Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is it about the Full Moon that makes people become more intense now?

We are here with you tonight.

All is truly well.  As you have realized, underneath all of the “riff-raff” of the drama is simply a cover over all that is wonderful.  

The riff-raff is an illusion and is simply your own imprinting, the cultural imprinting or your chief features playing with you.

All is well.  All is working just as it should.  You are encountering opportunities to “remember” and to “clean your house” so to speak — to clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you.

We are with you at all times, and, yes, we are sending you messages in your dreams and in your thoughts when we can.  You can access us consciously at any time. 

Just as you get caught up in old patterns of old beliefs so too do others.  The Full Moon energy can accentuate those old beliefs.  It is a strong energy that pulls on the body and the psyche every month, so gives a new opportunity to look at your beliefs and patterns, and to see beyond them.   

Very small and subtle changes in energy have a strong effect on those who are already a little “out of balance.”  They do not consciously realize what is causing them to get further out of balance.

Notice how little wind it takes for your wind chimes to make beautiful music.  That is similar to the small amount of a slight change of energy that can cause people to ‘feel’ differently and react out of an unknown force operating on their body. 

As you are aware of the Full Moon cycles and can connect yourself to the Earth energetically during this time, you become like Marion’s tree — solid and yet able to sway with the energy’s “wind” and make beautiful “music” of your own while others are just clattering and clanging.

Do you see the difference?

We are working with you energetically to help you stay more connected so you don’t notice some of this.  You will notice for yourself what you need to notice.  Others will notice what they need to notice. 

When there is a Full Moon — or any other shift in energy — you can  help yourself by paying attention and making sure you are physically healthy, emotionally healthy, intellectually healthy and spiritually healthy.

When you are healthy, you are stronger and more able to help others.  The more older souls are healthy, the more you are able to provide a sense of safety and stability to younger souls.  

The younger souls are much more prone to fears and exaggerated behavior than older souls.  They do need guidance and “adult supervision” much more than they are willing to admit.  Your world can no longer afford to let them run wild as they have been.  It’s growing time for older souls to step forward and rein them in a bit and teach them more appropriate ways of behaving. 

This is a natural evolution and you world is moving forward as is appropriate.  Yes, it seems to take a long time.  When you look back, you can see the progress.  It is harder to see when are in the midst of it.  Lots of things are still “under the surface” just waiting for the right time to come forth.

There will come a time when it seems like everything is bursting forth at once.  Remember these words when that happens.  

All is well!  Everything is working in divine order.  All is well!  Repeat as necessary.

~ Your entity ~
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