Thursday, February 28, 2013

What can you tell us about the nature of sleep, sleeplessness and how to promote positive sleep ?

We are here with you tonight. 

Sleep is vital for your body to heal and for your essence to rest from the many stresses of life on the physical plane.  Of all the planes, the physical is the most challenging and the most exciting.

Sleep can be disrupted for  many reasons — physical, mental and emotional.  Stress, worry and unresolved issues are the most common.  There are also illnesses or disorders that can interrupt sleep.

For simple disruptions, your suggestions have been noted:
1.  Get up and do something to balance your centers.
2.  Work on something that is unresolved.
3.  If your body needs particular nourishment, do that.

We suggest that a visit to a family doctor is advisable to rule out many possible causes and to uncover any physical imbalances that may exist.

Because sleep is so important and your physical body is the vehicle that your essence resides in on the physical plane, keeping the body healthy is very important.  The body will give clues when it is out of balance. 

Lack of sleep on a regular basis is an important clue and should not be ignored.

There is a good deal of energy coming to your planet at this time and can affect people who don’t know how to process it.

You could also do some exercises to let the energy flow through your body, similar to your weekly meditation, letting the energy come in and pass through easily without any blocks in the chakras.  

Also, you could flush out your chakras with a cleansing ritual, starting with your weekly meditations routine then swishing each chakra clean.  Imagine the color of each chakra as a mop or broom, cleaning out anything in that needs cleaning, letting that “old stuff” flush down into the Earth.  Start at the 7th crown chakra and work down one at a time. Then, go back up, and dust and polish each chakra until they are all sparkling, shiny and clean.

You could also do some exercises of talking to your body and asking where it is out of balance or where it needs help.

We leave you with these suggestions and send our love at all times.

~ Michael and your entity ~

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