Thursday, November 17, 2011

Message for Nov. 17, 2011

Question: Is there any message for us tonight?

We are here with you.  The pressure you feel is us. We don’t’ mean to cause you distress.  We are with you and trying to help you.  We can lessen the pressure if it is bothersome for you.

You are at an important juncture right now and can feel the push of energy that is building on the planet.  A great deal will be coming forth for you to deal with.
We are very pleased with your progress and know that everything on your “to do” list seems like too much.  It will all get done — or it won’t — so don’t be stressed about it.  We have long ago “forgotten” the day-to-day pressure of the Physical plane, so remember that if you feel we are pressuring you too much.  Just remind us to back off, OK? 

There will be ups and down and twists and turns in the road ahead.  This is normal and natural.  Do not become overly concerned.  When you are not sure which way to go — STOP.  Take time to check in with your Essence and let your intuition guide you to the right action — or lack of action.

Lots of people are feeling the pressure as you do and don’t have good grounding so be gentle with them and be gentle with yourself.  When you can, be a calm presence for others who are not as grounded as you are.  There is much need now for those who can remain calm in the center of the storm. 

Hold your long-term vision and deal with the day-to-day things as they come up.  Eventually, all will become clear.

There really is no rush or need to rush.  You do feel the pressure of dealing with the your current project and it should get wrapped up as soon as you can without overdoing it.  There will be a number of “obstacles” that arise, so know that those too will be worked out. 

This is a much larger project than even you are aware of right now. The longer term result will be very beneficial for many people so don’t get discouraged by the small things. Don’t let them seem to be bigger than they are.

It will all work out.  Stay the course, hold onto your own sense of what is right and, above all, be flexible and keep your sense of humor.

Take a break when you need to if that feels right.  There is no one whipping you to work so hard.

Priests tend to take on too much and you already know this.  So, again, be gentle with yourself and follow your heart.  Make time to have fun, laugh, etc. 

[I was relaxing into the energy at that point and I did not get any more messages after that.  I had mentioned before the listening practice that I have had sort of a headache for the past few days, and did feel Michael’s presence with a very clear message for me last Sunday that came through my crown chakra as a strong buzzing feeling.]

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