Friday, May 17, 2013

Comments on our recent gathering?

Question: We set a lot of intentions before our recent gathering.  What can you tell us about how well it went and what effect it had on us for the future? 

You planted many seeds at the gathering that will take months, years and decades to fully grow into fruition.

There is still much assimilation going on with folks who attended.  Most have not yet realized how impactful the gathering was to your collective and individual future. 

Over time, people will move or change or adapt in ways they would not have, had they not attended.

You, collectively, are coming together more closely in important ways.  Some have already commented about the lack of chief features at the gathering.  They were there, just subdued as the Essence connection was so much stronger and posed no threat to the personality.  

You all learned a little bit more about how it is when all your individual selves come together for a greater purpose.

This is the journey of the Old Soul as it begins to seek union with others in your entity and your cadre. 

Over the rest of your life on Earth, this desire to have such experiences will grow and will find expression in other areas of your life.

We are well pleased with your progress and offer support at any and all times.
There is more to be revealed over time.  This is enough for now.  Rest.

~ Your entity and Michael ~

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is my new platform for the year?

 Platform for the year: “Adjustment and Fine-tuning”

This means that you have established a pattern for your new life and will be refining this pattern to eliminate what doesn’t work and to refine what is working for you so that your life is smoother and easier.

You won’t be making large changes in the next year; rather, you will be continuing with those efforts that you have chosen to focus you energy upon.

Yes, your life will continue to be busy though it is work that you choose, not what others might wish of you.

We are always here should you seek guidance or support.  You are well loved always.

~ Your Entity ~

[Notes: Each year in May, we shift our emphasis for the coming year.  This is called a "platform" for the year.  The platform is a personal thing and is different for each person.  There are also larger platforms for groups.  For example, world wide, in the 20th century our uber-platform (over-arching platform) was "Debt" - learning all about debt for 100 years;  we studied diligently and took it to a  high form by the end of the century.  The study of "Debt" involved finances as well as feeling with we "owed" other people in many ways.  In the 21st century, our uber-platform is about "Choice" - learning to choose whether to be in debt or not; this is showing up as many people making the choice to be free of debt and/or much more responsible and conscious about what debt they do take on. ]

About this blog: “Why are we here?”