Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Message for the group at the annual East Coast Michael Gathering

Question: We did a visualization and asked for a message from our Higher Self 

We are here with you today and always.

Your gathering is and has been successful beyond your original intention and our intention.

You have come together in a beautiful symphony and dance that is beautifully choreographed.

People have felt the power of heart connection and healed much within themselves, simply by being immersed in the deep love of so many conscious souls.  The future has changed for all of you, simply by your participation here and now.  Your future will continue to evolve and as you take this gift that you have given yourself, you can unwrap it and appreciate it whenever and where ever you wish.  It is something that you created and something you manifested for yourself and your world.

Our job is to support you in your growth — to be present and aware, to provide guidance if and when you ask and to remind you of the powerful being that you are already are and the even more powerful being that you can become in the future.    

There are infinite ripples as we have said before.  You are the result of earlier ripples and many others will benefit from the ripples you send out today and every day.

Our joy is beyond expression in being part of the huge impact that your group has in the world.  If you could comprehend it, it would be more glorious than the biggest rainbow you have ever seen, brighter than the most brilliant diamond you can imagine, sweeter than the clearest music you have ever heard, stronger than the largest thunderstorm you have every experienced . . . [the end of meditation timer went off, so they closed with: ]

We revel in delight to be a part of such a huge leap forward for your group.  And, as you each leap forward, you bring along your entire entity and cadre with you, even if they are not physically with you.

~ Your Entity ~