Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meditation for love

We did a meditation to give and accept love for ourselves, similar to one I did last Sunday at my church.  

The meditation goes like this (as best I can remember it):

From the base of your spine, imagine a silver cord going deep, deep down into the Earth, wrapping itself around the core of the Earth.  That silver cord holds you steady, and connected to the Earth.  

Relax your body – imagine that your body feels like a piece of chocolate or a pat of butter, and allow your body to melt into your chair.  Rest into your chair knowing that the silver cord is holding you safely. 

Now, take yourself to a beautiful place where you feel joy and happiness.  

Open your heart and imagine some one or some thing that you love deeply.  Fill your heart and your body with that love that you feel.  Allow your heart to open as wide as you can and breathe in that love, allowing it to fill all the empty places inside yourself.  Allow that love to heal your scars and hurt places.  

Let that love wrap all around you like a pink cloud, surrounding you with love.
Open your heart even wider and breathe in your love, letting it completely fill your body, your aura, your heart and your mind.

Now, imagine some one who loves you.  You can bring them into your space or not.  Allow that feeling of being loved surround you and fill all the empty places within you.  Open your heart even wider and feel your own love and the love from someone else filling you completely, filling all the empty places inside you, around you and healing you.

This love is for you, it is you.  Love is all there is.  You are love, you are the gift of love and you are the receiver of love.  Love is for YOU and can heal anything you want it to heal in your body, your heart or your soul.  

Stay in that place of love as long as you wish.  15-20 minutes is good.  This is a gift you give to yourself. 

Expect that tears will flow as you heart chakra opens and your emotional center opens, as it should.