Friday, December 28, 2012

Where do we go from here after the Winter Solstice and 12/21/2012?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Where do you want to do?  What is the highest and brightest and best future you can imagine — for yourself and those you hold dear?  The possibilities at this time are many and varied.  

You have in front of you a whole new world to create, however you — collectively and individually — want to create it.  

You have the opportunity to let go of the shackles that have kept you bound to your past.

You have the opportunity to recreate your world in a way that works for everyone.

There is no fixed or rigid “plan” for you or your world.  There are so many ways that you can go and so many ways that you can grow.  

As José said, you do not have to know “how” — you only need to be willing to keep an open mind and an open heart and allow yourself to dream big.  Your world will be very different in just a few short years if the Older Souls are willing to accept the responsibility that is now in front of you.

Collectively, your power for good is very great — far greater than you yet realize.

As you step forward and allow yourself to dream big, you will connect with others who are also dreaming big.

Your energy will connect with them and you will be drawn to situations where you can validate that you are doing good work in the world.

As you begin to see results, you will gain in confidence, which will reinforce that you are on the right track.  And, so the collective energy grows into that new direction that you have dreamed.

Remember that dreams are not rigid plans — dreams are big ideas that inspire you and draw you, or push you, toward something much larger than yourself alone.  And, your dreams are shared by many  others.

Your entity — us — are with you at all times and support your dreams.  Your cadre is also connected to your dreams and help support your move forward. Your energy ring and the Michaels’ energy ring supports your dreams.  And, so on, and so on, and so on.

There is tremendous power available to assist you in your growth and evolution and in creating a better world on your physical planet. 

You won’t see all of it in your life on Earth, of course.  This is a long-term dream that will grow and expand over many, many lifetimes of physical lives.
Do you feel hope?  If so, allow that to fuel your dreams.  You are no longer constrained by smallness and rigidity. 

Each day, take time to simply think or say or write something like, “I wonder what wonderful ways our world could be better?”

Let your imagination flow.  Allow yourself to feel inspired, to inspire others, to feel the beauty all around you, to see the love pouring forth from so many souls like you who are longing to live better, to be better than you ever thought possible. 

We are here with you whenever you ask or whenever you feel a need.  We support your dreams and your desire to ask for help in moving forward.
We wrap you in love and hope and know that all possibilities are available to you as you dream big.

From our perspective, all is right with the world and it is getting better and better each moment.

Much love, your entity.
I woke up about 3:30 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and wrote my January 2013 article.  See  Obviously, my entity was still with me as I wrote and I felt like I was in a really good place – very “up” and it flowed very easily.  It turned out not at all like I expected earlier in the week.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meditation for love

We did a meditation to give and accept love for ourselves, similar to one I did last Sunday at my church.  

The meditation goes like this (as best I can remember it):

From the base of your spine, imagine a silver cord going deep, deep down into the Earth, wrapping itself around the core of the Earth.  That silver cord holds you steady, and connected to the Earth.  

Relax your body – imagine that your body feels like a piece of chocolate or a pat of butter, and allow your body to melt into your chair.  Rest into your chair knowing that the silver cord is holding you safely. 

Now, take yourself to a beautiful place where you feel joy and happiness.  

Open your heart and imagine some one or some thing that you love deeply.  Fill your heart and your body with that love that you feel.  Allow your heart to open as wide as you can and breathe in that love, allowing it to fill all the empty places inside yourself.  Allow that love to heal your scars and hurt places.  

Let that love wrap all around you like a pink cloud, surrounding you with love.
Open your heart even wider and breathe in your love, letting it completely fill your body, your aura, your heart and your mind.

Now, imagine some one who loves you.  You can bring them into your space or not.  Allow that feeling of being loved surround you and fill all the empty places within you.  Open your heart even wider and feel your own love and the love from someone else filling you completely, filling all the empty places inside you, around you and healing you.

This love is for you, it is you.  Love is all there is.  You are love, you are the gift of love and you are the receiver of love.  Love is for YOU and can heal anything you want it to heal in your body, your heart or your soul.  

Stay in that place of love as long as you wish.  15-20 minutes is good.  This is a gift you give to yourself. 

Expect that tears will flow as you heart chakra opens and your emotional center opens, as it should.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

About love and breakups

Question: What is the relationship between {names removed} about?  Why is {name removed} having such a difficult time getting past it? 

We are with you tonight.

Love on an essence level is striking when encountered in human beings.  It is a powerful reminder of the love that is the core of who we are who you each are.
The depth of love is a connection to Source — the Tao, All That Is.  When that pure love strikes, it is so powerful and so compelling t hat it cannot be missed.

And, when the physical bodies and personalities conflict, the loss of that love feels devastating.  As well it should, for it is a beautiful thing to experience.
The ecstasy is what the Essence lives for.  The personality has different goals and is not usually willing to let the Essence take over to the extent it would like in a physical lifetime.  So, breakup occurs, and deep grief and longing are the result.

In many ways, such love is a reminder of what you all left behind when your Essence entered into the physical body and earthly incarnation.  It is a powerful longing to “return home” to that powerful ecstasy of pure love. 

There are, of course, memories of past lives together, of karma incurred and resolved, and not resolved.  

