everyone is doing what they need to do. 

When you can accept this and relax, you will be calmer and feel less like you have to solve the problems of the world.   

All of you are aware of great needs and are feeling the coming changes.  Just be aware that you are not alone at all.  There is so much support for you to call on when you need it.

An exercise: When you are feeling stressed and pressured, simply STOP!  Allow yourself to connect with All That Is and ask for help in doing whatever needs doing.  Allow yourself to accept that help and notice how much easier things will get done.

Allow yourself to rest as much as you need rest, to take time to connect with nature, to connect with people you care about.

Spend time on activities that bring you joy.   Follow  your own heart and if you make these a habit, your life will be easier and you will not fee pressured.
Whatever it is that is right for you is available to you.  Your culture has taught you otherwise — that you have to work hard, struggle, etc.  That is not true.  You have to let go of those old ideas, which as you know is easier said than done. 
Start where you are and do whatever you can to make your life joyful and fulfilled every day.  The more you do this, the easier it will be until you do more of that than the things that make you feel stressed.

We offer our help at any time and at all times.  We are eternal so there is no time pressure at all where we are.  And, we are right where you are, with a slight perspective difference.

Whatever your heart desires is possible.  Believe it and it will be yours.

~ Michael and your entity ~

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Any messages for us tonight?

Question: Any messages for us tonight?

We are here tonight with you.

Your calm energy is an important respite from the storms of the planet right now. 
Much is in turmoil.  Much is changing.   Much is in flux.  Many are choosing to leave the physical plane right now and spend some resting time to be ready for their next lives when your world will be very different.

Each new day brings you new opportunities for growth and expansion.  Many are not interested in sticking around through more turmoil so will leave for a time.  There is nothing wrong in this — just a choice.  Sometimes, enough is simply enough. They have done what they came to do and it is time to move on.  [Name removed] was one of those who lived a full life and was ready to go home as she said.   

The weather and storms are a reflection of the energy that comes with major changes. They help to guide people where they need/want to go and what they would not do unless “pushed” by the storm.  Unsettled times bring unsettled weather so they go hand-in-hand together.

This also is a time when those of you who are calm and not experiencing your own major growth pressures can assist others.  You can be an anchor for them and a calming presence for those who need a little extra help.

You have all be in their shoes, also.  Balance is the way the Universe operates – out-of-balance seeking balance, each helping each other.

If everyone was calm all the time, nothing would get changed.  If everyone was in chaos all the time, that would not be good either.

These are good times to remember “one day at a time” and not get too excited about the day-to-day changes.  Keep focused on your own long term goals and be flexible — very flexible.  Help where you can.  Take time to play, to rest, to work, to study in balance.  Follow your spiritual practices and connect consciously every day.  Keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and enjoy the fascinating journey you have created for yourself.

We wish you love and hope and peace and are here with you at all times, and enjoy the fascinating journey you have created for yourself.

We wish you love and hope and peace and are here with you at all times.

~ Your entity ~