Friday, January 20, 2012

Any message from [recently deceased wife of a friend]?

Question: Any messages from [wife of a friend] after her transition this afternoon. 

[My crown chakra started buzzing before we even got into the meditation and by the time it was done, I was finished writing the message, then just sat in the quiet space until time was called.  I may even have dozed off – it was so peaceful there. ]

Answer:  Yes, I am here.  Thank you so much!  Your energy of the group is like a beacon of light calling out to me.

It was time to leave.  I am well and at peace.  It is both confusing and very comforting to be here.  There was a big group waiting for me, so know that I am very much loved and peaceful where I am.

They tell me there will be some adjustment and a re-orientation though that won’t take long, then I will go to the life review process.

I will be contacting [my husband] as he is receptive as he does the physical things that need doing after someone moves on.  Please send him my very deep love and let him know that “all is well” and we will be together again soon.

There is no reason to worry.  It will all go smoothly and I will help as much as I can from this side.  Please let him know that I am right next to him at all times and can feel his love so very deeply still. 

I feel very blessed to have spent my life with him.  He is a very beautiful soul.
Let him know that I am as close as his breath and even though I am no longer in a physical body, I am very much alive and very well in my spirit.  He can reach me through his heart or his mind at any time.

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