Friday, January 6, 2012

What skills and abilities did I bring to this life from past lifetimes?

Question: What skills and abilities did I bring to this life from past lifetimes?

Answer:  We are here with you — your entity and Michael for support.
You brought may skills from before — diplomacy, communications, rituals, compassion, writing, child-rearing, hospitality, grounding, connecting with All That Is, etc. You also brought in education and deep knowledge of how to create a good and comfortable life for yourself.

While you have had harsh lifetimes, those have not been the major focus of your lifetimes as they have been form some other people.  Yes, you have had hard times, but you have not been ill or destitute or living on the streets.

You brought a deep inner faith and knowing that you could maneuver through this life and find what you needed to be successful.  You may not have been conscious of that at times — your Essence was working to arrange your life for you so that now at your retirement, you are healthy, safe, comfortable and can enjoy the rest of your life with minimum stress or concerns about supporting yourself.

Because of this, you are able to help many more people than if you were constantly struggling. This is an Old Soul lesson also.  Old Souls are the leaders and way-showers for the rest of humanity. As you are calm and can create a good life, others can see that it is possible and you help to reduce the unnecessary stress around you. 

There is a “grand plan” and there are individual plans — all fitting together.  There is much choice about how and what and when and there is a great deal of work done by your Essence that you are not aware of.  Your Entity, Cadre and other Cadres are closely in touch to figure out how to move the planet forward in the best way.

On the physical level, you will see it happening and — if you pay attention — you can catch glimmers of what is being “discussed.”

All is well, so don’t stress about what and when and how.  Set your intentions and leave it up to us to make it happen.

Rest, relax and enjoy!

[At that point, I did just that — relaxed and floated in the nice warm energy until time was called.]

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