The personality will do a great deal to prevent — or try to prevent — two people from focusing all their attention on each other as deeply as you would like.  It will “act out” in all sorts of ways that seem to be very real, to keep you from each other.

There can be other “reasons” why life between two such intimately connected souls would not pursue a closer, more long-term relationship.  Life tasks may be different and may not be fulfilled if the two souls are so tightly connected.

In this case, we suggest that she do some work on her own to uncover what she can learn from the depth of the experience — what she learned, what she did or didn’t do to contribute to the breakup, what she might want to do differently in the future.  Or, if she is willing to give up her personality’s needs in order to maintain a relationship with the intensity that would be required if she were to try to resurrect it again.

We also suggest that she view it from a place of immense gratitude for what she was able to achieve in truly being touched deeply by the Beloved.  It is a magical experience — maybe a “once in a lifetime" experience — that many people never get to experience.

Some introspection on what she is grieving for might be useful.  Is it the feeling of being loved?  The feeling of deep love for another soul?  The excitement and anticipation of being with the Beloved, etc.

This might help her to be clearer in her own mind and in her heart about what she truly wants in her lifetime.

Remember also that life — physical life — is to be lived and part of that deals with loss and grief, and part deals with learning to love unconditionally. That is the only reason we are here to help you — to help you learn to love more deeply and more completely. 

Love is truly all there is.  All else is illusion and maya. When you can love, in whatever form it takes, you are far more than just a physical body.  You are expressing the divine essence of who you are — a fragment of a magnificent universe that knows only love.  

Of course, the apparent loss of that love is devastating.  And, nothing is ever lost.  You still have all the love that is possible.  It is not necessary to have another physical person to tap into that love.  Your culture teaches you otherwise — that having a “mate” is the way to happiness.  It can be, and it can be the way to sorrow.  

For two people to have a deep, long-lasting relationship, each personality must give up a great deal of control.  Many are unwilling to do that, therefore, breakups occur.

Love is a topic that could go on all night and forever.  We will leave you with these thoughts to consider.

~ Your entity and Michael ~

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What are orbs?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Orbs are what is commonly known as energy signatures. 

At some time in your culture, someone captured an “orb” in a way that allowed it to manifest in a physical way on a photograph.  As word spread and people tried to understand, agreements were formed that this is an “acceptable” method for energy to express itself so that those who want to see with their eyes could have someone “concrete” to point to.

It has now become part of your culture and is becoming more mainstream.
The “orb” is simply one way to capture the many expressions of god, spirit, angels, essence, spirit guides, or whatever people want to call them.

When there are many orbs as in your summer solstice gathering, that reflects the great energy that was there.

As you know, when people gather to pray or do spiritual work, there is great interest from the “other” realms and great support as well.

So orbs are “showing up” more frequently in photographs.

This isi enhanced by the increasing frequency of overall energy as the planet and the people move forward in growth.  Orbs could have expressed in many different ways.  However, since that first capture, it provided a “model” or “template” to break through the veil or the barrier between your physical world and the “other” or “higher” realm.

That veil or barrier is growing thinner each day, which is why more people are seeing and experiencing orbs.  This will continue to grow until it is not unusual to know and feel the support of non-physical entities. 

Many things are changing as the energy increases.  Ideas, beliefs, methods, practices, diseases and technology are all changing at a rapid pace. 

If you would like to personally experience the orbs in a physical way for yourself, simply set your intention and ask your guides to help the energy express for you in that way. 

Play with it and allow it to show up.  Or, ask it to show up in some other way if you are adventurous and want to play with what is possible.

We wish you love and fun and all good things.  Life is an adventure to be lived, so have fun!

~ Your entity / your self ~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will there be a difference depending on which candidate wins the election for US President?

We are here with you tonight.

Your question is a good one as this is a very good “time” to ask such questions when people are making their  choices.

In one sense, the answer could be “No” for the long term.  Meaning that growth will occur regardless of who is the president. 

The answer could be “Yes” if you want to talk about how fast you grow or which ways you go while doing that growth. 

Your society is moving toward more mature ways of being and doing, and even Young Souls such as Mr. Romney have to behave and talk differently more than they did 30 years ago, for example.  

The difference comes in how they go about it.  Are they just talking about cooperation and still operating as the way it has been?

The media in your society plays a very powerful part in helping to expose the issues and communicate messages.  And, they can obfuscate the issues and create issues where there were none by spreading falsehoods and innuendo that is damaging to the truth.

You all know this – so we are “preaching to the choir.”

What you don’t know is the truth.  No one does and therein lies the dilemma.

How can you choose without facts and truth?

The answer to that — as Older Souls — you have to learn to trust your own sense of the truth that is covered by all the propaganda and spin from the candidates, their campaigns, the media, the social media, the “unofficial” media (everyone who has something to say) and to some extent the candidates themselves, who are trying to “present” themselves in the way they think will get them elected.

Mr. Obama likes being president for many reasons and he has been very frustrated by his inability to get done more things that he feels so passionate about.  He is not as effective as he would like to be and doesn’t know how to fix it.  His recent willingness to work closely with Bill Clinton was long overdue.  Mr. Clinton has an incredible social skill that far exceeds any recent living president.  His involvement could be the factor that turns the election in favor of Mr. Obama.
Of course, as Mature Souls, the Obama team and the Clintons care passionately about social issues and doing what they can to resolve them.  

