Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/15/2011: What are the energies coming up in the next few months to be aware of?

What are the energies coming up in the next few months to be aware of?

We are here with you tonight and at all times. 

Your cold is a sign of moving into higher planes (Astral) and is not something to worry about.  [I felt like air conditioning had kicked on and was very chilly all of a sudden as this came through.]

All is well on the larger scale of the universe.  You feel this in spite of the chaos that many others feel.

It is almost as if you world has split in two — those who are calm and peaceful, and those who are reeling in confusion.

The split is with the Soul Ages — those in the younger soul ages and those who are still asleep are feeling the chaos and uncertainty, not sure which way to go and why life (their life) is so confusing.

The older sols who have found a teaching — almost any teaching that brings in the Logos — are feeling more and more connected to their source, their god or whatever they feel is “All That Is” for them.

This split is likely to grow wider and wider over the near future until the Infinite Soul reappears.  We won’t say when that will happen.  You will know.  The energy of that is coming, for those who are aware are feeling the peace and love and balance that that energy brings. 

For others who are not calm, they are also feeling the energy as a big unknown and are frightened to their core by something they don’t understand and are afraid to acknowledge. 

Just as your thunderstorm are a “jolt” of energy, some are afraid of them and some are very excited by the energy of the storm.  [We had a big thunderstorm here tonight with lots of noise and lightening, no rain, just before the call.]
The current global energies are the same.  Some people are very afraid of the world global markets changing and others are excited by the possibilities for a true worldwide cooperative effort.

This is why you feel so “neutral” about the energy as you are gliding easily above the storm, watching it but not being thrown around by it.

Do pay attention to your dreams and your intuitions, as those are what give us the ability to reach you when you are not consciously seeking contact.

Yes, sometimes, we are more persistent than others, as this morning.  [They told me to turn around and go back home, and I found out something important I need to learn by doing that.]

You are getting better at listening and still sometimes don’t want to be awakened from your physical life to pay attention.  The personality wants to be tightly in control, though has lost the battle of total control so is now willing to compromise more than when we first tried to reach you.

The chaos will continue.  The volatility will continue for many more of your years.  “New normal” is a good way to put it and old souls are being called to step forward when the younger souls cannot cope with what needs to be done.
Your own life will be less chaotic and because of that, you and many others can be a big stability force for those who are struggling.  As the chaos becomes worse, people will be more willing to listen to the old souls who are calm and willing to share their wisdom. 

For the recent past, their wisdom has not been sought out nor respected.  That will change and the younger souls will realize what a mess they have made and will be glad for a steady presence to help resolve things that could never be resolved by younger souls. 

Old souls will become widely visible — much more than now.  Ancient wisdom will become more “popular” and will become more visible.  You are starting to see some of that and it will continue to grow as it is proven that those “old ways” really do work.  And, that grandparents and elders have a lot of wisdom to share that gets tangible results.

Continue to do your own growth work and study and meditation.  Your network will grow and become more solid.  

Good surprises will come so allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.  This is also part of the “new normal.”  Manifestation of desires is increasing and more abundance is easily available to you in many different forms. 

Listen to your inner knowing and it will guide you where you need to be and what you need to do. 

We are with you always, with much love, your entity. 

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What information do you have for me tonight? Message for December 8, 2011

Question: What information do you have for me tonight? 

We are here with you tonight.  You are all doing Good Work — Very Good Work.

Your support for each other is growing and deepening each time you come together.  You are sharing and opening your heart and allowing yourself to be helped as well as to help each other.

This is the positive part of growth.  And, you are calling to you, other experiences to assist in your growth.

These may not be “pleasant” yet when viewed as just growth opportunities [or "gifts"] to be used, you can begin to see their value and benefit to you and your work.

You are never alone and you are never left to find for yourself.  There is a legion of support available to you when you need it. 

Trust that as it is the truth.

You often forget that in your individual selves and that is one less of the Physical plane — to “pretend” that you are alone.

As you grow into later soul levels, that aloneness no longer serves you.  You can start to drop it and remind yourself every day that you are not alone.  You have incredible power and resources to draw upon when you need them.  They are there even when you don’t need them.

The more you remember this, the faster it will be for you to call upon those resources when you do need them.

Like a new machine or tool, it takes time to learn how to operate it efficiently.  And, you are learning to do that, little by little, each day, each week.
As you learn to be more balance, you can help others who face upsets and “surprises.”  

Life is a constant challenge because you signed up for this life that you are living.  And, part of the exercise is to see how long it takes you to “remember” why you are playing the game of physical life. 

In the larger scheme of things, the day-to-day upsets don’t really matter.  And, yet at the same time, they play a huge role in your own growth and, therefore, they affect all around you, your entity, your cadre and your world.

It is a dichotomy — being so small and insignificant at the same time you are being huge and magnificent. 

All is good.  All is well.  There is everything and nothing at the same time.
Allow that balance point to hold you and protect you and heal you of whatever you would like loved and held and protected.  

We are with you at all times, as close as your breath, as close as your heartbeat, as close as every thought and every feeling and every action.

With much love, your entity. 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What message do you have for me tonight? Message from Dec. 1, 2011

Question: What message do you have for me? 

We are here with you — your entity — with Michael available if needed or appropriate.

You already know your answer to the dilemma you face.  As all Priests, you feel called to help when someone summons you.  That is well and good.

And, as you also know, you have a tendency to put others first to the point of seriously neglecting your own self and your own needs.  This has caused you to avoid doing your own work at times in the past — many times in this life, as you also know. 

This time in your life is a chance for you to change that pattern and you are being shown and reminded where your opportunities lie to be stronger in protecting yourself.

You do not owe anyone anything.  You do not have to respond to a call for help.  It is your choice and you have in front of you a clear situation to practice setting a clear boundary.  The ‘work” will get done by others who are actually more capable than you are in this particular situation.  You are not the only person who can do what is needed.

Yes, there is confusion.  The Mature Soul is very under trained to what is being asked of her and trying to find a way to muddle through.  Others have seen through this.  You are not responsible for her or for the results of her confusion.  Your friend is trying to do the right thing also.  Your excellent relationship will not be damaged if you tell her NO.  It will add more credibility to her own case that she is working on behind the scenes.

