Friday, May 20, 2011

What is important to know about the ‘end of time’ energy right now?

[Comments: I noticed when we did the meditation that my feet were warm as if on a hot pad.  Very noticeable energy though not unpleasant at all.  I could also feel warm energy in my hands as I connected with each person in the circle.
The overall energy was very lovely, warm and comfortable.  Thank you again, to our leader, for your lovely work in setting a sacred and powerful space each week. 

Question: What is important to know about the ‘end of time’ energy right now?

Answer: Just as you are connecting with others and raising your energy vibration, so too are many others gathering together to raise their energy consciously.  This raising of personal energy reflects the general increase in vibration and frequency of the planet and all things on the planet.

As you grow and evolve, your energy raises.  This is natural.  As you collectively focus, you push your growth individually and for the planet as a whole.

From a higher vibration, you can tap into new knowledge, new ways of being, new ways of living.  You will cure incurable diseases; you will uncover ‘secrets of the Universe’ that have lain hidden for many years.  You will let go of many old ways and many things that no longer serve you.

As you have observed, many feel this increase in energy and become afraid.  There is nothing to fear.  They are feeling ‘something’ rightly.  The ‘rapture’ is one way of explaining the increasing energy.  Yes, everyone will rise – not to die and go to heaven, but to live at a more evolved level.

The ‘pressure’ of the times help you to do the rising consciously and become more aware of it.

When the Avatar returns (the Infinite Soul), more people will be ready to hear the messages if they have done their personal growth work and raised their own awareness in preparation.

You live in stressful times, that is a fact.  You can choose to experience joy or rapture, or you can choose to experience fear and pain.

The more consciously you prepare yourselves, the easier it will be to be calm when others are fearful.  Old Souls are the teachers and have great power to help make the transition more easily than those who are afraid.

As you live your life every day, you set a positive example that can help to keep fear from taking over.

The work you are doing in your little group is no accident.  Many, many others are meeting in groups to connect and support each other through the coming changes.

Your world is moving very rapidly from one primary way of being to a very different way of being.  This is no small task and needs all the support you can give to make it smooth.  

Life doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be joyful and fun.   Keep that in mind and remember to laugh as much as you can.   

Treat everyone with as much kindness and gentleness as you can.  That is the road to agape – And, as you all know, our whole reason for coming to you is to help you move toward agape.

We are with you at all times — as near as your breath, as close as your heartbeat, as close as your thoughts and feelings.

[pause — as I was reaching the end of my paper, it felt like they wanted to say more, then decided to just close with: ]

Trust in yourself.

[Comments: As I do on most Thursdays, I went to sleep quickly and slept very well.  I had vivid dreams about people dressed in white robes.  That’s all I could remember when I woke up. ]

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Friday, May 13, 2011

What is the next step for this group?

Question: What is the next step for this group?

Answer: This group is like the wave you saw [the standing wave video that a friend shared with us this week].  Sometimes, very much aligned and other times, not.  It doesn’t matter.  You can’t force unity or dis-unity.  Each person has their own individual needs, wants and desires.  And, each person has their own life path to walk. 

The group will evolve and change, simply because the Universe moves, changes and evolves.  Allow it to move each week according to the needs of those who show up.  Don’t try to script it too much or it will drive away those who seek the connection. 
Old souls — by their very nature — are independent and will move in the way they need to move without anyone “in charge” of the agenda of the group.

You are all doing Good Work and as we have said before, many times, simply being on the planet and living your life as an example is enough.  It is more than enough.   

Lighten up!  

Don’t press yourselves more or feel yourself less because you think you “should” do more.  You don’t need to do any more than you are already doing.  Give yourselves a break and allow yourselves to enjoy and appreciate where you are now.

Again, you are already enough – more than enough!


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Friday, May 6, 2011

What is the benefit of talking to the lower self?

[During the healing session before the meditation/listening: 
1 - For someone who had just died, I had visions like scenes from the movie “What May Be” - lots of moving color and light and “saw” a large field of brightly colored flowers.  She was joyously skipping across the field, enjoying where she is now and sends love to those still on the physical plane.
   She said: “Please don’t worry about me.  I am blissfully happy.  I had no idea how easy it would be to leave and come here.  Why in the world did I hang on and resist?  I send you all much love and joy.  I want you to be happy in your life.  Be peaceful.  Be who you are.  Don’t stress about death.  Take each day as a blessing and live your best life as well as you can.  Know that I loved being with you and will love seeing you again soon.”

2 -  I had an image of cookie dough – a solid mass of potential waiting to be formed into something yummy and delicious.  The density of her situation is an illusion.  It is “unformed” stuff that can be transformed into nourishment if she is willing to work with it.  She has the raw ingredients and needs to decide what she wants to create from them.  When she does that, she can then create the recipe that will turn it into something she wants and needs.]

Question: What is the benefit of talking to the lower self?

We are One.  All is One. 
   When you become aware of that in yourself, you can be more aware if it outside your self.  When you do that, you will be more balanced, healthier, more alive and filled with more energy.  Your mind will be clearer; your blood will flow more easily; your digestion will be cleaner; your muscles will be healthier; your spine will be straighter, etc.  

 When all is balanced and connected, everything also works more smoothly.


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