Monday, June 27, 2016

BREXIT energies

Question: What would be good for us to know about the energies around BREXIT?  (vote of British citizens to leave the European Union a few days ago)

We are here tonight with you all.

As older souls, you can be a stable force yourself — don’t react in fear, mind your own business, take care of your own affairs, don’t add to any panic or upset, don’t speculate on negative outcomes.  Keep your own life in order as best you can. 

In that way, you are not adding any more chaotic energy.  There is plenty already. 

As with all things, this too shall pass.

Your world is in a time of great change and events such as Orlando or BREXIT or future sudden shifts are all part of the shifting dynamic that moves people out of their comfort zone and wakes them up to what they can do, should do or could do differently.  These events bring out the beliefs and areas that need attention and transformation.

All is well.  You are all deeply loved and strongly supported no matter what is going on around you.  Never forget that.  You are deeply loved. 

“Keep calm and carry on” is a good motto now.