Friday, December 5, 2014

Is there a reason why people pull away from spiritual interests?

Question: Is there a reason why people pull away from spiritual interests?

We are here with you tonight.

Life is an ebb and flow.  It changes constantly as you all know.  Interests change over time and attention moves from one to another.

Your interest in spirituality, the Michael Teachings, politics, mathematics, Facebook, friends or any other interest will change as you change. 

You may study a subject diligently for a time and one day, put it aside and move on to some other interest.  This normal evolution and not something to be concerned about.

Life would be pretty boring if everything stayed the same, wouldn’t it?  [felt like a chuckle there :) ]
You are spiritual beings in a human body having an experience in physical form. That is a given. You have quite a wide variety of things that you set out to accomplish in your lifetime and you have all accomplished most, if not all, of what you had on your agenda originally.

There are stages of life — or internal monads as you call them — when your interest and activities naturally change and shift.  [Got a fleeting thought that perhaps the people asking the question were in their 5th internal monad, a time of looking back over our life and integrating all that has come before in the life.]

Allow yourself to feel excitement when you notice your interests change.  If you see yourself starting a new adventure, rather than worrying about a change, that will put it in a different perspective for you.

You are all doing very well on your physical and spiritual journey and have much to offer those around you who are struggling to understand what is happening.
Don’t allow yourself to add “worry” to your daily activities as it takes valuable energy away from having a wonderful life.  [Images from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life came in here.]

Bless you all in this season of light, love and joy.  May your holidays be filled with all good things.  You are all bright lights, lighting up your world.

Go in peace and joy.
A few articles I found searching “5th internal monad”—
And, of course, the book: Spiritual Turning Points by Victoria Marina.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Any suggestions for navigating the energy of change right now?

[I first got an image of a sailboat with fireworks and chaos all around it.  Then, got an image of skiing down a mountain slope.  Then, the words started. . .]

We are here with you tonight.

Imaging that you are in a raft navigating the white water rapids.  You have to all lean one way together, or shift another way, or all row together, or you may get dunked in the water occasionally.

There is a great adventure of traveling the rapids with your friends who are with you.  You KNOW that you are all safe.  You have your life vests on and you have the strength and skill to navigate the rapids. 

You know your destination is somewhere ahead.  You can’t yet see it though you are confident that you will arrive there safely eventually.
Enjoy the excitement of your adventure!

Enjoy the thrill of not knowing exactly what is coming next.  Enjoy the camaraderie with your friends, entity mates, cadre mates and other older souls who are navigating the white water rapids with you. 

We are with you at every moment — enjoying the thrill of adventure with you all.

[I have been white water rafting so was able remember and visualize as the message came through.  It is a great adventure and exciting, and you have to pay attention and all work together, and something, you get thrown in the water.  It's great fun also.  Short video of white water rafting ]

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tonight's message

We are here with you tonight.

Chaos is the result of creativity and the destruction of old constructs that are breaking down and breaking apart.

Many are not able to handle the pressure and chaos as it touches them.
Keep in mind that each soul, each fragment, has their own lessons to learn and their own gifts to share.  No one else can know what is true for another. 

Your world’s culture has a strong element of blame for when things are not going “according to plan.” Those who are more mature in their awareness accept responsibility for their own actions and are better able to cope with life’s pressures.  Those who are less mature, lash out at others when something happens.  That is just the way your world works.

Your ability to calmly deal with your own stuff keeps that drama out of your life.  There is not a lot you can do other than tend your own garden and have compassion who are making their own messes.  They will need to clean them up and live with the consequences of their own actions.

Tend to your own garden and that will keep you plenty busy.  Bless those who are having trouble dealing with the pressures and changes, and don’t get sucked into their dramas yourself.  

Know that they have a great deal of support for their life lessons. 

[then, I went to sleep in the nice, gentle energy]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Balancing Privacy and Security

Question: Any comments or insights about the balance and tradeoffs between privacy and safety in today’s American society? 

We are here with you tonight and always.

As in all things, the key is balance.  As you move into a more mature way of doing and being in the world, you have the Mature Soul’s desire to eliminate all secrets and you have the craziness and instability and drama of the Mature Souls.
The key is to respect individual rights of privacy and understand that people need to feel safe and secure.  And, balance that with the desire to have information that can be used to protect people and prevent harm.

The challenge is to prevent Baby Souls from controlling the safety measure that would be too restrictive and prevent the Young Souls’ desire to control the Baby Souls and build empires on the safely needs. 

