Friday, February 24, 2012

For those who are normally balanced, why do they go out of balance?

Question: For those who are normally balanced, why do they go out of balance?
We are here tonight.  We are here whenever you call us or call on us.

Balance is the state of the Universe and if all was balanced at all times, there would be no growth, no movement, nothing to do or learn.

Balance is a perfect state of wholeness AND it is a temporary state.  The original Tao was very balanced and very boring.

So, a game was devised to create more fun, more excitement, more interesting things to help the Tao expand and grow.  Growth comes from imbalance and it generates itself to break up the monotony of perfection.  

Yes, it is a dichotomy and a paradox:  To be perfect and to be imperfect at the same time.  To be balanced and to be unbalanced at the same time.  To be whole, perfect and complete while seeking wholeness, perfection and completeness. 

What causes you to go out of balance?  Your Essence, of course.  If you are in Growth and have not been learning new things, your Essence will set up situations to help you do some growth.  Or, it will create new situations for you to experience.  Or, it will bring new people into your life.  Or, it will shift things around to remind you what you should be doing to satisfy your life task. 
Or, it will trigger events to help you achieve some goal that you may not be consciously aware of in your personality. 

Your Essence is very, very, very powerful — much more powerful than your personality.  In many people, the Essence sort of “sleeps” a lot until the person gets through life to a place where they are ready for major growth work, then it will start to exert its influence more strongly.   Once you start on a course of personal growth, your Essence is much more fully engaged with you and helping you get where you want to go.   

Remember, before you came to the physical plane, you wrote out a “script” for what you planned to do here, the people you planned to meet and the things you wanted to accomplish. 

As you go through your physical life, you set up “triggers” and “reminders” that would activate to accomplish certain things.  You have long ago “forgotten” that plan, which is the way physical lives work.  

What fun would it be if you knew everything that was going to happen and why? You also set up “choice” points and “exit” points in your life.

So, when it seems things are “out of balance,” you have come to one of those “choice” points or “trigger” points or “reminder points or “exit” points. 

You may feel them at the time or you may look back at them later and become aware of them. 

Regardless, your life is always working either: 1) according to your original plan, 2) according to a change of plans, which you can choose to do, or 3) getting ready for a new chapter to begin or an evolution to start or new growth to occur. 

Whichever it is, you are always guided by your own guides/angels or whatever you call them, and your Essence is working on your behalf — UNLESS — you are so out-of-touch with your Essence that your personality (or dragons / obstacles) have taken control.

In your personal case, your Essence is in control now so don’t worry.  As Lena said, just put it all down and deal with what is in front of you (*) and don’t worry or imagine or create negative situations where there are none.

Be well.  Be happy.  Be Love.  Be rested and engaged fully in what you are doing.

We are with you always.

~ Michael & your entity ~

* Power Path: Lena Stevens, new moon forecast: 2/21/2012 (excerpt):
. . .  If you have been struggling with something that has you constricted and confused, this would be the time to let go, unweight your position and give it over to Spirit so you can turn towards another, new and better direction.  Whatever it is, let it go.  Whatever has you sleepless, let it go.  Whatever you are trying to problem solve with your mind, let it go.  Whatever you are worried about, let it go.  Whatever you experience as being difficult, restrictive, full of suffering, pain and unresolved, let it go. . . .  

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