Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is there a “spirit name” for me? What can you tell me about “names”?

We are here with you tonight.  No, there is no “one” name that you carry. What you have is an energy signature if you will that is triggered when you speak your physical name. When you are residing on Earth in a physical body, your “name” is connected to your energy signature.

When you are not in the physical body, your thoughts create the energy signature so that “others” know immediately who you are.

Remember, that separateness is an illusion of the physical plane only.  At all other times, you are not separate and distinct though you have an energy that could be called unique.  Do you understand how both are possible?

When you are connecting or communicating with others, you instinctively know their energy signature, which carries with it all you need to know about them — all your past lives, who they are, what they are doing with you in this life, etc.  You feel this instinctively whenever you meet a physical person in the physical realm.

A great deal of information is transmitted very quickly as your Instinctive Centers connect with each other.  Also, very quickly, your Intellectual Center, Emotional and Moving Centers react and you start making physical decisions about your interactions. This happens in a flash, so quickly that you are not aware of it.

Then, your physical body takes over and your mind and emotions and body start making ‘decisions” about what is happening.  Your dragons get triggered, or not. You feel at peace with them, or not, etc.  From that point, you start adjusting your interactions based on that instinctive energy signature even though you are not aware of any of it. 

You can start to recognize more about how it works if you take the time to notice how you feel, or think or move when you meet new people.  Also, how you react to others when you sense a mood change or a difference in who they are or how you react to them at different times.

As an example, you might say that your “energy signature” is like a DNA model, containing myriad bits of data that can be used by each party to an energy connection.

Does that make sense to you?

We are here with you always and always enjoy your questions.  Much love to you all. 

~ Your Entity ~

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