You have a powerful and very important role in bringing forth the teachings from the old sessions and related work that can help many, many people.  Yes, it can wait, also.  And, now that you are so deeply involved in it and doing what really feels good for you, why not continue?

You are doing true essence work and you are very much supported by your entity, Michael and many other entities who want this teaching to be available to more people.

Only you can make the choice how to handle the situation you face.  We expect you will do the right thing and you will know clearly what is right very shortly.
You probably already know what to do.  You are resisting out of old habits and this is a great opportunity to change that habit. 

Allow yourself to be blissfully happy, working from essence.  You have certainly ‘earned’ the right, though ‘earning’ is not necessary.  It is your birth right and inherent ability to live from joy and happiness. 

You know this already.  Look in the mirror and remind yourself who you really are.  It is very clear to you already where your heart is.  Allow yourself to follow your heart and trust your instincts.  They will not fail you.

Many blessings to you and to your entire circle of friends. 

These times can be challenging and you will have more opportunities to make clear choices in the future.

We are here whenever you want to ask for help.  As close as your breath, we are always with you. 

Much love and joy is yours also whenever you are willing to accept it. 

[My comment: As you can tell, I have a situation that I am grappling with right now and was asking for some guidance.  I got what I needed in a very gentle, yet very strong way.]

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Message for Nov. 17, 2011

Question: Is there any message for us tonight?

We are here with you.  The pressure you feel is us. We don’t’ mean to cause you distress.  We are with you and trying to help you.  We can lessen the pressure if it is bothersome for you.

You are at an important juncture right now and can feel the push of energy that is building on the planet.  A great deal will be coming forth for you to deal with.
We are very pleased with your progress and know that everything on your “to do” list seems like too much.  It will all get done — or it won’t — so don’t be stressed about it.  We have long ago “forgotten” the day-to-day pressure of the Physical plane, so remember that if you feel we are pressuring you too much.  Just remind us to back off, OK? 

There will be ups and down and twists and turns in the road ahead.  This is normal and natural.  Do not become overly concerned.  When you are not sure which way to go — STOP.  Take time to check in with your Essence and let your intuition guide you to the right action — or lack of action.

Lots of people are feeling the pressure as you do and don’t have good grounding so be gentle with them and be gentle with yourself.  When you can, be a calm presence for others who are not as grounded as you are.  There is much need now for those who can remain calm in the center of the storm. 

Hold your long-term vision and deal with the day-to-day things as they come up.  Eventually, all will become clear.

There really is no rush or need to rush.  You do feel the pressure of dealing with the your current project and it should get wrapped up as soon as you can without overdoing it.  There will be a number of “obstacles” that arise, so know that those too will be worked out. 

This is a much larger project than even you are aware of right now. The longer term result will be very beneficial for many people so don’t get discouraged by the small things. Don’t let them seem to be bigger than they are.

It will all work out.  Stay the course, hold onto your own sense of what is right and, above all, be flexible and keep your sense of humor.

Take a break when you need to if that feels right.  There is no one whipping you to work so hard.

Priests tend to take on too much and you already know this.  So, again, be gentle with yourself and follow your heart.  Make time to have fun, laugh, etc. 

[I was relaxing into the energy at that point and I did not get any more messages after that.  I had mentioned before the listening practice that I have had sort of a headache for the past few days, and did feel Michael’s presence with a very clear message for me last Sunday that came through my crown chakra as a strong buzzing feeling.]

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Friday, October 28, 2011

How can we grow through Joy?

Someone mentioned they are reading the book Searching for the Light by Carol Heideman and Carol’s statement that light workers are part of a new experiment: “To create an entirely new path for growth with Joy, complete with new methods of spiritual evolution.”  We used that as the basis for our question.  A good one!

Question: How can we grow through Joy? 

Answer: You are Love.  You were born in Love, conceived in Love, made for Love and made of Love.

Love is your true nature and is the Essence of you — always.  Your physical world has taken on a culture of violence and it is not a necessary culture.
You can choose Love and you can choose Joy, if that is what you prefer to choose.

Many Old Souls are tired of the violence, the hatred and the fear that has been your “normal” way.  You, the Older Souls, are now in the majority and you have the power to shift your world to be one of more Love and more Joy.
Many of you are speaking out and speaking up.  You are starting to say “No More” to the old ways, as you seek to shift awareness and focus to more loving ways of being.  This is having a huge impact in your world already and is cheered on by your Essence.

Your Personality is not yet sure how to make the change completely and will take some work.

The more you can practice being and expressing Love in all your interactions, the more your Personality will feel safe and secure that it can cope with this new way.

You will have some work to undo many years and lifetimes of the old ways, so do not get discouraged if results are not immediately apparent.

Keep at it — no matter what.  You are the future of your world and it will change for the better as you all work together.

Little by little, like drops of rain, eventually, you will become the river of water that pushes to the ocean regardless of what stands in the way.  [I had a vision of how rain starts – little drops at first, then as they grow and gather together, the rain becomes flowing water, then creeks, then rivers, merging together and pushing past any obstacles, then larger & larger until they merge with the ocean.]

Yes, this is the new paradigm you are seeking.  As you go about your days, whenever a situation arises that could be dealt with by Love and Joy — or by fear and anger — make a conscious choice for Love and Joy.  Moment by moment is how you will change your world and how you are changing your world already.

By “you,” we mean each of you individually, all Michael students who are conscious and all Older Souls who seek a better world.

All is connected and you each help each other and draw support from each other.  And, you draw support form your guides, your Entity collective, your Entity mates and from all other levels that are available to you (Michael, Buddha, Jesus, the Infinite Soul, All That Is, etc.) — whatever you want to call all the “other” stuff.  [Ernest Holmes called it “the Ultimate Stuff.”]

Living and growing in Joy and Love does not make you weak or spineless.  You can still stand your ground and fight for what you want when necessary.  You simply act from the positive side instead of the negative side when a choice is available.

In every situation, you have a choice how to react, how to be, how to think, how to act and how to feel.

When you come from Love and Joy, your life will be smoother.  You have already seen this and experienced it many times.