The later level Mature Souls and Old Souls need to pay attention and watch for the imbalances and be ready to speak out loudly and clearly before they go too far or if they go too far.

All is part of the changing nature of your world and the new and changing reality of your life on the planet. 

As long as there is technology, there will be creative people looking to make the world better and creative people looking to use it to abuse it for their own purposes. 

Be aware.  Be conscious and be vigilant, yet don’t be afraid.  Know your own limits and pay attention to how the world is changing.  And, don’t overdo it [vigilance] either.  

The energy is raising and things are getting better, regardless of momentary lapses.

All is well.  Relax and allow what needs to change to change.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Dealing with the crazies in the world and the crazy energy

We are here with you now and always.

It is easy to get distracted and drawn into the intensity and drama that is all around you.Don’t le the energy of that get to you or let it disturb your own peace.  People who are afraid are desperately seeking something to hold onto — a way to feel secure.  The younger and immature ones think that they can attach to others’ energy fields.  They don’t understand how to ground themselves, so if you are open, you may find others attaching to you.

Take time to clear your own energy cords and ground yourself — maybe several times a day.  Spend time consciously connecting with us and ask for extra grounding and support during these times.

You have seen some of the “craziness” around you — from a distance.  Bless those who are in the midst of it and don’t let yourself be pulled there yourself.
The world very much needs calm, peaceful and grounded people right now.  Be one of those, not one of the crazies.  Put it all down!  [the last bit is a favorite quote from José Stevens]

Be gentle with yourself and others as much as you can.  Share kindness whenever and where ever you can.  It will help you be calmer and help others at the same time.

Relax – and know that all is well.

[Cording/de-cording exercise  ]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What is important to know about our own healing and healing journey?

To be present.  To be awake and aware.

When something isn’t working well, you stop and focus your energies toward that aspect of the physical body.

When everything is going smoothly in your body, you are on autopilot and not aware of your body.

Both perspectives are needed for balance.  Some lifetimes require more focus on the physical body than others.  Every aspect of healing, illness and wellness has lessons and gifts associated with it.  .  Some seem easier than others, obviously, though none is more important than any other aspect of the body.

You, as a spirit, occupy a physical body.  There are great many lessons just to allow that interaction to happen for the time you call a physical life.  There are a million or more aspect s to the planning and implementation of all that is involved in getting the spirit into a body suited for the life you planned — from choosing parents and DNA to siblings, partners, children, friends and associates along the way.

It is a project that is not thought much about in the physical life.  If you could see it, you would be awed by the orchestration it takes, You, of course, have seen it in the spirit realm before and after each lifetime.

Just know that whatever is going on with your body in this life, it is rarely an accident.  Accidents do happen though not as much as might think.
Each change in your body offers gifts and lessons.  Each is a unique experience designed specifically for you.

Your physical body is the vehicle you have chosen for this lifetime.  Each [body] is different from each other.  While there are commonalities, each is uniquely different in the way it works for the spirit using it.

When something “goes wrong,” ask yourself and your guides to help you understand what you are supposed to gain from the experience, rather than fussing or getting angry about it.  Shift your perspective just a little and you may find it is easier to accept or understand what your body is telling you.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is there a relationship between dreaming and chief features?

We are here with you tonight.

Of course, dreaming is related to everything.  Your body is relaxed when you sleep, so your essence is free to play and wander.  It is also meeting with your entity mates and other of your relationships to work out past issues and work on planning of future events.

You also experiment in your dreams and visit with old and new friends.
Your waking self can be trained to remember your dreams more readily and there are plenty of places to learn how to do that if you search.

Whether your chief feature blocks your dreams depends on many things.  Your essence may try to send or give you messages in dreams and your chief feature may try to block your awareness.  How strongly depends on where you are in your development so there is no ‘set’ answer.

If you are interested in retaining more of your dreams, follow the instructions for that training.

Many of your dreams are experiments — trying out some scenarios or testing out something or they might be preparing you for something that is upcoming.  Sometimes, dreams are just playful fantasies to enjoy.

How seriously you take your dreams depends on many things, including your own insecurities or sensitivities.

There is no one way to interpret dreams.  For example, seeing a monkey isn’t always a symbol for bananas.  It is up to YOU to determine the significance of your dreams.  Others may help if you ask and if you can allow your intuition to work and to FEEL the dream it will help.

If your chief features are somewhat under control, it is easy to connect with your intuition as you already know.

