Friday, October 15, 2010

What is the Logos?

The Logos is the I AM energy.  

 It is a feeling, a knowing, a sensing of the TRUTH that comes to all who come in contact with it.   

When people encounter truth, they feel different.  They recognize something that feels good to them.   

There is no easy way to describe how each person might react as each person is different.  Their experience or language may be different, therefore, they may experience something different from their friend or their neighbor.  Regardless, they will FEEL something and intuitively know that what they feel is not their “every day, go about your business” feeling.

The person or persons who bring the Logos may seem “ordinary” to you.  

Many will doubt the person in their mind.  They may not trust their new feeling.  Regardless, they will know that _something _is different.  Some will feel love; some will feel truth; some will feel fear.   Many will be unsure what they feel. 

Again, regardless, all who encounter the Logos will feel something different and be consciously aware of that feeling as different.  Your job and those older souls who are here will help to calm those who are afraid and will help to “translate” the Logos as needed.  


[Comments:The word “translate” I put in quotes afterward because it isn’t exactly the right word.  My sense is that it has to do what we are doing right now with the year 2012 fears.  When people are afraid, we can remind them that it is just another year - that we can choose to be afraid or we can go about our daily life as it is.  If the world is truly coming to an end, it doesn’t do anyone any good to be just running around afraid.  When we as older souls can be calm and centered and solid about the fear going on in the world, it gives others an example and helps others not to be so afraid.
This week, I was busy up until the call started so didn’t prepare a whole lot. 

As the message was coming, I was in “observer” mode, almost apart from myself, very neutral.  My mind kept trying to “guess” what was going to be written next and I was always wrong.  After I re-read it, I was surprised that I didn’t have a huge reaction to it or much greater feelings coming through.  It may have been a good thing that I was observing or I may not have been able to write it out.  I didn’t feel much of anything as it came - no buzzing in my 7th chakra as in other calls or even a feeling of big energy as I get sometimes.

When we went into the circle, I felt both hands start to tingle with energy and my heart chakra opened up very very wide, so it was difficult to breathe deeply enough and try to hold the energy that was coming in.  It seemed to come in waves, though maybe undulation is a better word for it.

After the call, I was very tired, almost wiped out, which is very unusual for me.  Normally, I am energized by the contact.  I woke up a few times during the night with vivid dreams and was able to hold onto pieces of 4 of them until I woke up and could write them down.  They all had to do with lots of people, meetings, family gatherings, etc.  Some with good feelings of being with people I like, some with confusion and getting lost trying to get back home, some crying babies, some negotiations, etc.  One thing that occurred to me this morning is to remind everyone that whenever we open up to our essence, which this listening practice does,

It provides a great opportunity for the chief features to backlash, as they do not want us to expand beyond where we are.  I had some CF activity kick up last week after quite a while of them being mostly dormant.  They can come in sneaky ways and may disguise themselves, so be aware of that and just notice if they do show themselves.  If they do show up and you consciously notice them, do something to put yourself into the positive pole of any overleaf.  That will help flip the others up also (like a pinball machine - they are all up into the positive pole or they are all down into the negative pole).  What works for me is Gratitude and Love.  Others may have different methods that work.  And, I always tell the CFs very clearly and directly that I will fight them to the bitter end, so they can just get over it and go away.]


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Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the purpose of the group? How do we recognize balance for us ourselves or for the group?

[Comments: The energy came in much softer and quieter, with the simple phrase “we are here” (which I don’t normally get).  I didn’t have much physical sensation, just a very slight buzzing in the 7th chakra and only noticeable when I looked for it.  My comments in [brackets] below.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the group?

  •   To deepen your consciousness and study in BE-ing.
  •    To open up to more of who you are already.
  •   To work with people you haven’t worked closely with before in this lifetime.
  •   To expand your own self - to learn from others and to teach others in a way that may at first feel uncomfortable.
  •  This is Good Work for all.
[Pause.  I thought it was done at this point, then it started again]
  •   To be flexible and to allow whatever happens.
  •   To bring in new information for each and for all to use and to share with each other.
You have worked together before in other times and other places.  Most of you feel that already.

Question 2:  How do we recognize balance for us ourselves or for the group?

   As you allow yourself to BE, you will be in more balance yourself.  As the group gains in practice, you will find your energy signatures are linking up with each other and you will help to balance each other.

  This will - in turn - allow for more balance for the entire group.  You are all connected, therefore, one helps the group and the group helps the one.

  Consciousness of the need for balance is the beginning step.  From there, the intention takes you forward.  Next, you practice and continue to build your skills and awareness.  You know the steps to do already.  This is just a reminder to pay attention and be more present at all times.   

[pause, then 3 words very distinctly, slowly and separately:]
BE.  ALLOW.  DO.  

[another pause and again:]
BE.  ALLOW.  DO.  

In that order.   


About this blog: “Why are we here?”

Friday, October 1, 2010

What are practical ways to express agape in one’s life?

Opening comments:
 A reminder to BE PRESENT.  Allow the heart and mind to open.  Feel the energy as it surrounds you and flows through you.  Allow the connection with the others to grow and build.
   There is much to be shared and much to be learned by the process you call “listening.”  For all of you, there will be many more opportunities to use this skill than you might now see and understand.
   Don’t be afraid of it; just allow it to come and to evolve.

Question: What are practical ways to express agape in one’s life?

 Be kind.  Whatever you do and where ever you are — take time to be kind.  

 When faced with challenge from another, step back.  Don’t fight.  Take a deep breath.  Allow yourself to pause and find a way that is other than fighting back.  Try to see other ways a conflict can be resolved, other than fighting.

 When you feel hurt, pause.  Reflect on how YOU are feeling.  Accept responsibility for your own feelings.  Don’t strike back.  Take time to see the other person’s viewpoint and how they may feel.  Breathe deeply and release any hurt.  See the other person through a veil of kindness rather than a veil of anger.

 They are you — they are another part of you.  How can you be gentle with this other part of you?

 We realize this may take practice and may not catch on right away.  Keep trying.  You will have many opportunities to practice.

 Pay attention to your thoughts.  Ask yourself, “How can I see this situation from the lens of kindness?”

 If you do that — every time you succeed in being kind when before you might not — it will change you.  And, that will change your world.

About this blog: “Why are we here?”