Friday, October 1, 2010

What are practical ways to express agape in one’s life?

Opening comments:
 A reminder to BE PRESENT.  Allow the heart and mind to open.  Feel the energy as it surrounds you and flows through you.  Allow the connection with the others to grow and build.
   There is much to be shared and much to be learned by the process you call “listening.”  For all of you, there will be many more opportunities to use this skill than you might now see and understand.
   Don’t be afraid of it; just allow it to come and to evolve.

Question: What are practical ways to express agape in one’s life?

 Be kind.  Whatever you do and where ever you are — take time to be kind.  

 When faced with challenge from another, step back.  Don’t fight.  Take a deep breath.  Allow yourself to pause and find a way that is other than fighting back.  Try to see other ways a conflict can be resolved, other than fighting.

 When you feel hurt, pause.  Reflect on how YOU are feeling.  Accept responsibility for your own feelings.  Don’t strike back.  Take time to see the other person’s viewpoint and how they may feel.  Breathe deeply and release any hurt.  See the other person through a veil of kindness rather than a veil of anger.

 They are you — they are another part of you.  How can you be gentle with this other part of you?

 We realize this may take practice and may not catch on right away.  Keep trying.  You will have many opportunities to practice.

 Pay attention to your thoughts.  Ask yourself, “How can I see this situation from the lens of kindness?”

 If you do that — every time you succeed in being kind when before you might not — it will change you.  And, that will change your world.

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