Mr. Romney appeals to the Young Souls who see their power and influence slipping away and will do anything to keep that from happening. That is a strong force to contend with as you have seen in recent elections.

There is the possibility of a “tie” similar to what you had before since the Young Soul and Mature Soul groups are so close in numbers.

Your society could teeter and sway back and forth for many years this way.
Eventually, however, you must move strongly to the mature way because it has to happen.  

You would like a firm “yes” or “no” to go by, and we won’t give you one.  We can say that there will be parallels split off by the decision, so the answer is still “Yes” AND “No” because some parallels will move the Mature Soul way and some will go back to the Young Soul way.

Even if it “goes back” — it won’t be like it was.  There are too many Mature Souls to allow the Young Souls to “undo” everything.

So, you have some smoother way if the Mature Soul Obama continues, or you may see the Young Soul thwarted. 

Regardless, it gives you lots of excitement and the opportunity to seriously consider what YOU want for your future. 

We are here whenever you need or want us.
~ Your entity ~

About this blog: “Why are we here?”

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Sphere of All Possibilities

Instead of listening, we did an exercise that Alexandra has been using called the Sphere of All Possibilities (

I connected with my future self and when I tried to go out into the future, I first went 5 years into the future, then kept pushing out until I was 92 years old.

As in the visualization described in the link, I connected with my future self as if we were having tea.  I noticed my future self was a bit more wrinkled, and was healthy, happy, productive and doing very well.  My future self was wearing something with soft material and purple.  When it was  time to shift to my future self’s consciousness, I got up and moved to the place where she was sitting, then looked back at my current self.

It was an interesting exercise :) 
As we were wrapping up, I started to get a message from my entity, then lost it as people started to talk.  It started out as a reminder that they are always there to help when we need them or want them. 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do we know that the message we receive are not our own imagination?

We are here tonight with you tonight.

And, what is imagination?  We don’t mean to challenge your question – only to remind you that everything is connected to everything else.

We are You and You are Us and We are all connected to You and to Us.

The lines of separation are imaginary lines – so to answer your question, it is hard to distinguish one from the other.

The messages you receive may com from your own personality, your essence, your entity, the Michael entity or a myriad of other sources that are available to you and to anyone else who asked.  

The quality of the message is for you to use to decide whether you want to put a label or a name on the source of the information.  Just as your “imagination” could be any of the many sources available to you. 

YOU are the one to decide how to label it (if you must) and whether it “feels” like one source or another.  

Everyone who is conscious has connections to multiple sources that are so closely connected that it is almost impossible to label them.  Most of your own messages come from your entity, which you could call your higher self — or from the Michael entity or from others that you know from past connections.  You already know this.

For others in your group, they also connect to their entity (which some of you share) or from the Michael entity or from others they have known. 

At any time, though, you may find reasons to connect with some other source for some particular purpose so the sources are not fixed and rigid.

For most of the group that are considered Michael students, you have many sources in common – your entity, your cadre, your energy ring, the Michael group, etc. 

Other groups and individuals have very different sources and connections and those become obvious when you see the varied opinions and ideas expressed by those groups.  [The current political conventions and their differences came to mind when this was coming in.]

The variety is built into the system of life on the Physical Plane and allows for growth and progress and lessons and learning. 

As Terri said, learning to “feel the energy” of your sources is Good Work and will help you to have and build your own confidence and discernment that you are receiving message from your own familiar sources and not something that could not be as good for you to listen to.  Examples might be spirits on the lower Astral Plane looking to create drama, those “stuck” after recent death (ghosts) and lost souls looking to inhabit a willing host.  You know the exercises to prevent that type of contact and you do it so automatically that you are not bothered by that type of contact.

Have we given you enough on the question?  We welcome you back to your circle after your recent travels.

~ Much love to all of you ~ Your entity and the Michael entity. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is there any message for us or for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight as always. 

Whatever you wish for is yours — already.  You  have so much support to call upon — much more than you have yet tapped into.  

As you are in the Physical Plan, there are some things that must be done to operate in that Plane successfully. You must breathe, you must eat, you must sleep, you must move your body, you must perform services, you must get your car fixed, and a myriad of other details that come with being in the Physical Plane.

And, at the same time, you are so much more than a physical body – a meat unit.
You are here to learn and you are here to teach.  You  have responsibilities to others, you have relationships to attend to, people to help and people who teach you.  

There are lots of demands on your time, so if you seem to “forget,” it is just fine.  You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do it all, all the time.  You are ALL doing exactly what you are supposed to do right this minute.

If you follow our previous suggestions, you will continue to evolve and grow and expand in many ways.  Time is an illusion and there is no hurry, so relax.
Part of our previous suggestion — and this is just a reminder — take time to connect very day — with your entity, your spirit guides, whatever you want to call the “higher you.”  That alone will guarantee that you stay “connected.”
In fact, at this stage of your own individual evolution, it is pretty hard for you to “disconnect” in truth.  You are so used to being connected that you forget all about it.  That’s OK, too.  We are with you  in  your dreams even when you don’t remember them at all.

