Thursday, June 27, 2013

What message do you have for us tonight?

We are here with you tonight and always. 

You are ALL connected.  You know this and have seen even more realization of this in your own life this week.

Much change is happening as we have told you.  Under the surface is much more to come.  You have seen a few signs of the changes this week in the outer world.   This is just the tiny tip of an iceberg of change that will be seen in your physical world in the coming days, months, years and decades.

Old ideas are melting away.  Some will go easily.  Others will take time and may feel like a struggle.  Many will seem magical and mystical.

Regardless, you each can allow  yourselves to be flexible when things change.  Do your own work — clear your energies, release unneeded things and habits and beliefs consciously so that you are not bound tightly to old rigid patterns.

Rejoice in the newness.  Take time every day to appreciate your world, your joys, your life as it is. And, as it is becoming.

You are all here for a reason. As you encounter others who are feeling pressured or confused or overwhelmed, you can help them to relax into the change.  Each of you has a part of play in the unfolding drama of your earthly life.

Enjoy the adventure you came here to play!

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