Thursday, March 22, 2012

What information do you have for me tonight?

[As we started, I had a fleeting thought to ask about the casting model.  They started filling my head before we finished the meditation visualization, so I had to start writing right way. . . ]

Think of the DNA model [from the Michael Teachings casting model structure] as a tall building, with many, many rooms available.  Each floor of the building may have a theme or “design” or “focus.”  Each part of the DNA model can be a “door” or a “window” into new areas of study and learning. 

Each “cell” or “row” or “block”  can be considered as a “closed” room or it can be viewed as a portal to new doors that open into an entire area of study.  Behind each door is new knowledge, just as each door of each floor in a large building opens into a new room filled with possibilities. 

For example, your row of “Cooperation,” can be a closed door or it can be a door to be opened, which can then open to an entire body of knowledge on the topic.  It can also be viewed from the outside through a “window,” which will provide a different view of the subject. 

Each “cell” of the casting charts that you have, have the same opportunity to open into new areas of study.

All of the “True” points [on the DNA model: True Home, True Community, True Health, etc.] have openings to major areas of study.  Those can each be expanded upon as students are interested.  They could be like the various “floors” of the building with many new doors opening to new rooms (or libraries) of information that can be explored for your study, interest and use as students are interested in them. 

There are many, many new areas that have not yet been explored — all just waiting for someone to ask the question.  The questions that our students ask are the “keys” to the doors.  There are not an infinite number of doors; there are an infinite number of possible pockets of information that can be shared. 

The only point of all of these “doors” and “ways” to learn is what is has always been – to learn how to love each other.

Through knowledge and learning, you grow and develop.  As you — an individual fragment — grow, you help to expand your entity, your cadre, your energy ring, etc., and therefore, the entire Universe expands. 

If that were not true, there would be no point to this “game” we are all playing. 
We are all here to grow and develop.  To learn.  To love.  To play.  To expand.
There is lots of growth and movement right now in so many ways, it is like an explosion of energy, growing and building into a crescendo, like a wave crashing onto the sand.  Each wave moves the sand a little bit until eventually, the entire shoreline is changed or redesigned. Some waves are stronger than others, some soft, some pounding.  They all do their part in the grand scheme of the universal play that is Life.

You as an individual fragment are like a drop of water — part of the whole wave, which is part of the ocean.  If all the drops went a different way, the flow of the waves would be different, so while you may “seem” to be very small when compared to the ocean, you can see the power of the wave when many drops work together. 

There is an entire wave system that is building for more impact on your world in the new few years and the next few generations.  The land/seashore will not look at all like it does now after that wave system passes by. 

New channels and cliffs and rivers will be formed.  New ways of living will be formed.  New societies will be functioning.  When you return in your next life, you will hardly recognize the planet that you left.  This is all good and part of the game of life living itself.

We wish you a pleasant journey.

ps: Pay attention to your dreams as those are giving you much information to draw upon and support to help you manage as the “pace” of life speeds up.
More and more people are awakening and moving into alignment with the new wave strength, which adds more and more power to it.

We are here with you at all times and at any time you seek support. 

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