As someone in the group tonight said, the “simple” acts of setting your intention to be more loving, kinder, gentler, etc., is a big part of why you do it so easily.  Those traits are becoming part of who you are so you don’t notice anything different.  People who met you years ago and haven’t seen you in a while can tell the difference even if you can’t.

Your best tools are the habits we have suggested before — gratitude, meditation, listening to your own intuition, asking for help, taking care of  your physical body, fulfilling your obligations, being kind and loving, being honest and expressing  yourself from a place of integrity at all times. 

All is well.  We are with you at all time and well-pleased with your progress and evolution.
The suggestions from before (1/26/2012):
1.     Daily meditation.  How long is up to you.  Connect to “All That Is” and spend whatever amount of time feels right for you.
2.     Good diet.  Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, chemicals, drugs, etc.  Eat a balanced diet that is right for your body type.
3.     Eat consciously.  Be grateful for all that has been provided for you to nourish your body.
4.     Exercise your body regularly in a way that works for you.
5.     Be sure to get enough rest.
6.     Balance your work and make sure you have time for play, study and rest (the 4 pillars).
7.     Watch your thoughts.  Be aware of martyrdom, anger, arrogance, stubbornness, etc. 
8.     Learn to see the good (God) in everyone and every situation and every person you interact with.
9.     Be gentle and loving with yourself also.  Eliminate self-criticism of all kinds.  There is no room for that any more.
10.  Fill yourself with the positive energy of LOVE!!!  At all times.  Whenever you feel depleted or  weak or tired, do something that is uplifting for you —music, art, prayer, exercise — whatever works for you.  STOP all activities and obligations if necessary to get yourself back into a good place.
We are always with you.  Be aware of that and rest in our loving embrace.  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Any messages for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Your sense of intuition about [name removed] was correct.  Your intuition about [another person] was correct.  And, so you have confirmed what you felt and followed through on.

Opportunities present themselves constantly and you are getting better and better at recognizing them. Continue to “listen” and to “feel” your way through your day-to-day activities and you will get where you want to go or where you want to end up.

As you asked, your life is flowing easily and with prosperity, supporting you in what you wish to do with it.

Life is really your own creation as you have learned.  You can teach others by your actions and your attitude so that they learn for themselves what you have learned.

More teaching opportunities will arise as you are ready and willing to accept them, without taking anything away from your ability to do your own personal work and interests.  These give you variety and a chance to teach what you have learned to others in a less stressful way than a full-time job or a deeper commitment.

All is well.  Enjoy your time on the physical plan.  It seems to go slowly at times and at others, it is a blink of an eyelash.

Much love, your entity.

Note: This information tonight came as a follow-on to a discussion I had with a friend a few weeks ago about a workplace conflict issue, and it lead to an agreement this week for me to facilitate a book study group starting in September with the book, Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, et al.


Friday, August 3, 2012

What can you tell us about changes by the end of 2012?

We are here with you tonight.

There are many possibilities for the future as you well know.  Will you change by then?  Yes!  Will others change?  Yes!

We suggest — lovingly, of course — your focus would be better spent on looking at your own dreams and hopes and visions for the future. 

What do you want to happen?  That way, you create your future rather than feeling pressure or anxiety over someone else’s wish for the future. 

You are the creator!  If you want happiness, focus your thoughts and feelings and actions today on being happy.  

If you want prosperity and abundance, focus your thoughts and feelings and actions today on being prosperous. 

If you want anything in your life, focus your attention on what you want — no matter what anyone else is doing or saying or thinking or feeling. 

You are the creator of your world — individually and collectively.  We have spoken of 2012 changes before, so won’t repeat those.

Do you want freedom?  Act free — free of the constraints and fears of others.  

Today, tomorrow and every day, you choose your experience. 

Over time, those collective and individual choices are what create the larger change that out-picture in your physical world. 

You are the creator!  Not us or anyone else.  You are the creator!  

Got it?

We send you much love on your journey and are with you at every step — delighted to see the progress you make — individually and collectively.

~ Your entity ~


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Any messages about the energy right now?

We are here with you tonight.

There are times when energy builds or so it seems, so that things may be accomplished and many people can focus on a common goal.

You have created 2012 as one of those time periods.  You are releasing much, changing much and recreating much in your world.  You, collectively, are doing this.  You are preparing for the return of the High Mental Body — the Infinite Soul.  There is much to be done to prepared in yourself and in so many others.
Your growth is accelerated, yes, in what feels like pressure.  You are preparing yourself to handle much more than you have ever handled before.

In 10 years, you will look back and be amazed at the changes.  In 20 years, the same.  In 100 years, the same.  Yes, the pace has increased and will not be “relaxed” — you will at some point realize that you are doing so much more than you ever thought possible.

People are “stepping up” in many ways, especially doing the work they need to do on themselves regardless of soul age.  Many of you are more aware of how much needs to be done.  And, to be bluntly honest, nothing needs to be done.  All is evolving as it should. You feel pressure inside yourself to do your own work – no one else’s.  Everyone is doing what they need to do. 

When you can accept this and relax, you will be calmer and feel less like you have to solve the problems of the world.   

All of you are aware of great needs and are feeling the coming changes.  Just be aware that you are not alone at all.  There is so much support for you to call on when you need it.

