Thursday, November 20, 2014

Any suggestions for navigating the energy of change right now?

[I first got an image of a sailboat with fireworks and chaos all around it.  Then, got an image of skiing down a mountain slope.  Then, the words started. . .]

We are here with you tonight.

Imaging that you are in a raft navigating the white water rapids.  You have to all lean one way together, or shift another way, or all row together, or you may get dunked in the water occasionally.

There is a great adventure of traveling the rapids with your friends who are with you.  You KNOW that you are all safe.  You have your life vests on and you have the strength and skill to navigate the rapids. 

You know your destination is somewhere ahead.  You can’t yet see it though you are confident that you will arrive there safely eventually.
Enjoy the excitement of your adventure!

Enjoy the thrill of not knowing exactly what is coming next.  Enjoy the camaraderie with your friends, entity mates, cadre mates and other older souls who are navigating the white water rapids with you. 

We are with you at every moment — enjoying the thrill of adventure with you all.

[I have been white water rafting so was able remember and visualize as the message came through.  It is a great adventure and exciting, and you have to pay attention and all work together, and something, you get thrown in the water.  It's great fun also.  Short video of white water rafting ]

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