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12/15/2011: What are the energies coming up in the next few months to be aware of?

What are the energies coming up in the next few months to be aware of?

We are here with you tonight and at all times. 

Your cold is a sign of moving into higher planes (Astral) and is not something to worry about.  [I felt like air conditioning had kicked on and was very chilly all of a sudden as this came through.]

All is well on the larger scale of the universe.  You feel this in spite of the chaos that many others feel.

It is almost as if you world has split in two — those who are calm and peaceful, and those who are reeling in confusion.

The split is with the Soul Ages — those in the younger soul ages and those who are still asleep are feeling the chaos and uncertainty, not sure which way to go and why life (their life) is so confusing.

The older sols who have found a teaching — almost any teaching that brings in the Logos — are feeling more and more connected to their source, their god or whatever they feel is “All That Is” for them.

This split is likely to grow wider and wider over the near future until the Infinite Soul reappears.  We won’t say when that will happen.  You will know.  The energy of that is coming, for those who are aware are feeling the peace and love and balance that that energy brings. 

For others who are not calm, they are also feeling the energy as a big unknown and are frightened to their core by something they don’t understand and are afraid to acknowledge. 

Just as your thunderstorm are a “jolt” of energy, some are afraid of them and some are very excited by the energy of the storm.  [We had a big thunderstorm here tonight with lots of noise and lightening, no rain, just before the call.]
The current global energies are the same.  Some people are very afraid of the world global markets changing and others are excited by the possibilities for a true worldwide cooperative effort.

This is why you feel so “neutral” about the energy as you are gliding easily above the storm, watching it but not being thrown around by it.

Do pay attention to your dreams and your intuitions, as those are what give us the ability to reach you when you are not consciously seeking contact.

Yes, sometimes, we are more persistent than others, as this morning.  [They told me to turn around and go back home, and I found out something important I need to learn by doing that.]

You are getting better at listening and still sometimes don’t want to be awakened from your physical life to pay attention.  The personality wants to be tightly in control, though has lost the battle of total control so is now willing to compromise more than when we first tried to reach you.

The chaos will continue.  The volatility will continue for many more of your years.  “New normal” is a good way to put it and old souls are being called to step forward when the younger souls cannot cope with what needs to be done.
Your own life will be less chaotic and because of that, you and many others can be a big stability force for those who are struggling.  As the chaos becomes worse, people will be more willing to listen to the old souls who are calm and willing to share their wisdom. 

For the recent past, their wisdom has not been sought out nor respected.  That will change and the younger souls will realize what a mess they have made and will be glad for a steady presence to help resolve things that could never be resolved by younger souls. 

Old souls will become widely visible — much more than now.  Ancient wisdom will become more “popular” and will become more visible.  You are starting to see some of that and it will continue to grow as it is proven that those “old ways” really do work.  And, that grandparents and elders have a lot of wisdom to share that gets tangible results.

Continue to do your own growth work and study and meditation.  Your network will grow and become more solid.  

Good surprises will come so allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.  This is also part of the “new normal.”  Manifestation of desires is increasing and more abundance is easily available to you in many different forms. 

Listen to your inner knowing and it will guide you where you need to be and what you need to do. 

We are with you always, with much love, your entity. 

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