When you have a chance, let others see or hear that you made a conscious positive choice and the results of that choice.  In that way, you teach by example.  Others who are seeking better ways will be drawn to you and they will learn how to do it.

Like the raindrops, you will all gather together to form a torrent that will become the “new normal” instead of the old way of fear.

We hold you in Love always.  Feel it, know it, see it, believe in it.

[Comments: After the call, I remembered that we had had a discussion in my Wednesday evening group about how to create through Joy instead of fear as suggested in Marianne Williamson’s book The Gift of Change, which we are studying for 6 weeks.  

When I pulled out Carol’s book last night, the first page I had clipped was “The School of Happiness.”  The skill levels for happiness are:
Level 1: Communication Skills
            Level 2: Relationship Skills
            Level 3: Problem-Solving Skills
Level 4: Decision-Making Skills
Level 5: Skills for Managing Abundance
Level 6: Leadership Skills (includes Teaching and Parenting)
Level 7: Flow Skills (expanding your capacity for Joy).
It goes on to say:  “Our primary reason for creating this ‘school curriculum’ is to help you to perceive happiness as a learned skill.”

   The second page I had clipped was “Law 7: The Law of Universality,” which is “All is available.  All flows around you at every moment, but you experience only what you prefer.  The Universe reflects you and you reflect the Universe.  All is.

Also, earlier in the day yesterday, I had pulled out the book The Toolkit for Happiness: Insights from Michael by Nancy O’Brien.  She describes it as “a guide to creating a lifetime of greater happiness” with lots of practical exercises how to do that. 

I also read José Stevens’ latest article after the call “The Origins of Fear: What if Fear Went Away?”
October 24-31: This is a busy time energetically as the wave that was invisibly collecting power is now ready to explode onto the shore once more. 
If you are the wave, it is time to show up in your glory and creativity, proactively choosing a new view as you cross the point of no return. 
  Many will need compassion during this time as they will feel lost and possibly feel loss as well.  Hold them in compassion without taking on their confusion.  Trust in Spirit and in the greater plan.  The small mind has no idea what the new view looks like.  The larger mind of Spirit does.  Your rudder in this turbulent ocean is your own anchor into your own intention, power and integrity.  Be certain of your own turning point, face the new view and laugh out loud
October 26: New Moon is at 1:57PM Mountain Daylight Time.  Do something to anchor something new.  Honor the greater Turning Point of the collective.  Celebrate the ending of something old and the beginning of something new!

Interesting synchronicity :) ]

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love is all there is

Question: What message do you have for me tonight? 

Answer: Love is truly who you are, who we are.  Love is the only force in the Universe and it is the basis for the expansion of the Universe.

Love creates.  Love heals.  Love protects.  Love dances with joy.  Love vibrates and fills any space and all space with itself.  

Love cannot be gotten rid of.  It can be denied and that is a choice by individual people.  Love can be cloaked and that is an individual choice also. 

Those choices don’t change the nature of Love or harm it in any way since it is all there is.  The choices of people to pretend it doesn’t exist are for their own growth and learning.

Allowing love to follow its own natural course is the easiest thing anyone can do.  The ‘pain’ of love comes only by denying its reality or refusing to allow it to fill all the ‘empty’ spaces naturally, for there are no empty spaces.  That is an illusion created as part of your “game” of life in the physical realm. 

Opening up your heart to love is as natural as breathing since it is the one force in the Universe.  Keeping your heart closed is the cause of pain, not opening it.  

Yes, there is grief at loss of a connection and that is part of the physical plane experience.  Opening up to the love, while feeling the loss, allows the love to do its healing work naturally.

The child (who we put in the healing circle before the meditation) has forgotten who he is.  His tender age and his growing awareness of himself as part of the world has caused him much confusion.  If he is helped by the right people, who can remind him how valuable and loved he is, he will heal his hurt and become a much stronger person.

This is a “wake up call” for him and his family.  How they weather this crisis of spirit will set their course as a family for many years to come.  

Your willingness to help remind them of the love available to them is a good thing. What they choose to do now is up to them.  Sending love to anyone as an offering is never wasted as they can take it in or not.  Do not try to force them to choose one way or another, as that interferes with their choice and their life.
When offered unselfishly, love can assist with much healing for you and for those who are offered love.  The example of Jesus is worth repeating.  He offered his love unconditionally and freely to everyone he met. 

That ability to love and offer love is part of what we teach and all Old Soul teachings offer.  

When coming from a place of love, you are the creator and stand in the glory of all that is.  There is so much more right with the world than is wrong with the world.  

We are pleased to be able to remind all who seek that they are deeply loved.
We leave you with a full heart and a peaceful mind.

~ Your entity ~ 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where are the Michael Teachings going in the next few years ...

Question: Where are the Michael Teachings going in the next few years and what is my role/out role in that growth? 

Answer: We are with you tonight.  We have a message of hope for the world and want to share it.  We have seen that our teaching has helped many, many people in your world to live a better life, to be happier, to have better relationships, to be more productive, to be more peaceful.

We do not tell you what to do, of course.  We have provided many people with ways to use the teachings.  Many have taken that information and used it in positive ways.

We expect to see more becoming interested as the stresses of life cause people to search for better ways.  This is a natural evolution.  As your world shifts to a more mature way of being and doing, more people are seeking to connect with each other.  More and more are opening up to their spiritual aspect and are questioning the older religions and older ways.

We do not want to create a new religion.  We do want to be available to those who can use the information we have to make their lives better.

When you operate from the positive parts of your personality, your life goes more smoothly.

This week, you have met people who want to share what they have learned with others and they come from a genuine desire to help others.

This is the most effective ways to share our teaching — to let others know what you know.  Not proselytizing or forcing it on anyone.  Listen for signs of someone seeking answers and offer what you can, where you can.

Your idea of a Michael Teachings library is a good idea and will be an excellent resource for many.  Collecting the information into a common place will help to open up the teaching for more to find it.

You have laid the groundwork and the work should continue as you have the time.  The others you are working with have ideas also.  There are resources you have not as yet explored simply due to the conflicts you have on your time.  That is just the nature of Growth.

