Friday, April 29, 2011

Qustions about our little group

[Comments: from the healing circle before the meditaiotn/listening session:
1 – When we put first person in the circle, I got:
  No specific message related to this issue.  This is simply one way that the body changes.   She is following the path that will bring relief and closure for her.
  All is well.  There is nothing seriously wrong, just an adjustment that is needed to realign her to her healthy self again.

2 –  For the 2nd person, This energy felt very different to me and I got:
  We see and feel the energy of the doctors and nursing staff are all positive and will be focused on doing the very best they can to provide relief.
   The stone(s) represent suppressed energy and we suggest that Marcus work on releasing his suppressed energy, fear and trapped emotions so that the stones are not recreated in the future.
  Long term, the prognosis is better if he realizes that the body is tied to emotions and can be better used when all is in balance within himself.]

Question: About a new person to the group.  

  She is an old comrade and you all recognized that you have fought wars together – literally and figuratively.  In this life, you have no wars to fight.  You can enjoy each other’s company, play and grow together without the life-or-death struggles from before.  She is a welcome spirit and will bring a surge of positive energy to your little group.
[Then, some general comments about the group:]
    You are all doing exactly what you need to do.  The Universe is an incredible “machine” with many moving parts, constantly shifting and changing as individual decisions are made and overall goals change.

  It is as beautiful to watch as any kaleidoscope you have ever seen and far more complex.  That little toy can give you a tiny flavor of the magnificent mysterious workings of the Universe.  Even at our level, we cannot see or know all there is to see and know.  We too are sometimes mystified and surprised with how things turn out.

  This mystery is a vital piece of the magic of Life and helps to keep us from becoming bored or complacent.  

  We wish you all the best that Life and the Universe has to offer at every single moment.  Enjoy it!  This is your life that you re creating and re-creating constantly.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

What information do you have for us about the future of the listening group?

Question: What information do you have for us about the future of the listening group?

Answer: Life moves and changes constantly.  As you grow individually, so too your group grows.  There may be a feeling of loss as you and your group have developed a level of intimacy in your little group. 

 Opening up to new people will mean an adjustment for all of you.  We suggest you take time to honor what was, to express and feel the gratitude before you jump too fast into a new level of growth.

 It will take time to adjust to new energy and new people.  This is part of growth and part of life.  Life moves and changes constantly. 

 You may find that some people will adjust faster or slower than others.  You may find the group splits into smaller, more intimate groups.

[Then, it stopped and I fell asleep.  I tried to listen to what others got, but couldn't stay awake so dropped off and went to bed.]

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Friday, April 8, 2011

What are the reasons someone might advance a level within a life versus waiting to advance between lives?

Question: What are the reasons someone might advance a level within a life versus waiting to advance between lives?

There is such variety in the way individuals progress that anything is possible.

  There could be a small completion that is necessary to complete a level before someone moves on, or a specific thing to be done, or a lesson to be learned, or a karma to be repaid, or a monad to be completed.  Why not continue on with the life when that thing is done?  Otherwise, there might be no reason to continue with the life and with all the planning and preparation needed for each life on the physical plane, much opportunity would be wasted if advancement came or occurred in only rigid ways.

  We have said many times and will repeat: Life and growth and, indeed, the entire Universe IS NOT RIGID!  It is alive, it is constantly changing and it is flexible.  Humans want rules and order, especially in your culture.

  You are learning to move beyond the rigidity and are still much affected by your culture so it is a constant reminder that we give you at every opportunity. 

[We had been talking about an upcoming gathering before the call, and they continued: ]  You (all of you) have much work to do with this teaching.  The ability to interact with each other in person will provide more strength, more depth and more meaning to your future work together.

  The gathering will provide tangible experience and energy for each of you and will provide many positive memories to fall back on when “life” seems to overwhelm you.  The gathering is a chance to step off “the rabbit wheel” if you will, to re-charge your soul’s energy and connect with old friends in a way you cannot do every day.  It will help you in ways you cannot imagine now and bring pure joy to your heart in a way that you won’t get by any other way.

  Your Essence is very tickled and your personality is going along for the ride.  Yes, there may be conflicts and disagreements.  Those are minor compared to your soul’s joy at the connection you will experience.

  Allow yourself to revel in the joy.  You are on the physical plane to enjoy your life, regardless of what your parents, teachers, culture or anyone else tried to tell you.

  Be well, be happy, be alive!  You have worked long and hard, so take the time to experience your true self at the gathering.  Maybe it will remind you to do that — enjoy life — in other areas of your life that don’t feel like joy right now. 

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Are there other things we could do to help Japan?

[Comments: During the meditation, I had a visual of blue light swirling all around each of us in the circle, then dancing and swirling in the middle of the circle almost like the scene from Fantasia where the light is swirling all around the conductor as the music builds.  It felt incredibly beautiful and alive.  
   Then, I got the words below – 2 pages worth, coming very strongly and I kept wondering when they were going to get to answering the question.  ]

Question: Are there other things we could do to help Japan?

We are with you tonight.  And, we are here whenever you call us.  What you are doing is pausing from the day-to-day stress of living the physical life and connecting into the One that is All  That Is.

That One is the place of healing and timelessness.  It is the place of creativity, of peace, of healing, and of being all you can be.

The more you do this type of connecting, the easier it is for you.  And the more you practice it, the better you become.  As more people stop for a moment or for a common world prayer as you did today, the more you align all the energies in a synchronized way. 

As you open your heart and your mind to help others, you open your essence also so that it can work more fully with you in the rest of your life.  

For the challenges in Japan are many.  The Earth has ruptured and shifted, causing much distress and releasing much energy.  It has also provided great opportunities for growth and movement in many many thousands of people.  Many souls have left the Earth and will continue their journey on other planes for a time.  Much devastatin has occurred that will take time to adjust and rebuild in new ways.

Much was swept way and all have seen the power of nature and drawn attention to the plight of those on the island affected.  There will be more “disasters” and more unsettledness and more disruption before things are “calm” again.
The pace of change is dramatic when large physical events happen, helping to move many people at one time.  There are so many on your planet now who came here especially to be part of these exciting times.  Many others are choosing to leave to help with the natural shifts of the planet and the souls on the physical plane here.

What can you do?  Continue to connect with each other, to deepen your spiritual work, to let go of your personality dragons, to operate with an open heart and mind to be a living example as old souls in the world setting a public example of caring about others, being willing to help others, to light a light in the darkness, to be calm when others are afraid, to pray or feel connected to all that is and to one another, to feel and share hope when others are confused, to be a steady hand when others are not sure what to do. 

Do what you can, when you can, where you can.

Do not shirk from this or feel what you do is not enough.  You are enough and are doing enough just as you are.  And, if you can do more, then do what feels right for you.

Trust your intuition and your own inner guidance and you will do what is needed — just as you are doing right now.

Peace and love to all of you. 

[Comments: When that was finished, I saw Japan from a distance as if looking at a globe, then felt as if I was hovering over it and moving in closer.  I could see it as a vibrant, healthy tropical island, filled with greenery, sandy clean white beaches, beautiful blue azure water all around it, wonderful animals and very very beautiful.  It felt to me like the “true” Japan wanting to show itself to counteract all the negative images we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks.]

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