Thursday, April 18, 2013

How can we work with the devic energies?

We are here with you — as always — as close as your breath, as interconnected as your thoughts and feelings.

Every time you appreciate a flower or a tree, you are connecting to the devic energy whether consciously or completely unaware.

Whenever you feel the vastness of the Universe or say “thank you,” you are connecting with All That Is.  The various realms have particular focuses.  The devic energy is related to plants; the shamanic energy is related to the power of nature, etc. 

It is all the same energy — there is no separation except when you choose to focus on one part or another.

How can you use this energy?  Very simply, be aware of your connections.  Notice the flowers, the trees, the birds, the animals.  Be aware of their qualities.  Be grateful for the abundance and the magical synchronicity of the physical life of all kinds on your planet.

Share your awareness where it seems appropriate with others who may be seeking answers.

As more are aware, the awareness of the connection between all things increases.  When you operate from that expanded awareness, you affect others and you affect the entire pattern of life.  Make no mistake about thinking that you are only one persona and are not important in the large picture. Each of you has far more power for good than you can possibly imagine.  The reverse is also true.

Use your power wisely and with great respect.  YOU — each of you — are All That Is.

Think on this and allow it to grow into your awareness.  Your coming gathering is an event that will be very powerful for all of you and will help to affirm your own sense of power in the physical world.

Keep your thoughts and feelings and actions positive, and let your essence play with those who are on the same path you are.

YOU are the light of the world, shining brightly in the darkness.

[At that point, I went to asleep until time was called.]

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is there any preparation that would be good for us to do before our upcoming Michael gathering/conference?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Your conference is an essence driven event. Each of you look forward to the deep and profound essence contact that happens at each conference.

What you can do is prepare yourself in the most positive way to remove and release any life stresses in advance so that you can allow yourself to be fully present at the gathering of souls.

Set your own personal intention for a time of deep love and deep sharing while you are there.

Your intention, along with the intention of each person there, sets the tone for the events.  

When you are clear, each of you, that you wish to have a  joyous, loving event, that is what you experience.  You already know this.

You can — and should — use such intention setting for any event you may attend or any situation you enter into.  Your experiences are the result of your intentions. They can also be the result of your fears, your ambivalence or your confusion.  So be clear and be love as much and as often as you can — Now for this upcoming event and as a habit to develop for your life. 

Your life is filled with many experiences that you learn from.  You can learn through JOY, you can learn through fear and you can learn through other ways.
We suggest that the path of love and joy are the easy ways.

Regardless of which way you choose at any moment, you continue to learn and experience constantly.  That growth never stops.

We remind you that we are with you and we are you — there is no separation, only the illusion of separation on the physical plane. 

~ Your Entity ~

[After the message, I closed my eyes and rested in the feeling of it for about another 10 minutes.  I felt my crown chakra buzzing before the meditation started and it continued to buzz after we started sharing. As I started to write this, it started buzzing again.  ]

About this blog: “Why are we here?”

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What is good for me to know about what is happening in my life right now?

We are here with you tonight and always.

You are being drawn to connect with new people as you continue your re-integration in your new location.  You are deepening and strengthening your connection to the larger family of humanity and to a deeper understanding of how all are connected. 

Your word for this year, Compassion, is being used and utilized as you connect with those who can use or need compassion, and those who can learn from your example.  As you know, Compassion is a key skill and attribute of Priests and is very much needed as the challenges of your physical world increase and the intensity increases.

Your life has been created to give the opportunities you are experience in so many ways.  You are fulfilling many agreements that you are not aware of, and as we have said s many times, when you follow your inner guidance, you are lead or directed to connect with the people you need to connect with and get to the places you need to get to.

As you connect with so many and numerous “cousins,” you are also connecting them to a much larger family that they didn’t know about, so you are all benefiting from the efforts you are making.

Your work with the Michael Teaching material is far from over.  There is still many years of good work for you to be involved with if you wish to continue it.  Again, many people will benefit from your efforts for many generations yet to come.

You are still learning and growing yourself even as you are very accomplished in many ways.  Growth is always a driving force in your life, as it is for so many others with a goal of Growth. 

Your sense of the non-profit not being your work is correct.  You hold a strong vision and it is up to many others to see that vision fulfilled in physical form. You may help and teach and encourage others as it unfolds.  It is not yours to DO it yourself.  You have plenty of other things to do yourself that are and will give you yourself a greater sense of satisfaction so don’t allow yourself to feel “guilty” or that you “should” do something that you are not doing.   

You are exactly where you should be and that is why your life is going so smoothly for you. 

This is what you wanted and asked for for many years, so now you can feel and life and enjoy the benefits of your many years of struggle and confusion.  That was all necessary to get you to where you are today.  

We are with you at all times and send you much love on your glorious journey of life unfolding. 

About this blog: “Why are we here?”