Friday, February 17, 2012

What will the release of the transcripts mean to the Michael Community?

Question: What will the release of the transcripts mean to the Michael Community?
The main release will allow many students to see, read, learn and know what actually happened back then.  There won’t be the fictional story any more.   

They will be able to see the truth in all its faults, and see that the group was a group of ordinary people struggling with life and searching for answers just as many students do today.

It may be a shock or a jolt for some people who may have created their own stories or illusions about what went on then.  It will also provide a rich resource for those who wish to study the transcripts in depth as we have recommended as one of the key things to do: study, meditate, fast and concentrate.

And, it will release the “cloud” that has caused many people NOT to share things in the past out of fear.  This teaching should not be shrouded in fear.  That is the last thing we would wish to happen.

There are so many people who could use this information that have not yet found it.  We do hope that it will find its way to those who seek answers and help to alleviate the rampant feat that seems to pervade your planet.

Fear holds you back and causes the wars that have done so much damage.  You and other older souls can help the younger souls to see that warfare is one way to handle problems — not the only way to resolve conflict.

Love is the highest truth and truth is the highest good.  Our message is really simple.  If people are willing to love more and fear less, their lives can be much better.

Yes, we are here with you tonight and every night, or every day, or when ever you wish to connect with us.

And, to continue, there may be some “backlash” from students who do not wish to know the truth for their own reasons.  There is a counter negative force to complement the positive force, and it is all just fine.  Do not become stressed or distressed by any of it.  It is all illusion and maya, so do what you know is right and walk in truth.  Do what is right and your life will be blessed with many good things.

Do not become “worried” about what “might” happen.  That is not your concern, and even if it were, you can’t control anyone else or what they decide to do.  You can only control yourself and what you do, and even then, you don’t have total control — as you know.

Do your best and that is all that is needed or required.  Everything else will evolve as it should.  The right people and resources will show up to support you, so do not “worry” about that either.

It is all good and you are exactly where you should be, doing what is right for you.

All is well.  Many blessings to your little group and your transcripts working group.  You are all doing very good work.  Enjoy your life each day and keep on keeping on as you have been.

~ Michael & friends ~

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