Friday, May 6, 2011

What is the benefit of talking to the lower self?

[During the healing session before the meditation/listening: 
1 - For someone who had just died, I had visions like scenes from the movie “What May Be” - lots of moving color and light and “saw” a large field of brightly colored flowers.  She was joyously skipping across the field, enjoying where she is now and sends love to those still on the physical plane.
   She said: “Please don’t worry about me.  I am blissfully happy.  I had no idea how easy it would be to leave and come here.  Why in the world did I hang on and resist?  I send you all much love and joy.  I want you to be happy in your life.  Be peaceful.  Be who you are.  Don’t stress about death.  Take each day as a blessing and live your best life as well as you can.  Know that I loved being with you and will love seeing you again soon.”

2 -  I had an image of cookie dough – a solid mass of potential waiting to be formed into something yummy and delicious.  The density of her situation is an illusion.  It is “unformed” stuff that can be transformed into nourishment if she is willing to work with it.  She has the raw ingredients and needs to decide what she wants to create from them.  When she does that, she can then create the recipe that will turn it into something she wants and needs.]

Question: What is the benefit of talking to the lower self?

We are One.  All is One. 
   When you become aware of that in yourself, you can be more aware if it outside your self.  When you do that, you will be more balanced, healthier, more alive and filled with more energy.  Your mind will be clearer; your blood will flow more easily; your digestion will be cleaner; your muscles will be healthier; your spine will be straighter, etc.  

 When all is balanced and connected, everything also works more smoothly.


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