Friday, October 17, 2014

Balancing Privacy and Security

Question: Any comments or insights about the balance and tradeoffs between privacy and safety in today’s American society? 

We are here with you tonight and always.

As in all things, the key is balance.  As you move into a more mature way of doing and being in the world, you have the Mature Soul’s desire to eliminate all secrets and you have the craziness and instability and drama of the Mature Souls.
The key is to respect individual rights of privacy and understand that people need to feel safe and secure.  And, balance that with the desire to have information that can be used to protect people and prevent harm.

The challenge is to prevent Baby Souls from controlling the safety measure that would be too restrictive and prevent the Young Souls’ desire to control the Baby Souls and build empires on the safely needs. 

The later level Mature Souls and Old Souls need to pay attention and watch for the imbalances and be ready to speak out loudly and clearly before they go too far or if they go too far.

All is part of the changing nature of your world and the new and changing reality of your life on the planet. 

As long as there is technology, there will be creative people looking to make the world better and creative people looking to use it to abuse it for their own purposes. 

Be aware.  Be conscious and be vigilant, yet don’t be afraid.  Know your own limits and pay attention to how the world is changing.  And, don’t overdo it [vigilance] either.  

The energy is raising and things are getting better, regardless of momentary lapses.

All is well.  Relax and allow what needs to change to change.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Dealing with the crazies in the world and the crazy energy

We are here with you now and always.

It is easy to get distracted and drawn into the intensity and drama that is all around you.Don’t le the energy of that get to you or let it disturb your own peace.  People who are afraid are desperately seeking something to hold onto — a way to feel secure.  The younger and immature ones think that they can attach to others’ energy fields.  They don’t understand how to ground themselves, so if you are open, you may find others attaching to you.

Take time to clear your own energy cords and ground yourself — maybe several times a day.  Spend time consciously connecting with us and ask for extra grounding and support during these times.

You have seen some of the “craziness” around you — from a distance.  Bless those who are in the midst of it and don’t let yourself be pulled there yourself.
The world very much needs calm, peaceful and grounded people right now.  Be one of those, not one of the crazies.  Put it all down!  [the last bit is a favorite quote from José Stevens]

Be gentle with yourself and others as much as you can.  Share kindness whenever and where ever you can.  It will help you be calmer and help others at the same time.

Relax – and know that all is well.

[Cording/de-cording exercise  ]