Thursday, July 16, 2015

Any insights about the dynamic events and changes that the US is currently experiencing?

We are here with you tonight and always.

The pace of changes is great as the old ways and structures crumble around you. 
Rejoice!  This is the time you have come here to experience.  

Your presence as an old soul is part of the grounding needed to help guide and facilitate younger souls who may be afraid.  Be yourself.  Speak as an old soul, a wise woman, a grandmother, or whatever you want to call it. 

Allow your heart to stay open.  Don’t judge the younger souls who are afraid.  Have compassion. Help them see another view than fear.

The coyote energy is well placed now.  Things are not as they seem. See beyond the fear and KNOW that all is well.  All IS truly well.  

Be present and take care of your physical body as it is the container for your spirit in physical form. 

Do what you can, where you can.

No matter how much fear there is and how much radical change happens all around you, know that you are loved and guided and protected at all times.  You will be where you need to be a the right time. 

If you are supposed to be somewhere, you will know and will feel draw to that place.  If you are not supposed to be somewhere that sudden events are happening, you won’t be there.  No need to worry or fret either way.   Help others to see that also.

People will be leaving suddenly, for many “reasons” — help those caught in grief if you can and when you can.  

There are no accidents.   There is no pre-destiny either.  The grand script is written.  How it gets implemented, however, is a moment-by-moment decision by those involved.

No need to worry or fret.  You will there or you won’t.

Trust in your own inner guidance to keep you safe and DO NOT ignore those feelings.  It will be more and more important to listen to them as the stresses and changes and pace increase.  

Allow your heart to stay open.  Practice opening your heart and seeing the energy of LOVE flowing out from your heart center to everyone you encounter, everyone you interact with and all around you where ever you are.

LOVE is the strongest energy there is.  Your presence along with an open heart can heal.  You are doing exactly what you need to be doing already.  

Relax and enjoy the adventure! 
Additional notes:
  1. About coyotes:  On my neighborhood Facebook page, several people have been posing pictures and even videos of a large coyote hanging around, walking down the sidewalk, up into people’s front and back yards, and there seems to quite a bit of fear from neighbors about it coming so close; it isn’t afraid of the people either.  Today, I posted a comment and link “Coyote as a totem or teacher
  2. As they talked about being in the right place, I was thinking of the stories circulating today of a major earthquake predicted for the Seattle area.
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