Friday, April 29, 2011

Qustions about our little group

[Comments: from the healing circle before the meditaiotn/listening session:
1 – When we put first person in the circle, I got:
  No specific message related to this issue.  This is simply one way that the body changes.   She is following the path that will bring relief and closure for her.
  All is well.  There is nothing seriously wrong, just an adjustment that is needed to realign her to her healthy self again.

2 –  For the 2nd person, This energy felt very different to me and I got:
  We see and feel the energy of the doctors and nursing staff are all positive and will be focused on doing the very best they can to provide relief.
   The stone(s) represent suppressed energy and we suggest that Marcus work on releasing his suppressed energy, fear and trapped emotions so that the stones are not recreated in the future.
  Long term, the prognosis is better if he realizes that the body is tied to emotions and can be better used when all is in balance within himself.]

Question: About a new person to the group.  

  She is an old comrade and you all recognized that you have fought wars together – literally and figuratively.  In this life, you have no wars to fight.  You can enjoy each other’s company, play and grow together without the life-or-death struggles from before.  She is a welcome spirit and will bring a surge of positive energy to your little group.
[Then, some general comments about the group:]
    You are all doing exactly what you need to do.  The Universe is an incredible “machine” with many moving parts, constantly shifting and changing as individual decisions are made and overall goals change.

  It is as beautiful to watch as any kaleidoscope you have ever seen and far more complex.  That little toy can give you a tiny flavor of the magnificent mysterious workings of the Universe.  Even at our level, we cannot see or know all there is to see and know.  We too are sometimes mystified and surprised with how things turn out.

  This mystery is a vital piece of the magic of Life and helps to keep us from becoming bored or complacent.  

  We wish you all the best that Life and the Universe has to offer at every single moment.  Enjoy it!  This is your life that you re creating and re-creating constantly.

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