An exercise: When you are feeling stressed and pressured, simply STOP!  Allow yourself to connect with All That Is and ask for help in doing whatever needs doing.  Allow yourself to accept that help and notice how much easier things will get done.

Allow yourself to rest as much as you need rest, to take time to connect with nature, to connect with people you care about.

Spend time on activities that bring you joy.   Follow  your own heart and if you make these a habit, your life will be easier and you will not fee pressured.
Whatever it is that is right for you is available to you.  Your culture has taught you otherwise — that you have to work hard, struggle, etc.  That is not true.  You have to let go of those old ideas, which as you know is easier said than done. 
Start where you are and do whatever you can to make your life joyful and fulfilled every day.  The more you do this, the easier it will be until you do more of that than the things that make you feel stressed.

We offer our help at any time and at all times.  We are eternal so there is no time pressure at all where we are.  And, we are right where you are, with a slight perspective difference.

Whatever your heart desires is possible.  Believe it and it will be yours.

~ Michael and your entity ~

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Any messages for us tonight?

Question: Any messages for us tonight?

We are here tonight with you.

Your calm energy is an important respite from the storms of the planet right now. 
Much is in turmoil.  Much is changing.   Much is in flux.  Many are choosing to leave the physical plane right now and spend some resting time to be ready for their next lives when your world will be very different.

Each new day brings you new opportunities for growth and expansion.  Many are not interested in sticking around through more turmoil so will leave for a time.  There is nothing wrong in this — just a choice.  Sometimes, enough is simply enough. They have done what they came to do and it is time to move on.  [Name removed] was one of those who lived a full life and was ready to go home as she said.   

The weather and storms are a reflection of the energy that comes with major changes. They help to guide people where they need/want to go and what they would not do unless “pushed” by the storm.  Unsettled times bring unsettled weather so they go hand-in-hand together.

This also is a time when those of you who are calm and not experiencing your own major growth pressures can assist others.  You can be an anchor for them and a calming presence for those who need a little extra help.

You have all be in their shoes, also.  Balance is the way the Universe operates – out-of-balance seeking balance, each helping each other.

If everyone was calm all the time, nothing would get changed.  If everyone was in chaos all the time, that would not be good either.

These are good times to remember “one day at a time” and not get too excited about the day-to-day changes.  Keep focused on your own long term goals and be flexible — very flexible.  Help where you can.  Take time to play, to rest, to work, to study in balance.  Follow your spiritual practices and connect consciously every day.  Keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and enjoy the fascinating journey you have created for yourself.

We wish you love and hope and peace and are here with you at all times, and enjoy the fascinating journey you have created for yourself.

We wish you love and hope and peace and are here with you at all times.

~ Your entity ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Any messages for us about the Solstice and the expansion energy?

Question: Any messages for us about the Solstice and the expansion energy?
All is well.  We are here with you tonight.

As was discussed, this is a time of heavy karmic completion, of major shifting, of letting go of much that has been part of your life.  This is all necessary in order to move forward into the new world you are all co-creating.

Sometimes, these things are spread out over many years.  You are all anxious to move forward, so have chosen to push much into this year and use the collective energy to force much to happen that might have lingered for a long time otherwise.  As this happens, it puts great stress on the body and the psyche as you have all noticed.

We previously reminded you all of how important it is to take care of your physical body and you are experiencing some of the results of not doing that as well as you could have. [I know this was for me, if not for any of you, as I have been pushing myself pretty hard lately and not doing some of the things I know I should be doing, with the result that this week I got to experience the flu for the first time in many, many years. ]

Again, we urge you to take time for healthy physical practices so that your body is not overly taxed.  Watch your diet, get plenty of rest, pay attention to the body’s needs and when it is healthy, it can better support your Essence in managing your physical life.

We won’t belabor the point, so rest now for a time.

We are always here with you. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why do people attract other people to whom they give more than they receive?

We are here with you tonight, your entity.

In past lifetimes, [xxx] was well cared for and so in this life, it is her turn to assist others.

There is nothing wrong with [xxx]’s life – all is just as it should be.  She might find it less of a “burden” to remember that all is working perfectly and to be grateful for the past support.

Life will balance out always, eventually.  This is the way it is.  Gratitude in all things helps to release any resentment and martyrdom.  And, know that [xxx] made choices coming into this life that set up things that her Essence continues to operate on.  

Major lessons are being learned in this life.  There is nothing at all “wrong” or “mistaken.”  Ponder on this and perhaps a shift in perspective will help to see it better. 

The work she is doing is Good Work and much needed by those she is helping.  It is her work to do, not someone else’s — that is why she is drawn into the situations and relationships that she has been involved in. 

All is well.

[There was a short pause, then they continued:]  This message can be used by all of you also.  You are each right where you should be — doing what you should be doing. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are there any messages for us tonight?

We are here with you tonight.

Our other messages are for the rest of you as you work through the many changes on your planet. Much is happening “under the surface” if you will.  It may feel  now as if there is a lull and in some ways, that is true.  You are not seeing big changes day-to-day, though after a time, you will be able to look back and notice all that has happened. 

Take time to be still every day and spend time doing something that is important to you every day.

