Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw white light and I was feeling a deep indigo / twilight blue color that stayed with me.  I could feel the deep blue filling me and gently pushing me, as if we were going down an elevator with it.] 

Question: What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

Answer: At the end, there is a deepening connection with Spirit and All That Is.  Some people are ready and welcome the transition because they are not afraid.
Others may be afraid or uncertain, and so as you have said, their body and their personality may cling to the hope that they won’t have to go.

Other have lessons to learn or “unfinished business” that they want to deal with or wrap up before they go.

So, the possibilities are many and varied.  There is no “one way” to go and each person can create their experience differently in each life.

Remember, the life is to be lived fully and completely.  Not a lot is gained by leaving the same way every time.

To answer your unanswered question, yes this is Michael answering with your entity as support. 

Your reluctance to ask for healing for XXXX is appropriate.  He is having his experience his own way and he is doing exactly what he needs to do.

Your willingness – you and your group – to ask these questions and be available to help those who ask is good work for all of you.  When your time comes, you will not be afraid and can help others who stay to also not be afraid.

Leaving in a fearful state takes some time to work through once they cross over.  As you know and many others have described, there is an “orientation” time – or more accurately, a “re-orientation” time to adjust to being free of the body.

Just as the spirit/essence needs “time” to adjust to coming into a physical body, it needs “time” to adjust to being without a body.  After orientation, there is “time” for “life review” and recapping and assimilating the lessons of the life just finished.

Eventually, there is new learning and resting and playing.  And, when it is time to get ready to come back again to the Physical Plane, there is training and planning and preparation work with those who will share the next life.  As in the physical realm, your essence will be “busy” at times, resting at times, playing at times and studying at times.

Life is like a river — it flows — sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly, sometimes over and sometimes under.  Always moving in some way and sometimes, seeming to be perfectly quiet.

We bid you a good evening and a wonderful journey — all of you who travel this space with us.

~ Michael and friends ~

Footnote: during the healing session, I had asked if I should do healing for someone I know who is dying, so that’s what the reference above is about.  When I asked, I had a strong sense that I should not send healing unless he asked, which he has not.  And, that if I did send healing, it would be against his wishes for the way he is doing his exit in this lifetime.

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