Keep your vision clear and the Universe will conspire to assist you.  You already know this.  Trust it and amazing things will happen.  Do not be afraid of what people might thing — just follow your heart and your intuition and all will fall into place.  When the transcripts are ready and released, there will be a ‘gush’ of energy released.  That will ripple through the community and cause ripples outside the current Michael community.  More people will be drawn to see what’s going on.

Some of that attention will result in very positive forces coming to play.  It will also release some backlash, so be prepared for that and do not be afraid of it.  There is no need to worry about it.  Just be aware. 

Hold steady to your vision and all will unfold like magic.  It won’t seem hard and you don’t need to push anything or anyone.

Allow it to unfold easily, as it should.  Go where you feel called to go and follow your intuition and you will meet the people who can help.  There are many simply waiting for a “sign” for them to step forward and make more resources known to you.

You and your group and doing very well.  Many others are holding a vision for a better life.  You are all doing Good Work.

We hold you — all of you = with love and joy.

~ Michael and friends (your entity) ~

Footnote: The night before this, I woke up from a dream.  The hotel room was very dark and it felt as if a huge heavy pillow was covering my entire body, pressing down on me so it was hard to breathe.  I quickly told whatever it was to go away and immediately, the pressure lifted and I could again see the ambient light in the room.  I didn’t know what it meant at the time.  As I read what came through tonight, maybe that ‘dream’ or whatever it was, was just a reminder that when the pressure comes, to relax, just tell the darkness to go away and know that the light is always there. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw white light and I was feeling a deep indigo / twilight blue color that stayed with me.  I could feel the deep blue filling me and gently pushing me, as if we were going down an elevator with it.] 

Question: What are the physical stages of a non-violent death?

Answer: At the end, there is a deepening connection with Spirit and All That Is.  Some people are ready and welcome the transition because they are not afraid.
Others may be afraid or uncertain, and so as you have said, their body and their personality may cling to the hope that they won’t have to go.

Other have lessons to learn or “unfinished business” that they want to deal with or wrap up before they go.

So, the possibilities are many and varied.  There is no “one way” to go and each person can create their experience differently in each life.

Remember, the life is to be lived fully and completely.  Not a lot is gained by leaving the same way every time.

To answer your unanswered question, yes this is Michael answering with your entity as support. 

Your reluctance to ask for healing for XXXX is appropriate.  He is having his experience his own way and he is doing exactly what he needs to do.

Your willingness – you and your group – to ask these questions and be available to help those who ask is good work for all of you.  When your time comes, you will not be afraid and can help others who stay to also not be afraid.

Leaving in a fearful state takes some time to work through once they cross over.  As you know and many others have described, there is an “orientation” time – or more accurately, a “re-orientation” time to adjust to being free of the body.

Just as the spirit/essence needs “time” to adjust to coming into a physical body, it needs “time” to adjust to being without a body.  After orientation, there is “time” for “life review” and recapping and assimilating the lessons of the life just finished.

Eventually, there is new learning and resting and playing.  And, when it is time to get ready to come back again to the Physical Plane, there is training and planning and preparation work with those who will share the next life.  As in the physical realm, your essence will be “busy” at times, resting at times, playing at times and studying at times.

Life is like a river — it flows — sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly, sometimes over and sometimes under.  Always moving in some way and sometimes, seeming to be perfectly quiet.

We bid you a good evening and a wonderful journey — all of you who travel this space with us.

~ Michael and friends ~

Footnote: during the healing session, I had asked if I should do healing for someone I know who is dying, so that’s what the reference above is about.  When I asked, I had a strong sense that I should not send healing unless he asked, which he has not.  And, that if I did send healing, it would be against his wishes for the way he is doing his exit in this lifetime.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Gentle, Loving Reminder from Spirit

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw a rainbow colored light, moving, shifting, changing — splitting apart by color and wrapping the strands of color all around in a beautiful dance of light and energy.]

Question: What message is important for me tonight?

Answer:  Greetings from your entity.  Your rainbow light and vision is appropriate as it represents the variety of energy available to you any time you wish for it. 

Yes, things are shifting and changing all around you that allows for newness and creativity.  The rainbow is a symbol of that creativity as well.

Much is happening “under the surface” that will be coming forth over the next few months.  By the end of our year, you may look back in wonder at all the good things that have happened.  

There is a growing sense of positive awareness, hope and expectation of good things that will continue to grow.  Many people are feeling it and looking for outward signs to validate what they feel.  It is the inner feelings that will create the physical manifestation, not the other way around.

Do not be concerned if you don’t see the physical signs as it takes some “time” to become physical.  You can trust your inner sense, no matter what is happening in the physical world.

More and more “things” will manifest from your thoughts, more quickly than before, as the pace and frequency of he overall energy rises.
You can continue to do what you do as you do it, without consciously thinking about what “might” happen.

The more positive your thoughts, the better, as you already know.  Since you are not prone to “worry” as some are, we don’t need to warn you about the power of negative thinking.

For others, whenever you can help them to see the positive side of situations, the more good you can do for the world.

Negative energy slows down the progress of changes for individuals.  Where there is a great deal of negative energy, it can have a dampening effect on the overall movement of humanity.
Take time every day to appreciate all you have and the many blessing in your life.  Share your knowledge and wisdom wherever it feels appropriate.  Many people are seeking answers and you can provide a vehicle for them to find them.

As soon as you are able, follow through on sharing our messages as you have already started.  [My blog “Listening to Spirit”]  You know what to do.  It is just a matter of doing it.  The effort will give you as much enjoyment as those who are drawn to read the messages. 

Your life is full and rich and exactly on course where it should be.  Do not be concerned about things that have not happened as you wish.  There is a grand design at work and all will be revealed at the right time.  [This I believe was in response to my grousing today about not getting answers yet from someone.]

Blessings and much love from your entity and your higher self.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

How much influence do we have for our next life? What are the conscious ways we can choose our future lives?

Question: How much influence do we have for our next life?  What are the conscious ways we can choose our future lives?

Answer: [I felt the answer coming strongly before we finished with the healing circle, so started with that and did the healing later.]

We are here with you tonight.  We ride the waves of energy with you at all times.  We especially enjoy your work with your little group as it gives “time” to more deeply and consciously connect together with all of us focused in the same way.

