Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is there a message that would be good for me to hear tonight or any message for me?

We are here with you tonight.  All is well. All is truly well in the world.  Yes, there are some small disturbances and fluctuations constantly. 

As we have said before, the imbalances are created for growth.

You have so many opportunities to be joyful.  And, you have many opportunities to choose another way when you want to. 

[I think this next section came from watching Fox News at the doctor’s office today, where they kept talking about the war and other violence in the world.]
Wars are waged by those who choose other ways.  You do not make that choice anymore, though in your past lives, you did.  You do not “remember” those because they do not relate to your current lifetime and as you choose to be and to become in this life. 

The younger souls still need to play out their dramas.  It is up to the older souls to help them see that there are other ways to resolve conflict than all-out wars.  Many older souls are stepping up to their responsibilities and many are not yet ready to do that.  

There will always be conflict of some kind as this is part of growth and of different levels of beings on your world.  The way you resolve conflict is changing, slowly, and this will continue to improve as more and more older souls step forward.

You are very sensitive to noticing the changes as you move closer to the time when the Infinite Soul energy comes in.  As you have observed, it is starting to com through in subtle ways. Those are starting to infiltrate the culture slowly, and will continue to build and grow. 

You are doing what you can to help, so we encourage you to continue on that course.  

Do pay attention to taking care of your body as we have said before so hat your attention can be focused as much as possible on that vision and not on stress, worry, etc. 

We are with you at all times and here whenever you need us or want us.

Your current work with the transcripts will lead to other areas where you can be more visible or public than you have been in recent years.  That is just an evolution or progression or growth along the same lines and fulfills your life task to teach old soul principles to younger souls.

Your life and your situation has been set up to support that task, just as everyone’s life is set up to support their life task,

People come into your life as they are needed to fill “roles” as needed (“roles” as in parts to play, not Roles as in overleaves).  You will continue to draw the right people to you at the right time.  You will continue to notice and recognize them.

The more “conscious” you are, the clearer and cleaner your work will be, so be aware of any blocks or negative thoughts, and consciously choose to let them go out of your space and your mind and your heart when you catch them.  Yes, there are more to be uncovered so you won’t be bored with that [chuckles].  They are sneaker little things and your dragons will try their darndest to play with you if you are not vigilant, as you well know. 

We don’t have any “warnings” to give you at this time or anything you should watch out for, other than what we have already said.

Take time very day for gratitude and to fill your heart with love and joy and laughter.  That will help to keep you in a good place, in addition to keeping your body healthy.

Rearranging, cleaning and reorganizing is always a good thing to do during times of high energy and changing times as these are also.

Sweet dreams and much love to you.
~ Your entity ~ 

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