Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where are the Michael Teachings going in the next few years ...

Question: Where are the Michael Teachings going in the next few years and what is my role/out role in that growth? 

Answer: We are with you tonight.  We have a message of hope for the world and want to share it.  We have seen that our teaching has helped many, many people in your world to live a better life, to be happier, to have better relationships, to be more productive, to be more peaceful.

We do not tell you what to do, of course.  We have provided many people with ways to use the teachings.  Many have taken that information and used it in positive ways.

We expect to see more becoming interested as the stresses of life cause people to search for better ways.  This is a natural evolution.  As your world shifts to a more mature way of being and doing, more people are seeking to connect with each other.  More and more are opening up to their spiritual aspect and are questioning the older religions and older ways.

We do not want to create a new religion.  We do want to be available to those who can use the information we have to make their lives better.

When you operate from the positive parts of your personality, your life goes more smoothly.

This week, you have met people who want to share what they have learned with others and they come from a genuine desire to help others.

This is the most effective ways to share our teaching — to let others know what you know.  Not proselytizing or forcing it on anyone.  Listen for signs of someone seeking answers and offer what you can, where you can.

Your idea of a Michael Teachings library is a good idea and will be an excellent resource for many.  Collecting the information into a common place will help to open up the teaching for more to find it.

You have laid the groundwork and the work should continue as you have the time.  The others you are working with have ideas also.  There are resources you have not as yet explored simply due to the conflicts you have on your time.  That is just the nature of Growth.

Keep your vision clear and the Universe will conspire to assist you.  You already know this.  Trust it and amazing things will happen.  Do not be afraid of what people might thing — just follow your heart and your intuition and all will fall into place.  When the transcripts are ready and released, there will be a ‘gush’ of energy released.  That will ripple through the community and cause ripples outside the current Michael community.  More people will be drawn to see what’s going on.

Some of that attention will result in very positive forces coming to play.  It will also release some backlash, so be prepared for that and do not be afraid of it.  There is no need to worry about it.  Just be aware. 

Hold steady to your vision and all will unfold like magic.  It won’t seem hard and you don’t need to push anything or anyone.

Allow it to unfold easily, as it should.  Go where you feel called to go and follow your intuition and you will meet the people who can help.  There are many simply waiting for a “sign” for them to step forward and make more resources known to you.

You and your group and doing very well.  Many others are holding a vision for a better life.  You are all doing Good Work.

We hold you — all of you = with love and joy.

~ Michael and friends (your entity) ~

Footnote: The night before this, I woke up from a dream.  The hotel room was very dark and it felt as if a huge heavy pillow was covering my entire body, pressing down on me so it was hard to breathe.  I quickly told whatever it was to go away and immediately, the pressure lifted and I could again see the ambient light in the room.  I didn’t know what it meant at the time.  As I read what came through tonight, maybe that ‘dream’ or whatever it was, was just a reminder that when the pressure comes, to relax, just tell the darkness to go away and know that the light is always there. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw white light and I was feeling a deep indigo / twilight blue color that stayed with me.  I could feel the deep blue filling me and gently pushing me, as if we were going down an elevator with it.] 

Question: What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

Answer: At the end, there is a deepening connection with Spirit and All That Is.  Some people are ready and welcome the transition because they are not afraid.
Others may be afraid or uncertain, and so as you have said, their body and their personality may cling to the hope that they won’t have to go.

Other have lessons to learn or “unfinished business” that they want to deal with or wrap up before they go.

So, the possibilities are many and varied.  There is no “one way” to go and each person can create their experience differently in each life.

Remember, the life is to be lived fully and completely.  Not a lot is gained by leaving the same way every time.

To answer your unanswered question, yes this is Michael answering with your entity as support. 

Your reluctance to ask for healing for XXXX is appropriate.  He is having his experience his own way and he is doing exactly what he needs to do.

Your willingness – you and your group – to ask these questions and be available to help those who ask is good work for all of you.  When your time comes, you will not be afraid and can help others who stay to also not be afraid.

Leaving in a fearful state takes some time to work through once they cross over.  As you know and many others have described, there is an “orientation” time – or more accurately, a “re-orientation” time to adjust to being free of the body.

Just as the spirit/essence needs “time” to adjust to coming into a physical body, it needs “time” to adjust to being without a body.  After orientation, there is “time” for “life review” and recapping and assimilating the lessons of the life just finished.

Eventually, there is new learning and resting and playing.  And, when it is time to get ready to come back again to the Physical Plane, there is training and planning and preparation work with those who will share the next life.  As in the physical realm, your essence will be “busy” at times, resting at times, playing at times and studying at times.

Life is like a river — it flows — sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly, sometimes over and sometimes under.  Always moving in some way and sometimes, seeming to be perfectly quiet.

We bid you a good evening and a wonderful journey — all of you who travel this space with us.

~ Michael and friends ~

Footnote: during the healing session, I had asked if I should do healing for someone I know who is dying, so that’s what the reference above is about.  When I asked, I had a strong sense that I should not send healing unless he asked, which he has not.  And, that if I did send healing, it would be against his wishes for the way he is doing his exit in this lifetime.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Gentle, Loving Reminder from Spirit

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw a rainbow colored light, moving, shifting, changing — splitting apart by color and wrapping the strands of color all around in a beautiful dance of light and energy.]

Question: What message is important for me tonight?

Answer:  Greetings from your entity.  Your rainbow light and vision is appropriate as it represents the variety of energy available to you any time you wish for it. 

Yes, things are shifting and changing all around you that allows for newness and creativity.  The rainbow is a symbol of that creativity as well.

Much is happening “under the surface” that will be coming forth over the next few months.  By the end of our year, you may look back in wonder at all the good things that have happened.  

There is a growing sense of positive awareness, hope and expectation of good things that will continue to grow.  Many people are feeling it and looking for outward signs to validate what they feel.  It is the inner feelings that will create the physical manifestation, not the other way around.

Do not be concerned if you don’t see the physical signs as it takes some “time” to become physical.  You can trust your inner sense, no matter what is happening in the physical world.

More and more “things” will manifest from your thoughts, more quickly than before, as the pace and frequency of he overall energy rises.
You can continue to do what you do as you do it, without consciously thinking about what “might” happen.

The more positive your thoughts, the better, as you already know.  Since you are not prone to “worry” as some are, we don’t need to warn you about the power of negative thinking.

For others, whenever you can help them to see the positive side of situations, the more good you can do for the world.

Negative energy slows down the progress of changes for individuals.  Where there is a great deal of negative energy, it can have a dampening effect on the overall movement of humanity.
Take time every day to appreciate all you have and the many blessing in your life.  Share your knowledge and wisdom wherever it feels appropriate.  Many people are seeking answers and you can provide a vehicle for them to find them.

As soon as you are able, follow through on sharing our messages as you have already started.  [My blog “Listening to Spirit”]  You know what to do.  It is just a matter of doing it.  The effort will give you as much enjoyment as those who are drawn to read the messages. 

Your life is full and rich and exactly on course where it should be.  Do not be concerned about things that have not happened as you wish.  There is a grand design at work and all will be revealed at the right time.  [This I believe was in response to my grousing today about not getting answers yet from someone.]

Blessings and much love from your entity and your higher self.

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