Friday, October 28, 2011

How can we grow through Joy?

Someone mentioned they are reading the book Searching for the Light by Carol Heideman and Carol’s statement that light workers are part of a new experiment: “To create an entirely new path for growth with Joy, complete with new methods of spiritual evolution.”  We used that as the basis for our question.  A good one!

Question: How can we grow through Joy? 

Answer: You are Love.  You were born in Love, conceived in Love, made for Love and made of Love.

Love is your true nature and is the Essence of you — always.  Your physical world has taken on a culture of violence and it is not a necessary culture.
You can choose Love and you can choose Joy, if that is what you prefer to choose.

Many Old Souls are tired of the violence, the hatred and the fear that has been your “normal” way.  You, the Older Souls, are now in the majority and you have the power to shift your world to be one of more Love and more Joy.
Many of you are speaking out and speaking up.  You are starting to say “No More” to the old ways, as you seek to shift awareness and focus to more loving ways of being.  This is having a huge impact in your world already and is cheered on by your Essence.

Your Personality is not yet sure how to make the change completely and will take some work.

The more you can practice being and expressing Love in all your interactions, the more your Personality will feel safe and secure that it can cope with this new way.

You will have some work to undo many years and lifetimes of the old ways, so do not get discouraged if results are not immediately apparent.

Keep at it — no matter what.  You are the future of your world and it will change for the better as you all work together.

Little by little, like drops of rain, eventually, you will become the river of water that pushes to the ocean regardless of what stands in the way.  [I had a vision of how rain starts – little drops at first, then as they grow and gather together, the rain becomes flowing water, then creeks, then rivers, merging together and pushing past any obstacles, then larger & larger until they merge with the ocean.]

Yes, this is the new paradigm you are seeking.  As you go about your days, whenever a situation arises that could be dealt with by Love and Joy — or by fear and anger — make a conscious choice for Love and Joy.  Moment by moment is how you will change your world and how you are changing your world already.

By “you,” we mean each of you individually, all Michael students who are conscious and all Older Souls who seek a better world.

All is connected and you each help each other and draw support from each other.  And, you draw support form your guides, your Entity collective, your Entity mates and from all other levels that are available to you (Michael, Buddha, Jesus, the Infinite Soul, All That Is, etc.) — whatever you want to call all the “other” stuff.  [Ernest Holmes called it “the Ultimate Stuff.”]

Living and growing in Joy and Love does not make you weak or spineless.  You can still stand your ground and fight for what you want when necessary.  You simply act from the positive side instead of the negative side when a choice is available.

In every situation, you have a choice how to react, how to be, how to think, how to act and how to feel.

When you come from Love and Joy, your life will be smoother.  You have already seen this and experienced it many times.

When you have a chance, let others see or hear that you made a conscious positive choice and the results of that choice.  In that way, you teach by example.  Others who are seeking better ways will be drawn to you and they will learn how to do it.

Like the raindrops, you will all gather together to form a torrent that will become the “new normal” instead of the old way of fear.

We hold you in Love always.  Feel it, know it, see it, believe in it.

[Comments: After the call, I remembered that we had had a discussion in my Wednesday evening group about how to create through Joy instead of fear as suggested in Marianne Williamson’s book The Gift of Change, which we are studying for 6 weeks.  

When I pulled out Carol’s book last night, the first page I had clipped was “The School of Happiness.”  The skill levels for happiness are:
Level 1: Communication Skills
            Level 2: Relationship Skills
            Level 3: Problem-Solving Skills
Level 4: Decision-Making Skills
Level 5: Skills for Managing Abundance
Level 6: Leadership Skills (includes Teaching and Parenting)
Level 7: Flow Skills (expanding your capacity for Joy).
It goes on to say:  “Our primary reason for creating this ‘school curriculum’ is to help you to perceive happiness as a learned skill.”

   The second page I had clipped was “Law 7: The Law of Universality,” which is “All is available.  All flows around you at every moment, but you experience only what you prefer.  The Universe reflects you and you reflect the Universe.  All is.

Also, earlier in the day yesterday, I had pulled out the book The Toolkit for Happiness: Insights from Michael by Nancy O’Brien.  She describes it as “a guide to creating a lifetime of greater happiness” with lots of practical exercises how to do that. 

I also read José Stevens’ latest article after the call “The Origins of Fear: What if Fear Went Away?”
October 24-31: This is a busy time energetically as the wave that was invisibly collecting power is now ready to explode onto the shore once more. 
If you are the wave, it is time to show up in your glory and creativity, proactively choosing a new view as you cross the point of no return. 
  Many will need compassion during this time as they will feel lost and possibly feel loss as well.  Hold them in compassion without taking on their confusion.  Trust in Spirit and in the greater plan.  The small mind has no idea what the new view looks like.  The larger mind of Spirit does.  Your rudder in this turbulent ocean is your own anchor into your own intention, power and integrity.  Be certain of your own turning point, face the new view and laugh out loud
October 26: New Moon is at 1:57PM Mountain Daylight Time.  Do something to anchor something new.  Honor the greater Turning Point of the collective.  Celebrate the ending of something old and the beginning of something new!

Interesting synchronicity :) ]

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love is all there is

Question: What message do you have for me tonight? 

Answer: Love is truly who you are, who we are.  Love is the only force in the Universe and it is the basis for the expansion of the Universe.

Love creates.  Love heals.  Love protects.  Love dances with joy.  Love vibrates and fills any space and all space with itself.  

Love cannot be gotten rid of.  It can be denied and that is a choice by individual people.  Love can be cloaked and that is an individual choice also. 

Those choices don’t change the nature of Love or harm it in any way since it is all there is.  The choices of people to pretend it doesn’t exist are for their own growth and learning.

Allowing love to follow its own natural course is the easiest thing anyone can do.  The ‘pain’ of love comes only by denying its reality or refusing to allow it to fill all the ‘empty’ spaces naturally, for there are no empty spaces.  That is an illusion created as part of your “game” of life in the physical realm. 

Opening up your heart to love is as natural as breathing since it is the one force in the Universe.  Keeping your heart closed is the cause of pain, not opening it.  

Yes, there is grief at loss of a connection and that is part of the physical plane experience.  Opening up to the love, while feeling the loss, allows the love to do its healing work naturally.

The child (who we put in the healing circle before the meditation) has forgotten who he is.  His tender age and his growing awareness of himself as part of the world has caused him much confusion.  If he is helped by the right people, who can remind him how valuable and loved he is, he will heal his hurt and become a much stronger person.

This is a “wake up call” for him and his family.  How they weather this crisis of spirit will set their course as a family for many years to come.  

Your willingness to help remind them of the love available to them is a good thing. What they choose to do now is up to them.  Sending love to anyone as an offering is never wasted as they can take it in or not.  Do not try to force them to choose one way or another, as that interferes with their choice and their life.
When offered unselfishly, love can assist with much healing for you and for those who are offered love.  The example of Jesus is worth repeating.  He offered his love unconditionally and freely to everyone he met. 

That ability to love and offer love is part of what we teach and all Old Soul teachings offer.  

When coming from a place of love, you are the creator and stand in the glory of all that is.  There is so much more right with the world than is wrong with the world.  

We are pleased to be able to remind all who seek that they are deeply loved.
We leave you with a full heart and a peaceful mind.

~ Your entity ~ 

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