Friday, March 25, 2011

Are their physical ramifications to doing this work (listening)? How best can we deal with them?”

Question:: Are their physical ramifications to doing this work (listening)?  How best can we deal with them?

As you have already discussed, each of you is unique and will have unique needs and expectations.

Ultimately, there is only Love.  All energy is a reflection and manifestation of love.

As you each learn more about your own body and your needs, you can adjust the energy flow to be balanced for you.

For those who feel discomfort, we suggest some discussion with your higher self before starting your energy work.  Set your intention that you will be peaceful, loved and protected at all times.  Allow the support of your guides if that feels right for you.  

You are in charge of your body — no one else.  Know that deeply and completely as you connect with us and your alignment will be stronger. There should not be fear or worry as those are false illusions only.

YOU are in control.  You are creating and re-creating your experience at every moment.  If your experience is not what you want, change your intention and your expectation.  Root out any ideas that this work could be harmful to you and allow yourself to enjoy a blissful and pleasant experience.

Your essence is pure love, unselfish love, agape.  That is the true you.  Anything else is an illusion and as such, can be changed or removed if you wish.

You are love and that is the highest form of truth and the highest form of energy. 

Love cannot harm you, so be aware of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  If you find the work otherwise, that is a clue where you have work to do.

Be well.  Be happy.  Be love.  It is who you really are.


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