Notice the birds, notice the air, notice the sun, notice the wind, notice the earth, notice the people who are important to you, notice textures, sounds, smells, etc.
Pay attention to being physical and how wonderful it is to be in a body having a physical experience.  As you are aware of those things, open your heart in gratitude for all the many blessings you  have on the physical plane.  It is what you chose to do at this time in your life. 

When you are conscious of all the physical things, it heightens your physical senses and also heightens your awareness of the non-physical senses you have.
Notice when  you receive “messages” or “feelings” or “thoughts” that come out of no where.  Those are also part of  your gratitude practice – be grateful when you get each of those things.

As you pay attention to what is around you and what is in you, you open up to more of who you are.  You feel more connected on a physical level and a meta-physical level.

Your conscious connection with others also increases.  Notice how you feel when interacting with friends or associates or family members or clients or others.

All of these help you to expand the energetic body that is represented by your fragment of All That Is.

We leave you with “time” to experience our message.

~ With much love, Your Entity ~

[Then, I laid down and listened to the birds singing, my chimes playing, the warm air blowing across and around me through the open patio door, the feel of my skin, my heart beating, etc. ]

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is there anything we can do as individuals to continue the momentum of the energy we felt at 7 Oaks in the Michael community?

All of you made a choice to come together again in a very special and deep way this year.  You wanted to have a life-changing experience and you all created that for yourselves.  You also created it for many others who observed the experience without being there.

Many of you opened your hearts wider than you have before and, therefore, felt more connected with others who opened their hearts wide.
Many other people were affected around you.

As you know, once you have essence contact, you are changed by the experience.  As Older Souls, you are seeking that type of connection more and more.

What can you do? 
  1. First, continue to gather together in small groups or in pairs as you have been doing. 
  2. Think about it and remember the experience.
  3. Allow yourself to feel the experience.
  4. Talk about it with others as you are comfortable.
All of that will continue to keep your heart open and your mind open.

If you feel yourself falling into negative thoughts or feelings, take time to reconnect to that experience.

If you see others slipping into negative experiences, remind them of the 7 Oaks experience.

Even with “strangers,” you can be open-hearted and accepting of them without harming yourself.

Small acts of kindness, done consistently, can change the world.  In fact, they have changed the world.

Take time from your “busy” schedules to reconnect with your guides, your entity or whatever daily through meditation, listening, quiet time etc. however that works for you.  Those quiet moments help keep you balanced, connected and grounded so that you are not easily distracted or thrown into negative patterns of thoughts or feelings.

Your world very much needs the balance, harmony and open-heartedness that you have experienced.  The Younger Souls are so busy living their lives that they won’t stop.  You Older Souls are the ones who will help them to see other ways of being and doing in the world.

And, you yourself gain so much by being more balanced and healthier.  You set examples and you teach by those examples and sharing your knowledge and experience with others. 

There are many challenges in the wings for your planet as you shift the consciousness. This is no small task you have taken on and you are all here because you volunteered to help with this mighty task. 

Your “life line” emotionally is in connecting with others as you continue to build your support system.  As other see how you have benefited from your experiences, you draw in others who want to step off the treadmill of stress and worry. 

You are like beacons of light shining in the darkness and have much more positive impact on the planet than you can possibly imagine.  From our perspective, you are like dots of light all over a map that sparkles with energy. This is the way of the future and you are creating new patterns of behavior for people who need them.  They will seek you out, maybe not knowing why, where ever you are and whatever you are doing. 

The quiet smile, a kind word or a heartfelt “thank you” can make a huge difference to people you interact with in your daily life. 

The connection with your entity mates and cadre mates on a regular basis gives you renewed energy to keep you “keeping on” as you live your daily lives.

We applaud your conscious choices to do what you are doing and to continue to be those lights that shine so brightly.
~ Much Love, Your Entity ~

Friday, May 25, 2012

What is coming up for me/us in the next few months?

Before we started our listening practice, I focused on Kate (a 101-year old woman who died this morning).  I immediately heard a very loud, WHOO-HOO!!!  Then, "I feel like dancing.  I feel like a young girl again - full of life and full of energy. It was hard to leave those I love and I know it was hard for them to let go.  It was time to more on.  I'm still here though - right where you all are, so please don't be sad for me.  I'm alive and well and surrounded by so many friends and people who love me, I'm not sad at all.  I had forgotten so much that all came back when I walked through that invisible door to the other side.  I send all my love to my family and friends, and will see you all again in the twinkling of an eye."

I asked the question, "What is coming up for me/us in the next few months?"

A: Much that has been planned for will be unfolding over the next few months and through the rest of the year.  Yes, there will be surprises and there will be tests and trials and challenges as those are what make the physical life so interesting.

  You are all aware inside of what you need to do, so follow your own inner guidance and it will lead you where you need to go.

  No matter what happens, simple allow yourself to relax into it and things will move along as they should.

  It is resistance that causes stress and pain, not the issue.  Beyond that, our suggestions are as always - rest, be kind to yourself, take care of the body, keep your thoughts positive and enjoy the adventurous journey you  have created for yourself.

~ Your entity, with much love!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you have any message for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight as we are with you at all times.