We are your entity, as a collective, helping to support you, teach you, guide you and to speak through you as the opportunities arise.  You have noticed that more and more as you become more consciously aware of our connection.

We help with the healing work you do and are grateful for the focus on healing you do in your circle.

Your world is changing rapidly as you know, as you said earlier today, it is time for the elders to step forward and make their presence known and felt more deeply (** see footnote).

It is time.  The time you and so many others have waited for.  Right here, right now, in this moment is all the power and influence you will ever need.
To think about the future lives is an exercise of stretching your mind and energy forward in a positive way as it gives you an opportunity to expand your awareness, which is always good.

As you expand into the future, you bring back ideas, thoughts and feeling that can help you in your life now.

There are very many factors that go into choosing a “future” life and all that contains.

The primary choices happen between lives when you meet and confer with those other souls who will share the life with you.  Your parents, your children, your friends, your helpers, your teachers, your other “players” in your own game of life.

There are many, many choices to be made.  Your personality in this life is affected by your essence to some extent and it has its own agenda as well.
[I was starting to feel some resistance here.]  As humans, you like to be “in control” of your life.  That is part of the human experience.  

In truth, the personality is playing the game it was created to play.  It does not like to be told that it doesn’t have control so we will avoid that.  We will say that it can have influence though keep in mind that the “future” lifetimes will have different personalities and they may want to “do it their way” just as you want to do it your way this time.

 The dance is a mutual one between essence and personality so be careful not to put too much burden on the “choice” you might make today that might serve as a noose to a future personality.

We feel that you are receiving the intent of our message though your personality isn’t really liking it.

We won’t push the point too hard.  Trust that you do “get it.”

We leave you with much love and joy at your progress.  Many doors are opening now and much will come to you to make our life feel wonderful.

We bid you adieu until we meet again in your dreams.

For the healings, I wrapped them both in Love and safety and protection, and just let that be without trying to get any more.  

** Footnote: Last night, I sent a note to Hank Wesselman asking if I could use one of his articles for my website.  I got a response this morning, and when I wrote back to thank him for agreeing to let me do that, I closed with, “With all the challenges our world is facing, I believe it’s time for the “older souls” and the “elders” (physical or non-physical) to step forward and make themselves known to assist in making our world a better place.  We’ve held back for a long time and let the younger ones run things, and we can see that they now don’t know how to fix the messes they’ve created.  Thank you for all you are and for all you are doing to make the world a better place :)”

I was conscious of the words coming through me rather than being written by me.
I just finished reading Hank’s three books: Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker and Visionseeker.  Someone had highly recommended them to me earlier this year.   Once I started reading them, I didn’t want to put them down so was very tickled to hear from him in person and for him to agree to let me use one of his articles. 

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Who do I hear in the listening sessions?

Question: Who do I hear in the listening sessions?

Answer, with a playful feeling:

And so, tonight, we are here again with you.  You have asked who we are.  We are One and we are Many.  Your usual name for us is Michael and you connect to parts of us at different times.

You also connect with your own guides.  The several who you have worked with at different times.  You also connect to the one you know as Sam or Samantha originally though not as much as before.  [When I first started automatic writing many years ago, I asked for a name and they said I could call it “Sam” for Samuel or Samantha, whichever way I want to think about them.]

You also connect with others you have known in physical life before.

You remember your former boyfriend who became a guide until he/she came back in this life as someone you know.  You remember others who have come to be with you at different times.

You have contacted the “spirit” side of your task companion and your essence twin when those were appropriate. 

You can contacted “the chorus” as you used to call them — that is more in line with the Michael entity energy and your own entity energy coming through to you.
So the answer to your question is many and various.  You also connect to your own essence and to your higher self.

All of these are part of the Allness and its many permutations.

It is like trying to separate your toe from your foot.  Yes, there can be “names” for these bits and pieces but they are part of the whole physical body and all parts are connected. 

Even your physical body being separate is an illusion created to help you where you are now.  Energetically, you are connected to all else and to everyone else.
There is only One and you are part of us, just as we are part of you.

There is no magic line that separates us from you — only in your own mind can you imagine the separation.  It is the game you play where you are now.  When you are not in a physical body, you merge back into the Oneness and know that we are all One.

The physical world allows you to experiment with separation and gives you the opportunity to appreciate the parts for their qualities.  When you only see the Oneness, you miss the individualization aspects.

To appreciate the individuality is why this game was created. 

[At that point, I just relaxed into the pleasant feeling and felt very relaxed, like I could just stay there for a long time.  I’ve been working on a project this week and struggling with it, and was feeling sleepy and very tired before the session.  Several times this week, I’ve called for support to help me “get” what I was struggling with.  After our session, I feel wide awake and very energized, and also like I want to go to sleep so I can rest in that lovely energy some more during the night :)]

8/12/2011: more info from my morning meditation:

Good morning!  We are your entity greeting you.  We are so close to you and so connected to you that you don’t feel us as “different” so you forget that we are here.  You can think of us as “Purple” and think of Michael as “Blue.”  When you see those colors, know that we are here with you.

[Wow!  I also noticed that I use blue and purple as my color scheme in my home with green for accent, so I see those colors all the time all around me :) What a great visual reminder!]

Friday, August 5, 2011

What are “angels”?

Question: What are “angels”?

Answer: We are here with you tonight and welcome you to our circle.  You have asked for connection and we are bringing those you would call angels into the circle.

They are beings who have taken on the task of helping humanity in many ways. They now fill your circle with love and peace and deep joy.

They are accessible to you or anyone who asks.  They do not live physical lives as their primary focus though some do choose that path to gain experience for their helping work.

You may notice them in your dreams, your may feel their energy during times of need or you may occasionally “see” them with your eyes if you look in a certain way.

They wait, they watch and they respond to calls for help.

Many of your spirit guides or other off-planet “friends” may be considered as angels by some people.

To others, WE might be considered to be angels.  For the person you referenced [someone who posted a comment on the MT list that she was an angel], she is having a physical lifetime though her primary purpose is to be the caring, helping presence for those in need throughout most of her existence.

Your question is a good one and can help you open a new doorway of understanding to allow you to help others who may want to believe but are afraid the angels don’t really exist.  