The best thing you can do for yourself is get a handle on your chief feature so that your life can be more enjoyable.  We are not telling you anything new, just a reminder to do your own homework.

You can use your dreams consciously to help you work out problems and solutions.  In this energy of change now, you can use your dreams to proactively let your essence help to make your changes smoother by going to sleep with a clear intention to remember the help that comes from the dream.

That’s enough for now.  We are always with you — awake and asleep.  Much love, your entity.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What do dreams of death mean?

Question: How much sensing do we have when parallels merge or concurrents die.  How do we recognize them?  (This question came from an unsettling dream that xxxx shared.  Also, there is supposed to be a convergence nexus coming up soon).

We are here with you tonight and always

xxxx is more sensitive than many, so she is feeling the merging process in a conscious way. 

Death is life and life is death.

All energies move and shift on a regular basis, sometimes more than others.
This time period is one of great change in your world as we have said before.
xxxx’s dream is a recognition that the “old way” is dying and yet she is still alive.  Life goes on constantly. 

As things shift in other parallels, yes, it is possible to connect with those energies for those who want to and those who are sensitive.

Fear is not necessary.  Death is not something to be afraid of.  And the “sense” of death does grab attention so is a good image to use for changes.

The underlying reality has not changed — only the external things change during times of upheaval.

xxxx is feeling the changes that are happening in her own life and in the world around her.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Changes, merges, splits or any other “label” or “name” happen when and as they need to happen.  Your world is experiencing a time of major changes. We have talked about this many times so it is not anything new or anything to be afraid of.

All is well.  You are all safe and protected.  And, you are well loved.

~Your entity ~

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Understanding what is happening all around us

We are here with you tonight.

Now and always, you are deeply loved.

No matter what is going on around you in the “outside” world, you are loved.
You are guided at all times.  All “happenings” are exactly what is appropriate at the moment.  This is true for you and for everyone else.

What seems “strange,” is happening for a reason. You may not know or understand it and that is OK.  It is still happening for a reason that will become clear eventually for the souls involved.

When you can truly accept this, your life will be much smoother and less stressful.

All is well.  There is a greater plan at work than you comprehend at your level.  It is all working just fine.  Even when you think it is not, it really is working as it should be.

We welcome your questions and trying to understand as that stretches you to grow.  When you can see alternate sides to a situation, you can begin to more fully appreciate “why” things happen the way they do. 

You are safe.  You are loved and you are always guided.  Whether you listen to that guidance is a choice.  You will learn something whichever choice you make. 
Relax into the love that is all around you and allow it to bring you peace.

~ Your entity and Michael ~

Friday, August 1, 2014

How can we support people who are grieving?

We are here with you tonight.

Most of all, have compassion for those who are hurting.  Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time.  Allow each person the space to do it in their own way.

Don’t try to convince them of anything or any particular way of seeing death, as each person will have their own beliefs.

Listen if they want to talk, without giving advice.  If they ask for help, be careful with what you give and see how receptive they are before going too far.
Take time to remember how devastated you were with a loved one’s death and allow yourself to grieve with the newly lost people who are trying to make sense of it all.

Don’t tell your own stories — simply listen to theirs with gentleness and kindness and respect.  If people are talking about the loss of their loved one, it is because they are on their mind a lot.  Respect that and offer love, not advice.
Keep your heart open.

Imagine a healing cloud of energy and Love surrounding the person and their loved one, enveloping them in Love and know that they are safe.  Also, know that they will be guided in the right way to whatever energy they need or whatever messages they need to hear in exactly the right way and at exactly the right time for them.

Everyone is different, so give them plenty of love and the space and freedom to grieve in their own way.

We are with you always.

~ Your entity and Michael ~

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tonight's message: a wake-up call and a reminder

We did healing clouds of Love for (xxx) and the folks in the plane that went down today.  I didn’t get anything particular information for (xxx) – just that they could use the cloud of love that we created and that they were wrapped and protected by it.  It is available for them and they can take as much as they need or want from it as they need it. 

Question:  Is there any message for me tonight?

We are here with you always and forever and ever.

The plane incident is a shakeup — a reminder that there are unstable forces at work.

All the souls on the plane are safe and being cared for.  They agreed to participate in this event as a wake-up call and a way to bring to light some weaknesses in your structure that need attention.

When sudden tragedy happens, people are abruptly awakened from their “sleep” and can no longer pretend that things are OK.  The inertia is disrupted and many people’s attention is directed toward helping others.  It is a reminder also to pay attention to your own affairs and relationships — to let people know you love them, a reminder that physical life is tenuous and temporary, and to work on forgiveness and blessing — and letting go of small petty thoughts that impede the flow of love.

