Friday, February 10, 2012

What are the possible outcomes of the situation [name removed] is dealing with?

Question: What are the possible outcomes of the situation [name removed] is dealing with?
We are here tonight with you.

There are many possible outcomes, as is almost always true.

The most likely that we see is that the judge calls in the Child Support people and orders the child removed from the bad situation.  We feel the judge is weighing the options now to make the right choice.

[Name removed] has the option to contact the judge with her concerns about the children.

Other options that seem less likely are that nothing is done and the karma is not resolved.  Clearly, the child’s welfare is an issue.  

Sometimes — and this will seem very cruel, we know, to you — the karma gets played out in front of you and you cannot stop it — no matter what you (Marion) try to do. 

We feel this is a lesser probability since the judge seems to be taking this case very seriously.  Wheels of justice turn slowly and government employees can be slow to act for many “reasons.”

Our suggestion to [name removed] is to do what she feels is right for the child and the children to the very best of her ability. 

Beyond that, she cannot control the situation or make it go away or stop.
There are a great many forces at work in this and it is a very complex bit of business to grapple with. 

As the older soul, [name removed] has a great deal of power and influence — much more than she realizes.  She is doing very good work and we commend her ability to do the work she is doing.

She has helped many people and will continue to help many people.  It is not an easy task that she has set out to do in this lifetime and many are benefiting from her willingness to go into such “troubling” situations.

We are with her at all times to provide what support she needs as she walks a fine line through a minefield of nastiness.


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