They very much do exist and are an important part of the spiritual realm.  Every group of souls has some number whose job is to provide loving, caring support for others in the group.  [I had a vague sense at the side of my brain that there are some number of angels allocated in each entity/cadre, though couldn’t quite grasp the details.]

Many people — including yourself — have experienced angels and seen them and felt their present when they are needed.

If you relax and ask for them to visit with you, they are willing to do that now.

[So, I laid down and immediately heard the song “Amazing Grace” — one of my favorites — and “saw” them has a huge chorus. At first, it seemed like they filled an entire concert hall then I realized it was larger than that — as if I was standing in a valley surrounded by mountains and they filled the valley with their light and songs and energy.  
  They sang to me, rocked me and surrounded me with light feathery touches.  It was very pleasant and I didn’t want to come back when time was called.
Many years ago, when I was feeling like I was at the “end of my rope,” I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an angel standing at the end of my bed.  She was golden, surrounded by light and sort of “fuzzy” – I don’t know how to describe it.  As if she was there but not there in solid physical form.  I could feel the loving energy of others all around me.  It was enough to give me hope that I would get though that time.  And, of course, I did.]

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Friday, July 15, 2011

What can you tell us about the Virgin Mary sightings?

Question: What can you tell us about the Virgin Mary sightings?

Answer: For many people, the Virgin Mary represents Love and Motherhood and Purity and Innocence.  All are qualities that seem to have been pushed aside in the busy pace of life in today’s world.

Many people are familiar with the image of the Virgin Mary and so when they seek help, she is a comforting symbol for them.

Keep in mind that people will create whatever they need in the image compatible with their belief system.  

The veil is thinning between the physical world and the non-physical world, which allows for people to more easily reach out beyond themselves.

Imagine if you will how hopeless people might feel if they could not connect with or “see” something outside themselves.  Even if people say they do not believe in “miracles,” most really do secretly yearn for the feelings that come from connecting with All That Is.

The image of Mary in her Innocence, gives great hope and great comfort to many people even when they themselves do not have the physical experience of making the connection with her.

Baby Souls and Mature Souls are more likely to see the Virgin Mary than Young Souls, who tend to scoff at such ideas.  Older Souls will connect with images of a greater variety and a more diverse pool of possible visual “sightings.” 

The image is just that – an image, a symbol for the greater connection that is All That Is.

Anyone who seeks to connect can do it easily.  All that is needed is the desire to reach out.

Human bodies are built with an inherent connection that can be hidden by beliefs but cannot be disconnected [except through death] because without that connection, there would be no “soul.”  Without a soul, the human body cannot function.

The image of the man Jesus is another image that many people could connect with if they desired.  What holds that back is the religious dogma that people have been taught that only priests and such types are “good enough” to connect with Jesus.

Yet, many do connect with that image of Jesus though they do not tell others for fear that they will be ridiculed or not believed.

Again, the image is only a symbol.  The same energy is being reached whether it is called Mary or Jesus or Aunt Louise or God or Michael or any other name or label one might want to place on it. 

Everything is connected to everything else always and forever.

It has always been so and will always been so.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

About Aliens

Question: About aliens

Answer: I got sort of a laugh, with something like this:

Of course, they are all around you, occupying the same space.  Just as the Akashic Plane and the other Planes of existence are in the same space you are, so too are all sorts of other things that you can’t see.  They are operating at a different frequency than you are.  It takes a shift in your perception to see them.  Some people can do that.  If more wanted to learn how to shift their ability to see them, they could also see.  It’s no big deal.  Just like you share the same space with the air, the sun, dust, etc.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

How do we make the best use of the new moon and solar eclipse energy right now?

[Comments: When we started the meditation, as I connected with everyone in our little group, I noticed others coming in: close friends, family, friends, and then a whole huge group of people I know — too large to count and keep track of. 
I did the prayer for the fires and for Linda’s friend, wrapping them in love and safety and drawing in moisture to the fires to help rebalance the Earth.]

Question: How do we make the best use of the new moon and solar eclipse energy right now?

Be aware.  Be present.  We are with you all tonight.  What a large group of folks you have drawn in tonight. [I felt a bit of a chuckle at this as they noticed how large the circle had grown.]

Your life is changing and accelerating.  You already know this.  It will continue for some more of your years in Earth time.  The more flexible you can be, the easier your life will be.

Try to get “into the flow” and the rhythm of the changes so that no matter what happens, you still feel safe.  When you connect as you are tonight, you build and strengthen that web of support that helps you to feel safe and connected.  [I could visualize a huge web, like a gigantic spider web or sparkling safety net underneath our huge group.]

It is this web of support that will become more important to you as you depend less on external and physical things for your safety.  There are hard times coming for some people.  Those in this group have — for the most part — “done their time” and should not suffer as much as some others who have not yet had those experiences. 

Be careful to get good sleep and take care of your physical body as that is your vehicle for living the physical life.  Be aware of your own needs and your own weaknesses and do what you can to help your body stay healthy.  Keep your emotional, psychological and intellectual body well, too.  Pay attention to the stresses around you and don’t let yourself get caught up in other people’s karma [or drama]. 

Take time to love, to laugh, to feel silly, to feel joy and to experience beauty — every single day.  These will help you cope with the many demands that will be growing for older souls who will step into more and more leadership as the younger soul culture and way of living disintegrates.

Know deeply that things are moving exactly where they need to move.  Allow yourself to let go of whatever no longer serves you and help others to do the same.

The frequency of energy is rising.  Major new breakthroughs are coming and life will seem to be moving faster.  It is really [moving faster] as the frequency rises.  You will find it very exciting at times and sometimes may gasp in amazement at what seem like miracles.  This is part of the shift.  

Be very aware of the power you have for good and use it whenever you can.  The collective will benefit greatly as older souls “tune in” in positive ways. You have so much power that is yet untapped to make the world a better place. 

Watch not to allow negative thoughts or become afraid or worry, as your power can magnify the negative very much also.

[Pause.  I was out of paper, so started writing up the side.]

Bless you all for your diligence and persistence and commitment to doing what you are all doing.


[It was very nice energy and felt very, very supportive:)]


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Friday, June 24, 2011

What can you tell me about themes from past lives?