There will, of course, be blame and angst.  There should be an underlying knowledge that is stronger than one incident or one crash — or a million incidents or a million crashes.

All is well — truly.

As older souls your job is to remember that and keep sending and holding love for yourself and expanding that to share with anyone who needs or wants it.

One fun way to raise the energy vibrations: 
The Happy song – Pharrell Williams, official music video:
24 hours of Happy:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How can we best use the current nexus energy to bring in what we want most in our life?

We are here with you tonight and always.

There are many spirits here with you tonight.  This is an exciting time in your world as major shifts in attitudes are happening all over your world.
Many, many people are opening their hearts and their minds to reach higher awareness of all that they can be. They are becoming more aware of the Family of Man – how much you are all connected together and how much you share in common with so many others who just a few years ago would have been “strangers” or even “enemies.”

The attention to the World Cup is one outward manifestation of this shift in attitudes.

Your collective consciousness is becoming much more open to spiritual ideas that have been only held by older souls.  Those ideas are infiltrating the common culture very quickly and you see that in a new and growing openness to ideas in many religions that was not there before. 

As this opening happens, people are opening their heart and when that happens, they become magnets for abundance and prosperity.

As you do your own visioning, you can use those images to draw to you that which will make your life easier and make the lives of others you touch easier.
As this process happens, it sends out ripples on the “pond of life” and more people are touched and affected in a positive way, which raises the overall vibration and the cycle continues

We are with you at all times, with much love.

~ Your entity ~

Friday, May 23, 2014

Annual platform for the coming year

Question: We asked for our annual platforms for the coming year.

We are here with you tonight and always. 

We see Adventure for you.   Not so much travel though that is possible if you wish.

We see Adventure of the Spirit — meeting new people, trying out new things, expanding beyond where you are now, learning new things and feeling adventurous.

If you look at the definitions and descriptions of the Need for Adventure, you will get a better understanding of how it plays out in various forms. 

For XXX: Love
XXX: Peace
XXX: Joy
XXX: Beauty

We are here at all time and love the “time” we spend communing with your little group.

Much love to all.

~ Your Entity ~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Any words of wisdom for dealing with the energy right now?

We are here with you.

You are safe.  All is well.

Right now, much is being shaken up — like your toy “snow globes.”  If you are on the right path, you will feel the effects and things will settle back into somewhat normal patterns and your life won’t be drastically different, though you will have new opportunities and many chances to learn new things during the shake-up.

If  your life needs some changes, you will become aware of what needs to be changed and where you could direct your energy for better results.  These “shake-up times” are needed to keep your world from becoming too stuck.  As you know, “now” is a time of major adjustment for the future so when things are shaken up, rejoice and use the energy and opportunities to make whatever changes are appropriate for you.

All is well.  You are surrounded by Love at all times. When you need help, just ask and it is given.

~ Your entity ~

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Message for the group at the annual East Coast Michael Gathering

Question: We did a visualization and asked for a message from our Higher Self 

We are here with you today and always.

Your gathering is and has been successful beyond your original intention and our intention.

You have come together in a beautiful symphony and dance that is beautifully choreographed.

People have felt the power of heart connection and healed much within themselves, simply by being immersed in the deep love of so many conscious souls.  The future has changed for all of you, simply by your participation here and now.  Your future will continue to evolve and as you take this gift that you have given yourself, you can unwrap it and appreciate it whenever and where ever you wish.  It is something that you created and something you manifested for yourself and your world.

Our job is to support you in your growth — to be present and aware, to provide guidance if and when you ask and to remind you of the powerful being that you are already are and the even more powerful being that you can become in the future.    

There are infinite ripples as we have said before.  You are the result of earlier ripples and many others will benefit from the ripples you send out today and every day.

Our joy is beyond expression in being part of the huge impact that your group has in the world.  If you could comprehend it, it would be more glorious than the biggest rainbow you have ever seen, brighter than the most brilliant diamond you can imagine, sweeter than the clearest music you have ever heard, stronger than the largest thunderstorm you have every experienced . . . [the end of meditation timer went off, so they closed with: ]

We revel in delight to be a part of such a huge leap forward for your group.  And, as you each leap forward, you bring along your entire entity and cadre with you, even if they are not physically with you.

~ Your Entity ~

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox message

We are here with you tonight and always.

