Friday, December 5, 2014

Is there a reason why people pull away from spiritual interests?

Question: Is there a reason why people pull away from spiritual interests?

We are here with you tonight.

Life is an ebb and flow.  It changes constantly as you all know.  Interests change over time and attention moves from one to another.

Your interest in spirituality, the Michael Teachings, politics, mathematics, Facebook, friends or any other interest will change as you change. 

You may study a subject diligently for a time and one day, put it aside and move on to some other interest.  This normal evolution and not something to be concerned about.

Life would be pretty boring if everything stayed the same, wouldn’t it?  [felt like a chuckle there :) ]
You are spiritual beings in a human body having an experience in physical form. That is a given. You have quite a wide variety of things that you set out to accomplish in your lifetime and you have all accomplished most, if not all, of what you had on your agenda originally.

There are stages of life — or internal monads as you call them — when your interest and activities naturally change and shift.  [Got a fleeting thought that perhaps the people asking the question were in their 5th internal monad, a time of looking back over our life and integrating all that has come before in the life.]

Allow yourself to feel excitement when you notice your interests change.  If you see yourself starting a new adventure, rather than worrying about a change, that will put it in a different perspective for you.

You are all doing very well on your physical and spiritual journey and have much to offer those around you who are struggling to understand what is happening.
Don’t allow yourself to add “worry” to your daily activities as it takes valuable energy away from having a wonderful life.  [Images from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life came in here.]

Bless you all in this season of light, love and joy.  May your holidays be filled with all good things.  You are all bright lights, lighting up your world.

Go in peace and joy.
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And, of course, the book: Spiritual Turning Points by Victoria Marina.