[Comments: When we started the healing session tonight, I immediately started doing an “energy dance” with my hands.  This is something that first started after I returned from Egypt in 1995.  It feels like the conductor in the movie Fantasia – using the color, light and energy to “conduct” an energy symphony.  Sometimes, I can hear music or feel like I actually become the music or the light or the colors of the energy.  When we were in Egypt, several of us could actually hear music in our ears in one of the temples, though there was no physical music present according to the rest of the group.  The energy dance comes spontaneously, sometimes when I’m doing shamanic journeys and more recently, when we did the monthly full moon fire circles in Washington.  

Anyway, I used that energy to dance, call in the group’s energy and then to wrap the group energy all around those in the healing circle, over and over and over until time was called on that part.

As we started into the listening, I first felt that the dancing energy was a form of healing from past lives.] 

Question: What can you tell me about themes from past lives?

We are here with you and you have felt our energy strongly tonight through your body and your movement.

You have used energy to heal many, many people including yourself.  You have been a dancer in Egypt as you remembered when you were there.

You used energy dances as a Native American shaman to heal the members of your tribe.

You have used energy in your monk lifetimes to draw in the healing presence for yourself and others.

You have been a teacher and a student of friends you know in this lifetime in past lives and blended your energies together in different ways to teach and to heal.

You have been in Switzerland and used your voice to call in Spirit energies for healing. 

You have been in temples and churches and other similar places to call in great energy through dance and physical movement. 

You have lived in jungles and deserts and mountains and plains – all over the world.  Where ever you were and what ever you were doing, you have used energy to help you in your life for most of your lifetimes.  

Your very early lives were about learning to be present and cope with the life.  You have had good parents and bad parents, no parents and foster parents, and many other family configurations.  In all of them, you were able to find ways to connect with All That Is.  It is what Priests do, even before you had any idea what Priest-ness was about. 

In most recent lifetimes, you have honed this natural ability so that you can call on it as needed or when asked to help someone.

When asked – as you know now – you immediately go into “healing mode” and connect with All That Is to pull in that healing energy.

As you move toward the end of your physical lifetimes, you will be using the entire entity as well to help support your healing work.  Your own healing ability is greatly magnified [by that entity connection] and you feel the surge even though it feels very gentle and very easy for you to do.


Rest – and allow it to heal you as well. 

[Comments: At that point, I laid down and let the energy wash over me, then used it to wash over each person in the circle several times, then moved to my family, close friends, etc. to give them an energy wash.  

As I mentioned on the call, for the Solstice, I attended a very special ceremony.  The leader is Native American and leads a drumming circle that I have attended several times.  For the Solstice, she brought Tibet bowls – about 75 of them in great variety - metal, crystal, alchemy.  She played them for us and talked about the bowls, how they are made, the different types, etc.  Then, she had each of us sit in front of a huge crystal bowl while she started it playing so that we each got an individual energy bath from it.  Afterward, she said the sound was different for each person because the bowl magnifies our own energy and plays our own unique “sound.”  There were about 50 people there so it took a while and we got to listen to each one.  After that, she let each of us choose a bowl and we got to play them as we formed a healing circle then played the bowls as each person asked for healing.  I had never played a Tibet bowl before or even touched one.  The small one that chose me had a very beautiful sound even though it was only about the size of my hand.  I was astounded at how beautiful the sound was when I struck it.  I’m sure that Solstice ceremonial energy was still with me for our listening practice.]

I'm very grateful to all of you for being part of this group. An extra big <<< THANK YOU >>> to our leader each each week. 


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What would be in my best interest to know right now?

[My comments" The energy felt very comfortable to me Thursday evening and a bit different than I have experienced before.  I was able to write comfortably and easily without the pressure or intensity that I sometimes feel.]

My question: What would be in my best interest to know right now?

Answer: We are here with you tonight.  We are a collective of Entity 6 to be with you tonight consciously.

You have connected with us before though not as aware of it as we are reaching you now.  You have felt our presence occasionally and yes, when you feel us, we are with you.

The Michael energy is also here - blended and mixed together with our energy so that you are receiving a unified message.

 We are here to support you and to teach you how to speak for us.  As you have been told, we have much to say and want a strong & honest vehicle through which to speak.

 Over the next weeks and months, you will be feeling our presence more and more as we work together to refine the messages and the skills to further develop our messages.

 Your life is very full and very busy.  That will continue though it will change in some ways gradually.  You will not feel stressed or overloaded and will eventually see the changes happening.

 You still have much to do and much to say that has been waiting a long for the right opportunity and receptiveness of those you will be reaching with the messages.

 A great deal of growth and development is needed before your audience is ready to hear.  This is a function of the evolutionary process.  It seems slow and it is.  People / souls / fragments need the time to work through their own issues and individual development before they are ready for the next step.

 Even after the messages have been delivered, it can take quite a while before people are really ready to hear.

 You already know this.  We are just reminding you and those who will see this, that it is the way things are.

 No matter how fast or how slow you may think it should be things happen just as they should happen.  The old saying, “There are no accidents” is still true and will continue to be true.

 When you feel the little “twitches,” it is just a reminder to connect and pay attention to what is happening around you.  It may be a warning or it may be simply a way to get your attention for some other reason.  You have notices these recently and wondered.  Now, you know what that is about.

 As your physical life changes over the next weeks and months, you will develop other habits to remind you to connect.  We will leave you with that and allow you to discover them – like opening a new present.  Have fun with it and enjoy the process of moving and upgrading and redecorating as a fun-filled adventure.
 All is well and you are greatly supported in all areas of your life.

 We leave you with this image:
 A beautiful garden with a pathway surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants.  Along the path are benches to stop & rest, alcoves to enjoy, grand vistas to enjoy, deep forests to enjoy, animals to be with you and little presents and fun surprises all along the path.  This is your life.

 As you come to each present, take time to relish and enjoy the journey.
Kathryn called time then.  I could have kept going easily for a while I think since the energy was flowing at a very nice comfortable pace.

[My comments about tonight’s session: I could see the little packages they described as wrapped in gold foil with beautiful ribbons and they seemed to be ‘lighting up’ as I got near to them.

