Monday, November 29, 2010

A vision of light and connection

Comments: I came on the call just as the listening started.  I was in my car sitting outside, just after seeing the new movie Burlesque, so I suspect that what I got was influenced by the huge emotional Artisan space I was in.

Anyway, I could “see” a huge ball of energy in the center of the circle with us holding hands around it..  The center was very bright, not hot, with light shooting up and out of it all around, with what seemed to me as the Earth was inside the energy ball.  I was thinking about the Universal Studios logo of the Earth except surrounded by and filled with huge light energy.  

 As the vision went on, more and more people joined the circle, until I had to pull way back to get a vision of it.  People were happy, singing, dancing, etc.  - thousands of them until I could not even see how many. 

 I did not write anything as I didn't have paper or pen in my car at that time. 

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