You are doing good work – caring, sharing, being present, opening up to new information, exploring new possibilities, expanding your personal network and influence, and meeting new people.  [It felt like this was referencing the group I’ve been involved with for the past 9 weeks, studying the book, Pope Annalisa.]

Your time next week will be joyful.  Do not pay much attention to those who are not yet as advanced as you are.  Allow them to learn and grow in their own way.  If people ask for your help, give it, of course.  Don’t try to push anyone beyond where they are now.  Have compassion for them and their growth process, just as your teachers had compassion for you when you were in your earlier stages of growth.

All is well.  Everything is unfolding as it should.  There is no specific “plan” for how it should evolve.  You have lots of creativity available to you about how you evolve and how events unfold.  Lessons will be learned no matter what else is happening.  The Universe is constantly evolving and growing so how is always open for new ways to play out. 

Be sure to take time to rest during your travels.  The down time and quiet time is as important as the active, social time and the learning and playing time.

All is well. 

[Then, I just relaxed into the nice, soft and very supportive energy and went to sleep in it for a while until it was almost time to come back.]

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What message do you have for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight.

Your gathering [upcoming conference] is a chance to exchange energy between those who have already connected physically and to bring in new people to the collective energy so they can have that experience.

The energy of this year is increasing in intensity and will continue to do so throughout the year.

Your gathering is a time to “step off the treadmill.”  Recharge yourselves and update your connections.

As always, there will be some conflict and some disagreements about what is what.

You all have a chance to transcend those differences if you choose.  Some will and some won’t – that is the way it is.  All is just fine whatever happens as each person must follow their own inner guidance and follow their own path and come to their own lessons in their own way.  If everyone agreed perfectly, there would be no growth and no excitement.

You all have a chance to teach each other and to learn from each others.  If you keep your heart open and see each person as a loving expression of All That Is, it will be easier for you and easier for them.  This is a good thing to remember at any time and at all times.

You will all learn something if you are open to learning.  You have a chance to shift your perspective if that is something you want to do.  You will all “bond” together in a way that will continue to provide you with grounding as the year progresses and as changes continue to happen at an accelerated rate.

The connection with the other Old Souls is so vary important as the future plays out in many much larger ways.  You all have some inklings of those coming changes.

All of your structures and societal norms are changing.  This provides great stress for many people and your job is to help many others to move forward.  So pay special attention to keeping yourself health — as we have said so many times before.

You are all beacons of light that will help those who are afraid.  Yes, you are part of the “guiding star” as you also notice how it lights up for you to keep you on your path.  [Kathryn had us connecting with the star in the center of the circle as part of her visualization tonight before the meditation.] Your star symbol is very important to remember.  The star that guided the wise men to Jesus is the same symbol now forming to guide others to the Infinite Soul.  Pay attention to how stars show up as symbols for you and others.  [Recently in our listening practice, I had an image of the 5-pointed star related to the transcripts, with a similar message about it being the same start that guided the wise men to Jesus.]

Please remember to laugh and to play and to be silly also.  The weight of all the responsibilities that Older Sols bear does not have to be a burden.  Wear it like a beautiful cloak and take it off occasionally when you want a break.
All is well.  We leave you with that simple message: All is truly well.

[Then, I just relaxed into the warm loving embrace of the energy coming through.]

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is there a “spirit name” for me? What can you tell me about “names”?

We are here with you tonight.  No, there is no “one” name that you carry. What you have is an energy signature if you will that is triggered when you speak your physical name. When you are residing on Earth in a physical body, your “name” is connected to your energy signature.

When you are not in the physical body, your thoughts create the energy signature so that “others” know immediately who you are.

Remember, that separateness is an illusion of the physical plane only.  At all other times, you are not separate and distinct though you have an energy that could be called unique.  Do you understand how both are possible?

When you are connecting or communicating with others, you instinctively know their energy signature, which carries with it all you need to know about them — all your past lives, who they are, what they are doing with you in this life, etc.  You feel this instinctively whenever you meet a physical person in the physical realm.

A great deal of information is transmitted very quickly as your Instinctive Centers connect with each other.  Also, very quickly, your Intellectual Center, Emotional and Moving Centers react and you start making physical decisions about your interactions. This happens in a flash, so quickly that you are not aware of it.

Then, your physical body takes over and your mind and emotions and body start making ‘decisions” about what is happening.  Your dragons get triggered, or not. You feel at peace with them, or not, etc.  From that point, you start adjusting your interactions based on that instinctive energy signature even though you are not aware of any of it. 

You can start to recognize more about how it works if you take the time to notice how you feel, or think or move when you meet new people.  Also, how you react to others when you sense a mood change or a difference in who they are or how you react to them at different times.

As an example, you might say that your “energy signature” is like a DNA model, containing myriad bits of data that can be used by each party to an energy connection.

Does that make sense to you?

We are here with you always and always enjoy your questions.  Much love to you all. 

~ Your Entity ~

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What information do you have for me tonight?

[As we started, I had a fleeting thought to ask about the casting model.  They started filling my head before we finished the meditation visualization, so I had to start writing right way. . . ]

Think of the DNA model [from the Michael Teachings casting model structure] as a tall building, with many, many rooms available.  Each floor of the building may have a theme or “design” or “focus.”  Each part of the DNA model can be a “door” or a “window” into new areas of study and learning. 

