Friday, August 3, 2012

What can you tell us about changes by the end of 2012?

We are here with you tonight.

There are many possibilities for the future as you well know.  Will you change by then?  Yes!  Will others change?  Yes!

We suggest — lovingly, of course — your focus would be better spent on looking at your own dreams and hopes and visions for the future. 

What do you want to happen?  That way, you create your future rather than feeling pressure or anxiety over someone else’s wish for the future. 

You are the creator!  If you want happiness, focus your thoughts and feelings and actions today on being happy.  

If you want prosperity and abundance, focus your thoughts and feelings and actions today on being prosperous. 

If you want anything in your life, focus your attention on what you want — no matter what anyone else is doing or saying or thinking or feeling. 

You are the creator of your world — individually and collectively.  We have spoken of 2012 changes before, so won’t repeat those.

Do you want freedom?  Act free — free of the constraints and fears of others.  

Today, tomorrow and every day, you choose your experience. 

Over time, those collective and individual choices are what create the larger change that out-picture in your physical world. 

You are the creator!  Not us or anyone else.  You are the creator!  

Got it?

We send you much love on your journey and are with you at every step — delighted to see the progress you make — individually and collectively.

~ Your entity ~


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