Monday, November 29, 2010

A vision of light and connection

Comments: I came on the call just as the listening started.  I was in my car sitting outside, just after seeing the new movie Burlesque, so I suspect that what I got was influenced by the huge emotional Artisan space I was in.

Anyway, I could “see” a huge ball of energy in the center of the circle with us holding hands around it..  The center was very bright, not hot, with light shooting up and out of it all around, with what seemed to me as the Earth was inside the energy ball.  I was thinking about the Universal Studios logo of the Earth except surrounded by and filled with huge light energy.  

 As the vision went on, more and more people joined the circle, until I had to pull way back to get a vision of it.  People were happy, singing, dancing, etc.  - thousands of them until I could not even see how many. 

 I did not write anything as I didn't have paper or pen in my car at that time. 

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Friday, November 26, 2010

We have a message of hope and encouragement for you.

[Comments: While we did the meditation, I could feel my scalp vibrating but didn’t pick up my pen until time was called.  The message was very focused.]

Question: What message do you have for me tonight?
  We are here tonight with you.  We have a message of hope and encouragement for you.   

When it seems that things on your planet are hopeless and getting worse at times, know that you are supported by many souls.  

 There is so much love for you that you cannot even imagine.

 Your world is moving forward and you will be able to see positive changes if you look for them.

 Pay attention to the signs of changes and every time you notice a change, remind yourself that this is positive.  Allow yourself to feel the positive energy and let it surround you completely.

 Please, be hopeful.


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Friday, November 19, 2010

What is important to know about the group at this time?

[Comments: When I participate in the calls, I usually close my eyes, feel the energy of the circle and hold it as an “open” space of love and peace, allowing whatever is to come through to come through.  This is the same technique I use in meetings or other groups when I’m called to assist in helping hold the energy for good things to happen.
    When we did the visualization, I could feel the light and the energy of the circle vibrating and could feel it coming through my hands.  I don’t usually pay attention or try to “get” who I’m connected to.  Tonight I was very aware of who was where.
    When we started to listen, I wrote a full page (see below).  As we started to open to the question, I felt a strong flash/flush of heat starting in my head and then spreading down through my body - somewhat like a hot flash, but different in feeling.
     As I wrote, the heat dissipated so that by the time we came back to report what we got, I was cool again.]

Question: What is important to know about the group at this time?

This group is a cell, a dot, a speck if you will of a major movement forward in the evolution of your planet.  You and each member of the group have chosen to step forward to be a leader in moving the energy forward.  Others - many others - are doing this in various ways that may look like your efforts or may look completely different.  No matter.  All is good work and all is important work.  Others will join in later.  Some will be carried forward easily.  Some will resist and come later.

Like a river heading to the ocean, there is no turning back.  Forward is the only way and there are many channels and ways to reach the ocean.  

 The metaphor of the ocean represents a vast moving body of energy that covers your physical planet.  The Allness of the One Energy is similar to your oceans - all connected, yet sometimes calm and sometimes seeming to be stormy or rough.  At the depth [of the ocean], all is still and calm.

It is only the surface that vibrates and seems rough.  Within the Oneness is All That Is.

However you interact with the move toward the ocean of Oneness is just right for you as each has their own unique role to play in the movement All is well.  All is alive and all is moving as it should be.

Peace to you and to your group.

That is all for now.

[Comments: As I got that message, I could “see” a visual of the Earth with the beautiful blue oceans covering the Earth, as if looking from space back to Earth, similar to the astronaut or satellite photos.  And, I could see up close as ocean waves, rivers, rain and many other forms of water moving in the myriad ways that it moves on the Earth.  I could feel the deepest part of the ocean as very calm and feel how vast that energy is.  This was a different one for me as I don’t often get “pictures” when I listen/write.
   I slept very well, with lots of dreams though I could only remember a couple little snippets of names when I woke up.  I did wake up at 1:11 AM and was very aware of the Oneness at that time and the numbers as a symbol of Oneness.]

About this blog: “Why are we here?”