Thursday, April 18, 2013

How can we work with the devic energies?

We are here with you — as always — as close as your breath, as interconnected as your thoughts and feelings.

Every time you appreciate a flower or a tree, you are connecting to the devic energy whether consciously or completely unaware.

Whenever you feel the vastness of the Universe or say “thank you,” you are connecting with All That Is.  The various realms have particular focuses.  The devic energy is related to plants; the shamanic energy is related to the power of nature, etc. 

It is all the same energy — there is no separation except when you choose to focus on one part or another.

How can you use this energy?  Very simply, be aware of your connections.  Notice the flowers, the trees, the birds, the animals.  Be aware of their qualities.  Be grateful for the abundance and the magical synchronicity of the physical life of all kinds on your planet.

Share your awareness where it seems appropriate with others who may be seeking answers.

As more are aware, the awareness of the connection between all things increases.  When you operate from that expanded awareness, you affect others and you affect the entire pattern of life.  Make no mistake about thinking that you are only one persona and are not important in the large picture. Each of you has far more power for good than you can possibly imagine.  The reverse is also true.

Use your power wisely and with great respect.  YOU — each of you — are All That Is.

Think on this and allow it to grow into your awareness.  Your coming gathering is an event that will be very powerful for all of you and will help to affirm your own sense of power in the physical world.

Keep your thoughts and feelings and actions positive, and let your essence play with those who are on the same path you are.

YOU are the light of the world, shining brightly in the darkness.

[At that point, I went to asleep until time was called.]

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