Each “cell” or “row” or “block”  can be considered as a “closed” room or it can be viewed as a portal to new doors that open into an entire area of study.  Behind each door is new knowledge, just as each door of each floor in a large building opens into a new room filled with possibilities. 

For example, your row of “Cooperation,” can be a closed door or it can be a door to be opened, which can then open to an entire body of knowledge on the topic.  It can also be viewed from the outside through a “window,” which will provide a different view of the subject. 

Each “cell” of the casting charts that you have, have the same opportunity to open into new areas of study.

All of the “True” points [on the DNA model: True Home, True Community, True Health, etc.] have openings to major areas of study.  Those can each be expanded upon as students are interested.  They could be like the various “floors” of the building with many new doors opening to new rooms (or libraries) of information that can be explored for your study, interest and use as students are interested in them. 

There are many, many new areas that have not yet been explored — all just waiting for someone to ask the question.  The questions that our students ask are the “keys” to the doors.  There are not an infinite number of doors; there are an infinite number of possible pockets of information that can be shared. 

The only point of all of these “doors” and “ways” to learn is what is has always been – to learn how to love each other.

Through knowledge and learning, you grow and develop.  As you — an individual fragment — grow, you help to expand your entity, your cadre, your energy ring, etc., and therefore, the entire Universe expands. 

If that were not true, there would be no point to this “game” we are all playing. 
We are all here to grow and develop.  To learn.  To love.  To play.  To expand.
There is lots of growth and movement right now in so many ways, it is like an explosion of energy, growing and building into a crescendo, like a wave crashing onto the sand.  Each wave moves the sand a little bit until eventually, the entire shoreline is changed or redesigned. Some waves are stronger than others, some soft, some pounding.  They all do their part in the grand scheme of the universal play that is Life.

You as an individual fragment are like a drop of water — part of the whole wave, which is part of the ocean.  If all the drops went a different way, the flow of the waves would be different, so while you may “seem” to be very small when compared to the ocean, you can see the power of the wave when many drops work together. 

There is an entire wave system that is building for more impact on your world in the new few years and the next few generations.  The land/seashore will not look at all like it does now after that wave system passes by. 

New channels and cliffs and rivers will be formed.  New ways of living will be formed.  New societies will be functioning.  When you return in your next life, you will hardly recognize the planet that you left.  This is all good and part of the game of life living itself.

We wish you a pleasant journey.

ps: Pay attention to your dreams as those are giving you much information to draw upon and support to help you manage as the “pace” of life speeds up.
More and more people are awakening and moving into alignment with the new wave strength, which adds more and more power to it.

We are here with you at all times and at any time you seek support. 

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is it about the Full Moon that makes people become more intense now?

We are here with you tonight.

All is truly well.  As you have realized, underneath all of the “riff-raff” of the drama is simply a cover over all that is wonderful.  

The riff-raff is an illusion and is simply your own imprinting, the cultural imprinting or your chief features playing with you.

All is well.  All is working just as it should.  You are encountering opportunities to “remember” and to “clean your house” so to speak — to clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you.

We are with you at all times, and, yes, we are sending you messages in your dreams and in your thoughts when we can.  You can access us consciously at any time. 

Just as you get caught up in old patterns of old beliefs so too do others.  The Full Moon energy can accentuate those old beliefs.  It is a strong energy that pulls on the body and the psyche every month, so gives a new opportunity to look at your beliefs and patterns, and to see beyond them.   

Very small and subtle changes in energy have a strong effect on those who are already a little “out of balance.”  They do not consciously realize what is causing them to get further out of balance.

Notice how little wind it takes for your wind chimes to make beautiful music.  That is similar to the small amount of a slight change of energy that can cause people to ‘feel’ differently and react out of an unknown force operating on their body. 

As you are aware of the Full Moon cycles and can connect yourself to the Earth energetically during this time, you become like Marion’s tree — solid and yet able to sway with the energy’s “wind” and make beautiful “music” of your own while others are just clattering and clanging.

Do you see the difference?

We are working with you energetically to help you stay more connected so you don’t notice some of this.  You will notice for yourself what you need to notice.  Others will notice what they need to notice. 

When there is a Full Moon — or any other shift in energy — you can  help yourself by paying attention and making sure you are physically healthy, emotionally healthy, intellectually healthy and spiritually healthy.

When you are healthy, you are stronger and more able to help others.  The more older souls are healthy, the more you are able to provide a sense of safety and stability to younger souls.  

The younger souls are much more prone to fears and exaggerated behavior than older souls.  They do need guidance and “adult supervision” much more than they are willing to admit.  Your world can no longer afford to let them run wild as they have been.  It’s growing time for older souls to step forward and rein them in a bit and teach them more appropriate ways of behaving. 

This is a natural evolution and you world is moving forward as is appropriate.  Yes, it seems to take a long time.  When you look back, you can see the progress.  It is harder to see when are in the midst of it.  Lots of things are still “under the surface” just waiting for the right time to come forth.

There will come a time when it seems like everything is bursting forth at once.  Remember these words when that happens.  

All is well!  Everything is working in divine order.  All is well!  Repeat as necessary.

~ Your entity ~
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