Friday, February 24, 2012

For those who are normally balanced, why do they go out of balance?

Question: For those who are normally balanced, why do they go out of balance?
We are here tonight.  We are here whenever you call us or call on us.

Balance is the state of the Universe and if all was balanced at all times, there would be no growth, no movement, nothing to do or learn.

Balance is a perfect state of wholeness AND it is a temporary state.  The original Tao was very balanced and very boring.

So, a game was devised to create more fun, more excitement, more interesting things to help the Tao expand and grow.  Growth comes from imbalance and it generates itself to break up the monotony of perfection.  

Yes, it is a dichotomy and a paradox:  To be perfect and to be imperfect at the same time.  To be balanced and to be unbalanced at the same time.  To be whole, perfect and complete while seeking wholeness, perfection and completeness. 

What causes you to go out of balance?  Your Essence, of course.  If you are in Growth and have not been learning new things, your Essence will set up situations to help you do some growth.  Or, it will create new situations for you to experience.  Or, it will bring new people into your life.  Or, it will shift things around to remind you what you should be doing to satisfy your life task. 
Or, it will trigger events to help you achieve some goal that you may not be consciously aware of in your personality. 

Your Essence is very, very, very powerful — much more powerful than your personality.  In many people, the Essence sort of “sleeps” a lot until the person gets through life to a place where they are ready for major growth work, then it will start to exert its influence more strongly.   Once you start on a course of personal growth, your Essence is much more fully engaged with you and helping you get where you want to go.   

Remember, before you came to the physical plane, you wrote out a “script” for what you planned to do here, the people you planned to meet and the things you wanted to accomplish. 

As you go through your physical life, you set up “triggers” and “reminders” that would activate to accomplish certain things.  You have long ago “forgotten” that plan, which is the way physical lives work.  

What fun would it be if you knew everything that was going to happen and why? You also set up “choice” points and “exit” points in your life.

So, when it seems things are “out of balance,” you have come to one of those “choice” points or “trigger” points or “reminder points or “exit” points. 

You may feel them at the time or you may look back at them later and become aware of them. 

Regardless, your life is always working either: 1) according to your original plan, 2) according to a change of plans, which you can choose to do, or 3) getting ready for a new chapter to begin or an evolution to start or new growth to occur. 

Whichever it is, you are always guided by your own guides/angels or whatever you call them, and your Essence is working on your behalf — UNLESS — you are so out-of-touch with your Essence that your personality (or dragons / obstacles) have taken control.

In your personal case, your Essence is in control now so don’t worry.  As Lena said, just put it all down and deal with what is in front of you (*) and don’t worry or imagine or create negative situations where there are none.

Be well.  Be happy.  Be Love.  Be rested and engaged fully in what you are doing.

We are with you always.

~ Michael & your entity ~

* Power Path: Lena Stevens, new moon forecast: 2/21/2012 (excerpt):
. . .  If you have been struggling with something that has you constricted and confused, this would be the time to let go, unweight your position and give it over to Spirit so you can turn towards another, new and better direction.  Whatever it is, let it go.  Whatever has you sleepless, let it go.  Whatever you are trying to problem solve with your mind, let it go.  Whatever you are worried about, let it go.  Whatever you experience as being difficult, restrictive, full of suffering, pain and unresolved, let it go. . . .  

Friday, February 17, 2012

What will the release of the transcripts mean to the Michael Community?

Question: What will the release of the transcripts mean to the Michael Community?
The main release will allow many students to see, read, learn and know what actually happened back then.  There won’t be the fictional story any more.   

They will be able to see the truth in all its faults, and see that the group was a group of ordinary people struggling with life and searching for answers just as many students do today.

It may be a shock or a jolt for some people who may have created their own stories or illusions about what went on then.  It will also provide a rich resource for those who wish to study the transcripts in depth as we have recommended as one of the key things to do: study, meditate, fast and concentrate.

And, it will release the “cloud” that has caused many people NOT to share things in the past out of fear.  This teaching should not be shrouded in fear.  That is the last thing we would wish to happen.

There are so many people who could use this information that have not yet found it.  We do hope that it will find its way to those who seek answers and help to alleviate the rampant feat that seems to pervade your planet.