Today, on this special day of the Spring Equinox, we welcome you to our circle of Love. 

Love is all there is.  It is the creative force that heals and that manifest all that you wish for.  It is the energy that connects everything together.  Simple as it seems, you sometimes forget as you play the human game. 

As we open to your physical plane shift on the first day of Spring, there are exercises you can do to deepen your connection with All That Is. 

1.     Every day, feel the Love.  Allow it to envelope you before you start your day.
2.     Throughout the day, stop and notice the flowers, the birds, the sky, the beauty all around  you.  Feel the gratitude for all that is wonderful in your world.
3.     Take time to be nice to everyone you encounter.  Especially those who are suffering or have forgotten who they are.
4.     Like ripples in a pond or the wings of a butterfly, your small actions like these are truly what makes your world a better place.
5.     Be grateful for all that you have and all that your life has brought you and all that your future will bring you.
6.     Remember that everything is already perfect as it is.  And, know that whatever happens is also perfect.
7.     The world is changing and the changes are moving more quickly.  Your attitude makes the difference in how well you cope and adjust.

As Older Souls, you have great power to transform your world in a positive way.  Use your power wisely and you — as well as your planet — will be richly rewarded and reap the benefits — for yourself and those you care about. 

We bless you at every moment and are here to help at any time you wish more support, more love or more power.  You can have whatever your heart truly desires.  

Allow that knowing to surround you at all times.  Others will feel it and you help them simply by being as good example of how it can be.  When others need or ask for healing or your help, surround them with that ball of love that you created in your meditation tonight.

It is free to anyone who wishes it and is truly limitless.  The more it is used, the more powerful it seems.  You have barely scratched the surface of what is possible for you. 

As you and others do these things, your world is changing for the better.

All is well.  Just be who you are, the best you can be at every moment.  That is more than enough.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Message from 3/6/2014

Question: Is there any message for me tonight? 

All is well.  All is alive and growing and changing, and all is peaceful and still at the same time.

We are everything in a pinpoint of light and we are All That Is, as large as or larger than you can possibly imagine. We are All and we are Nothing.

As that is true for us, it is true for you — each of you.  You are All and you are Nothing.

You are an imagination and you are real at the same time.  We are connected so tightly that there is no separation and at the same time, humans playing the game of being separate from each other.

It is a grand game that goes on almost forever and for no more than the blink of an eye. 

Who you are is so powerful you as a human cannot comprehend it. You reach for that power and it excites you and it frightens you at the same time.

Your job as a spirit in human form is to experience the game AND to learn to transcend the game and remember who you are beyond the physical plane.

Whatever you wish to do or be is possible for you — in this life or beyond this life.  There are no limits to what your power can do, should you wish to use it.

Many of you are starting to get a small glimmer of the possibilities and your world is changing rapidly in unseen ways right now.  The changes will be seen in physical form in years to come.  Over the next 3-5 years of your “time,” you will begin to see the effects of all the deep intention work that so many have placed into the powerful forces that drive the physical universe.

Glimmers are showing already if you look for them as you have noticed already. 

We are with you at all times.

~ Much love, Your Entity ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is there a theme for this year’s Michael gathering?

[The message started coming as soon as the visualization started.]

We are here with you tonight and always.

The theme is Love — as is the year.  We can suggest that exercises that help open hearts are appropriate.  Love of self & others; Love of every part of  yourself.
Love that sees others in the best possible light at all times.  A way to practice keeping your energy vibrating with love will do all of you some benefit as you move back into your daily lives.

[I thought it was done and laid down for a while, then they started up again. . . and this felt more like the Michael energy than the first part. ]

As you may recall, Love or Agape is the focus of these teachings.  There has been much focus on the overleaves and other parts of our information and that has often served to sidetrack discussion away from the reason we contacted you to begin with.

Our message is Love — love of self so that you may understand your own self.  When you can understand yourself, you can love yourself with all your flaws and imperfections.  When you can do that, you can begin to understand others and love them with all their flaws and imperfections. 

We don’t give advice — it is your right to chose where to focus. We can suggest that a focus on Love and open-heartedness in your gathering would be of great benefit to those who participate and be of great benefit to all of those you interact with after the conference. 

Like ripples in a pond, your impact reaches far and wide and connects with others who are moving toward a mover loving, caring world.

We look forward to being with you all in the beautiful place called 7 Oaks for another powerful experience. And, we are always with you — here or there. 

~ Your entity and Michael ~