Thursday, February 28, 2013

What can you tell us about the nature of sleep, sleeplessness and how to promote positive sleep ?

We are here with you tonight. 

Sleep is vital for your body to heal and for your essence to rest from the many stresses of life on the physical plane.  Of all the planes, the physical is the most challenging and the most exciting.

Sleep can be disrupted for  many reasons — physical, mental and emotional.  Stress, worry and unresolved issues are the most common.  There are also illnesses or disorders that can interrupt sleep.

For simple disruptions, your suggestions have been noted:
1.  Get up and do something to balance your centers.
2.  Work on something that is unresolved.
3.  If your body needs particular nourishment, do that.

We suggest that a visit to a family doctor is advisable to rule out many possible causes and to uncover any physical imbalances that may exist.

Because sleep is so important and your physical body is the vehicle that your essence resides in on the physical plane, keeping the body healthy is very important.  The body will give clues when it is out of balance. 

Lack of sleep on a regular basis is an important clue and should not be ignored.

There is a good deal of energy coming to your planet at this time and can affect people who don’t know how to process it.

You could also do some exercises to let the energy flow through your body, similar to your weekly meditation, letting the energy come in and pass through easily without any blocks in the chakras.  

Also, you could flush out your chakras with a cleansing ritual, starting with your weekly meditations routine then swishing each chakra clean.  Imagine the color of each chakra as a mop or broom, cleaning out anything in that needs cleaning, letting that “old stuff” flush down into the Earth.  Start at the 7th crown chakra and work down one at a time. Then, go back up, and dust and polish each chakra until they are all sparkling, shiny and clean.

You could also do some exercises of talking to your body and asking where it is out of balance or where it needs help.

We leave you with these suggestions and send our love at all times.

~ Michael and your entity ~

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is there or should there be a theme for our next East Coaster gathering?

We are here with you tonight.

This year, you are like the newly birthing butterfly, getting ready to transform from being a caterpillar. 

You are right now in the “in between state.”  You have passed the point of no return and are not yet formed into the being that you will be eventually.

You might consider a theme of “in between” worlds or cultures, or “transformation, since your future is not yet fully crystallized in form.  You are still in the fluid state where many choices are as yet undecided.

You could also consider a metaphor of building a new home.  You have a general idea of what you want to do with your unfinished land but have not yet designed your new home.  [They were tapping into my memories of building a home from scratch many years ago and the various stages of unfolding that we went through before we finished building it and moved in several years later.]

You have many, many choices that will be made over the next few years and for the years to come in the future.  You have a “blank canvas” upon which to draw your ideas for the future.  You can experiment and try out many designs, colors, shapes and schemes, then wipe those out and start over again as you wish for some time yet. 

Eventually, it will start to solidify but that is a ways away.  It may take several of years in your “time” before you start to see glimmers of the shape of things to come.

The future is whatever you want it to be.

This is a magnificent time for your planet and your culture and this opportunity does not happen very often so many are very excited to be part of re-creating your future world. We watch with interest also as the future is still unformed.

Of course, you will move forward toward more mature ways of doing and being, but the “how it looks” is still like new fallen snow — pristine and unmarked as yet.

So, for a theme, you might choose a “blank canvas” and let creativity come forth in community with like-minded souls.  Take some time to “plant seeds” of grand ideas while the energy and substance is still very fluid.

Set your grandest intentions and plant those ideas in the malleable “stuff” of which the Universe is made.  Now is the greatest opportunity you will ever have in your lifetime to make a difference in your world.  Don’t let it slip away or be taken over by those who wish to control or dominate for selfish motives.

We are with you at all times for support, assistance and immense love on your new journey.  Enjoy it!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The nature of personal power - part 2

Question: What is the nature of personal power and how does it manifest in our own lives? - part 2

Each of you has a life plan and a task that you set out to complete.  When you came to the physical plane, you set up your life to have people and events and agreements to give you all that you need to complete your own life task and life plans.  Your plan is different from anyone else’s and you share some part of your life task with others.  So there are the individual life plans and tasks, group agreements for life plans and tasks, and larger life plans and agreements for larger groups of souls.

You will usually be guided to find the people you are supposed to meet and — if you are paying attention — you will recognize “pre-determined signals” or clues that tell you that you are on the right path toward your goals, or you will be reminded when you get off course.

You usually do not consciously remember these “signals’ — but you may have dreams, remembered or not, that give you the clues to help you.

There may be “trigger” events that get your attention and make you question where you are and what  you should be doing or which way you should be going.
When you are on your life task course, you are powerful and you feel “all is right with my world.”

From that place, you will usually feel happy in yourself — whether or not it fits with anyone else’s idea of what is right.  When you operate in alignment with your life task, you are powerful and can accomplish far more than someone who is not on their own path.

Remember: each path is unique so it is very important to learn what is yours and what is not.  It takes some diligence to let go of society’s or your parents’ ideas of what is right for you.  And, it takes some courage often to go against their vision of what is right for you and to find your own place in the world.

Once you make a commitment to finding and following your own path, you will be provided with what is needed.  That doesn’t mean that you can sit back and coast.  It does mean that you are powerful enough to do whatever is needed to fulfill your life task.  You will continue to see and feel the benefit of your work.  You will feel powerful and you will feel happy when you are on the right course for you.

For group tasks, you will see success when everyone is committed to whatever task you have agreed on. Each person will have a different role to fulfill in the group’s goal.  Don’t judge anyone for what they do.  Some people have a large role and some have a smaller role.  Each is intricately important to the overall goal and task of the group.

Each of your personality overleaves is specifically designed to assist you in your life task work.  There are no “better” or ”lesser” overleaves. All are critical in some way to the operation of the whole personality, to its impact on your life task work and to that of any group you are involved with.

[Time called and again, it felt like they could continue on for quite a while . . . ]

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