Fear holds you back and causes the wars that have done so much damage.  You and other older souls can help the younger souls to see that warfare is one way to handle problems — not the only way to resolve conflict.

Love is the highest truth and truth is the highest good.  Our message is really simple.  If people are willing to love more and fear less, their lives can be much better.

Yes, we are here with you tonight and every night, or every day, or when ever you wish to connect with us.

And, to continue, there may be some “backlash” from students who do not wish to know the truth for their own reasons.  There is a counter negative force to complement the positive force, and it is all just fine.  Do not become stressed or distressed by any of it.  It is all illusion and maya, so do what you know is right and walk in truth.  Do what is right and your life will be blessed with many good things.

Do not become “worried” about what “might” happen.  That is not your concern, and even if it were, you can’t control anyone else or what they decide to do.  You can only control yourself and what you do, and even then, you don’t have total control — as you know.

Do your best and that is all that is needed or required.  Everything else will evolve as it should.  The right people and resources will show up to support you, so do not “worry” about that either.

It is all good and you are exactly where you should be, doing what is right for you.

All is well.  Many blessings to your little group and your transcripts working group.  You are all doing very good work.  Enjoy your life each day and keep on keeping on as you have been.

~ Michael & friends ~

Friday, February 10, 2012

What are the possible outcomes of the situation [name removed] is dealing with?

Question: What are the possible outcomes of the situation [name removed] is dealing with?
We are here tonight with you.

There are many possible outcomes, as is almost always true.

The most likely that we see is that the judge calls in the Child Support people and orders the child removed from the bad situation.  We feel the judge is weighing the options now to make the right choice.

[Name removed] has the option to contact the judge with her concerns about the children.

Other options that seem less likely are that nothing is done and the karma is not resolved.  Clearly, the child’s welfare is an issue.  

Sometimes — and this will seem very cruel, we know, to you — the karma gets played out in front of you and you cannot stop it — no matter what you (Marion) try to do. 

We feel this is a lesser probability since the judge seems to be taking this case very seriously.  Wheels of justice turn slowly and government employees can be slow to act for many “reasons.”

Our suggestion to [name removed] is to do what she feels is right for the child and the children to the very best of her ability. 

Beyond that, she cannot control the situation or make it go away or stop.
There are a great many forces at work in this and it is a very complex bit of business to grapple with. 

As the older soul, [name removed] has a great deal of power and influence — much more than she realizes.  She is doing very good work and we commend her ability to do the work she is doing.

She has helped many people and will continue to help many people.  It is not an easy task that she has set out to do in this lifetime and many are benefiting from her willingness to go into such “troubling” situations.

We are with her at all times to provide what support she needs as she walks a fine line through a minefield of nastiness.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

What message do you have for me tonight?

Question: What message do you have for me tonight?

All is well.  Everyone is exactly where they need to be tonight.

Yes, the energy is moving and moving very quickly.  Times such as these can be glorious if you are willing to flow with what shows up.  They can be very stressful if you try to hang onto what was before.

The more you can allow yourself to move, the easier your life will be.  The more you can share your learnings, the easier it will be for others.

Many things will be changing all around you.  Allow yourself to be enthusiastic when you hear or learn of changes.

It is all part of the necessary movement of your planet to the next stage of evolution.

Be compassionate and patient with those who are afraid or struggling.  Do not judge them – that will only add to their stress.

Do your daily exercises and practices that we gave last time.  Those are very important to remember.

Use all the tools you have already, and seek out new tools and new ways of doing things.

BE in the flow of All That Is Moving and ride the change like a surfer riding the high waves.

We are only reminding you of what you already know.

It is easy to forget when the “physical life” takes over your body and your life.  That is how it is supposed to work.  Part of the “Game of Life” is learning how to be in your physical body completely so that experience all of life and learning how to rise above it to connect with All That Is.

When you are able to do both, you are increasing both your physical self’s experience and your spiritual self’s experience.  Both can expand and grow in that way and learn from each other so that you become a more multi-faceted being than someone stuck in one or the other.

We give you love and comfort and good wishes for a fun journey.  Enjoy it!!  It is your own unique and wonderful journey.

Your entity.