Thursday, February 2, 2012

What message do you have for me tonight?

Question: What message do you have for me tonight?

All is well.  Everyone is exactly where they need to be tonight.

Yes, the energy is moving and moving very quickly.  Times such as these can be glorious if you are willing to flow with what shows up.  They can be very stressful if you try to hang onto what was before.

The more you can allow yourself to move, the easier your life will be.  The more you can share your learnings, the easier it will be for others.

Many things will be changing all around you.  Allow yourself to be enthusiastic when you hear or learn of changes.

It is all part of the necessary movement of your planet to the next stage of evolution.

Be compassionate and patient with those who are afraid or struggling.  Do not judge them – that will only add to their stress.

Do your daily exercises and practices that we gave last time.  Those are very important to remember.

Use all the tools you have already, and seek out new tools and new ways of doing things.

BE in the flow of All That Is Moving and ride the change like a surfer riding the high waves.

We are only reminding you of what you already know.

It is easy to forget when the “physical life” takes over your body and your life.  That is how it is supposed to work.  Part of the “Game of Life” is learning how to be in your physical body completely so that experience all of life and learning how to rise above it to connect with All That Is.

When you are able to do both, you are increasing both your physical self’s experience and your spiritual self’s experience.  Both can expand and grow in that way and learn from each other so that you become a more multi-faceted being than someone stuck in one or the other.

We give you love and comfort and good wishes for a fun journey.  Enjoy it!!  It is your own unique and wonderful journey.

Your entity.

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