 I’ve gotten the garden image off and on for more than 20 years, though not for a while.  It’s always a little bit different when it comes and always not when I expected it to come.  So, that must be a part of what they were showing me to recognize that I’ve connected this way with my entity’s energy before unconsciously in the past.

 In our previous listening practices, I never before consciously connected with the entity energy that I was aware of, so this was a special delight on this evening.  It was interesting the way that energy came mixed with the Michael energy also.  I can’t remember a past time when they specifically used the word “Michael” in messages to me either, so that was also different.

 When I did my platform reading this year, they mentioned that Entity 6 wanted to speak through me more in this new year and that will happen more after I move.  By the way, we opened escrow this week.  They referenced that move as part of what is happening “over the next weeks and months.”

 About the “twitches” they mentioned: I have felt off and on, sort of a muscle twitch in my left back shoulder blade area.  I had been told years ago that it came originally from a past life where I was stabbed in the back and I have used it to pick up negative energy around me.  Lately, I’ve noticed it twitching at odd times when it didn’t seem that there was negative energy around, so that was an interesting comment.   A very good session all around :) ]

[Comments: Saturday morning:
   I had some thoughts/feelings about the garden this morning as I was waking up.  It seems to be the “garden of life” or “garden of Eden” - the starting place of all life.  Each time I see it, it looks different because I’m different and because I see things differently as time goes on.

 I also felt like the “presents” are the high points in our life, our adventures, our trials and tribulations, our joys, our sadness, etc.  We can see them all as beautiful and as “presents” if we choose.]

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Waluva is a name that came to me one night as I was falling asleep. When I asked what it meant,I was told that it meant "bright light" so I decided to use it for this blog.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What kind of agreement do we have together and how are we serving each other in this work?

Question: What kind of agreement do we have together and how are we serving each other in this work?

Answer: You are called together to help each other deepen and expand your connection to All That Is and to each other.   

You have worked together in circles in other times and other places so you feel comfortable with each other.

Your ability to listen, to hear, to see, to feel together is deepening each week.
This practice helps to hold you steady all during the week as “life” surrounds and distracts you.  The practice helps you to remember who you are and why you came to this place in this time space.  You are here to help keep the energy connected and calm during times of great change and upheaval.

It is no accident that you were drawn together in this way.  As you know, you have many connections in your life that are activated as they are necessary. 

You will be together for a time and will eventually move on to other connections when the time is right.

For now, this is a very peaceful space where you can just be yourself without any outside pressure – something that each of you yearns for in your essence.
Signing up for this group has provided the structure for you to get the peaceful place when “life” might easily keep you constantly busy with other things.
All is unfolding perfectly.

The group and your work each is the goal.  Have no doubt that you are doing exactly what you need to do and you are all benefiting from this peaceful interlude in your busy lives.

We are with you at all times and you can call on us any time to help keep you steady if you feel the need.

Remembering to take time for yourself is very important to those who are healers and helpers for others.  Without a regular group commitment to each other for this group, you could easily find yourselves pulled constantly and neglect the quiet time that you each need to help you recharge and refresh your own energy.
We encourage you to each be fully present during the weekly calls and try to feel the quiet during times of stress – if only for a few moments.  It will be like a breath of fresh air and over time, you will notice how much better you cope with the day-to-day stresses of life that is constantly changing all around you. ---
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Friday, June 3, 2011

How do we maintain our inner connection to what’s important when the outer physical world is shifting?

Question: How do we maintain our inner connection to what’s important when the outer physical world is shifting?

Answer: Do what you are doing tonight.  Consciously and regularly connect to Spirit.  Do it daily if possible — maybe twice or more a day if you feel unsettled.

Connecting as you are in your little group is even more powerful because you bring in much more energy as a group.

The group magnifies and amplifies your own connection and helps to open new pathways.

The more you practice this, the better you get.  As you are able to be calm when others are unsettled, you provide an example for them.

You can share what you are leaning with others who are interested so that they too may make their own connection to Spirit and help themselves.  They, then, will tell others and the circles continue to ripple and expand like dropping a stone into a clear pond of water.  [I could “see” the clear pond, then the ripples as I got those words.]

You all have so very much power that you are barely tapping into as yet.
Use your balanced place to help lighten up the world around you with love and laughter as much as you can.

Do what you can, where you can.  [I’ve gotten this phrase many times over the past 20 years.] 

Be gentle with yourselves and gentle with others as much as you can.  Everyone who is unsettled will need all the extra support that you can give.

When things get lost, turn it into a game of “hide and seek” instead of getting angry or blaming yourself or blaming others.  Try to have fun with calling your lost items back to you.

Imagine your many parallels and possible paths coalescing into the best possible options for you and others.

Call on your spirit guides and your power animals to assist you during these times of change.  Allow them to share their power with you.  

Consciously, feel gratitude for all that supports you in the physical world.  Bless everyone and everything all around you every day.

Bless the sun.  Bless the air.  Bless the ground and the Earth.  Bless the warmth.  Bless the wind. Bless the birds and the trees and the animals and the oceans and the rivers.

Consciously, take time to marvel at the magnificent systems and structures you have built on your planet.  And, know that all you have built is temporary.  It will all change and evolve.  See it as just what it is today and let it become what it will become in the future. 

Know in your heart and in your soul that you are eternal.  Everything else is temporary and an illusion created to play the game of the physical universe.
In a few years, many of what you think is “permanent” will be gone and replaced by something much different and much better.

See your surroundings from that perspective and bless them for what they are and for all that they have given you.  Then, release them to something else that has not yet been created. 

Remember, no matter what the outer world looks like, all is well, always.  You are so much more than the physical body and presence in the physical world.  The Physical Plane is like a giant movie set — that can be dismantled, moved, changed, torn down, painted, re-painted, fixed up or completely re-created as the next script requires.

See it from a place of fun and laughter and the sheer joy of creating and everything will shift in your own perspective.

[About that point, time was called.  I was writing as fast as I could the whole time and it probably could have written much more.  My hand was getting tired so I just stopped.  This went almost 3 pages handwritten, probably the longest I’ve gotten yet.]

After that as people were sharing their experience I got a title “Listening to Spirit” — maybe a blog, a book and/or a collection of some type with the answers that come to us from the group that would be more public than just our little group.  Something to ponder.  
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