Thursday, December 19, 2013

What can you tell us about the new energy coming for the new year?

[I got an image of a winter village scene, with icy crystal silvery sparkly all over, and a chill wind breath – very pretty and cold.  As I was getting the message, I was very cold.]  

We are here with you tonight and always.

Underneath is a great force building as the Mature and Older Souls coalesce their energy, goals and intention for making your world a better place.  

It is almost like a volcano building its strength for an explosion, though this will not be a single explosion, rather a powerful and forceful push to change many of the Young Soul ways to make way for laws, programs, institutions and great social changes that will change the course of your civilization in a major way.

There has been nothing like this for many thousands of years on your planet.

The changes will show themselves in many different ways in all areas of your life.  They won’t “explode” or “erupt” with violence, though those may happen in  a local or regional area.  Rather, it will be like a huge lava flow of change, simply taking over where ever it is appropriate.

For your selves, we suggest you do everything you can to stay healthy and well-grounded every day so that you do  not feel swept away by the changes. 

All is well and there is nothing at all to be afraid of. This is the adventure that you signed up for now coming into fruition.  It will take many years to pass through your world, your culture and  your society, so enjoy the journey!

We are with you at all times.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Being present

We did a healing circle, then listening for any messages and I got:
We are here with you tonight.  
For <name removed>, we suggest she work on being present and more aware. She tends to focus on all that she has to for others and neglects her own needs.
So the “accidents” are wake-up calls — to get her attention.  If she can relax, be in the present moment, not rushing — just notice the sky, the air, the temperature, how her body feels, where her fee are, what her body is doing — slowing down and really paying attention to the present moment, she may find that her stress level will also relax.
This is a good exercise for anyone and for any of  you: Be present in your body and notice what is happening all around you at that very moment.  Notice how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you are doing and how you are reacting.
For<name removed>, she can focus her attention on the many blessings she has, rather than on what she is “missing” for the few months that she is having a grand adventure.  She, too, tends to focus much of her energy on others and not enough on taking care of herself and meeting her own needs.
For <name removed>, she gives greatly to others and sometimes, to her own detriment. She is a an incredible presence and a powerful channel for good.  She can also use some time to treat herself with kindness and gratitude for her own blessings.
<name removed> has great support and hesitates to ask for help. She also can focus more on all the good blessings in her life and allow herself to draw resources and people to her who can help with whatever she need help with.
Then, the message stopped and I just relaxed in the energy for a while. 

About this blog: “Why are we here?”