Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is there any preparation that would be good for us to do before our upcoming Michael gathering/conference?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Your conference is an essence driven event. Each of you look forward to the deep and profound essence contact that happens at each conference.

What you can do is prepare yourself in the most positive way to remove and release any life stresses in advance so that you can allow yourself to be fully present at the gathering of souls.

Set your own personal intention for a time of deep love and deep sharing while you are there.

Your intention, along with the intention of each person there, sets the tone for the events.  

When you are clear, each of you, that you wish to have a  joyous, loving event, that is what you experience.  You already know this.

You can — and should — use such intention setting for any event you may attend or any situation you enter into.  Your experiences are the result of your intentions. They can also be the result of your fears, your ambivalence or your confusion.  So be clear and be love as much and as often as you can — Now for this upcoming event and as a habit to develop for your life. 

Your life is filled with many experiences that you learn from.  You can learn through JOY, you can learn through fear and you can learn through other ways.
We suggest that the path of love and joy are the easy ways.

Regardless of which way you choose at any moment, you continue to learn and experience constantly.  That growth never stops.

We remind you that we are with you and we are you — there is no separation, only the illusion of separation on the physical plane. 

~ Your Entity ~

[After the message, I closed my eyes and rested in the feeling of it for about another 10 minutes.  I felt my crown chakra buzzing before the meditation started and it continued to buzz after we started sharing. As I started to write this, it started buzzing again.  ]

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