Friday, September 3, 2010

About this blog - Why are we here?

Last year, I joined a group of friends for weekly meditation sessions. As we became more comfortable with the process, I began to connect to Spirit in a deeper way.

Over time, I began to receive messages for myself that helped me a great deal. And, others became interested in learning about the messages I received.

With the world in a constant state of change, some of these messages may be helpful to others.

Toward that end, I've created this blog to share them more publicly.

During one of our sessions in June 2011, the title "Listening to Spirit" came to me, with the thought - maybe a blog or a book or a more public way to share what is coming from Spirit in our weekly listening practice.

I will be going back and posting the older weekly listening as I have time, so check back again.

May you recognize the Spirit that is with you at all times.

Barbara Taylor

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