Friday, December 24, 2010

What do you have to tell me about my entity?

Question: What do you have to tell me about my entity?

We are counselors & teachers.

We are open-hearted and loving.

We are with you at all times and available to help you whenever you want us or need us.

We are as close as your breath, right in the same physical space where you are now.

We can see you and we can feel you and your energy, though you cannot see us with your eyes.

We are very excited to make a closer and deeper connection with you and if you are ready, we are willing to work with you in whatever way we can provide our wisdom for you to use.

We are all connected to each member of our entity whether the other members feel us or not.

We are at peace in the “place” where w are as we wait patiently for more of our entity mates to join us in the combined form.

Like you, we have lessons to learn and growth to accomplish as a group.  We can share with you in whatever way is reasonable as we learn from that experience just as you do.

This is a shared journey of all of us – our entity, our cadre, our energy ring and beyond.

There is much more about the organization that has yet to be revealed when you are ready for the next steps.

We offer you peace when you are troubled, comfort when you are sad, inspiration when you are lagging, energy when you are tired and so much more .  .  .  as you are ready and willing to accept it.

Love is the Allness of us and of you.  When you open your heart, we can breath that love with you.

When you dream, we are here with you.

When you cry or feel pain, we are here to hold you and provide solace.

If you want us, we are here.  If you don’t want us, we are still here and will never interfere in your life.

How you use us or whether you connect with us is up to you.

Allow yourself to feel our energy if you would like to explore more.

At your own pace, whenever you are ready, we will be with you in your heart, in your mind or in your soul.

Be as you are and know that all is well.  All is love.  All is peace.  All is abundance.  And, all is exactly as it should be.

To practice, imagine a warm blanket of love wrapping all around you.  If you use that image, we feel your call and our love wraps you completely in warmth, peace and love.

When you do prayer work by wrapping someone in love, you are calling forth the power of the entire entity to assist in the healing.

[Comments about the evening: For the first part of it, I had my eyes closed and felt like I might go to sleep, especially since I haven’t been sitting down much in a comfortable place for several days other than in bed.  I sold my living room furniture and it was picked up last weekend.
    In an earlier session, Michael had told me that I call upon the energy of the entire entity at times.  I do remember it had something to do with sudden insights coming from the entity.  I don’t remember exactly what they said and don’t have  time to look for it right now.
 Last night, when they said “allow yourself to feel the energy,” I could feel the warmth all around me and my heart opened very wide.
 The very last statement was a comment on the way I do healing work when I pray for someone: I wrap them in a warm blanket/cocoon of love so I got some new information in that comment about using the entire entity to assist with that.  I do know that it sure works when I do it :)
 About the current energy this week: I have been really amped up this week - very energized, not sleeping well, constantly moving, which is really good since I’m packing and things are going very smoothly.  Some time in the middle of the night, I wondered if the entire entity energy was with me and that’s why it’s coming in so strongly right now.  I often feel things before my conscious mind can figure out what’s going on - as if my essence is already working before my physical personality knows what is happening.]

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