Thursday, April 12, 2012

What message do you have for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight.

Your gathering [upcoming conference] is a chance to exchange energy between those who have already connected physically and to bring in new people to the collective energy so they can have that experience.

The energy of this year is increasing in intensity and will continue to do so throughout the year.

Your gathering is a time to “step off the treadmill.”  Recharge yourselves and update your connections.

As always, there will be some conflict and some disagreements about what is what.

You all have a chance to transcend those differences if you choose.  Some will and some won’t – that is the way it is.  All is just fine whatever happens as each person must follow their own inner guidance and follow their own path and come to their own lessons in their own way.  If everyone agreed perfectly, there would be no growth and no excitement.

You all have a chance to teach each other and to learn from each others.  If you keep your heart open and see each person as a loving expression of All That Is, it will be easier for you and easier for them.  This is a good thing to remember at any time and at all times.

You will all learn something if you are open to learning.  You have a chance to shift your perspective if that is something you want to do.  You will all “bond” together in a way that will continue to provide you with grounding as the year progresses and as changes continue to happen at an accelerated rate.

The connection with the other Old Souls is so vary important as the future plays out in many much larger ways.  You all have some inklings of those coming changes.

All of your structures and societal norms are changing.  This provides great stress for many people and your job is to help many others to move forward.  So pay special attention to keeping yourself health — as we have said so many times before.

You are all beacons of light that will help those who are afraid.  Yes, you are part of the “guiding star” as you also notice how it lights up for you to keep you on your path.  [Kathryn had us connecting with the star in the center of the circle as part of her visualization tonight before the meditation.] Your star symbol is very important to remember.  The star that guided the wise men to Jesus is the same symbol now forming to guide others to the Infinite Soul.  Pay attention to how stars show up as symbols for you and others.  [Recently in our listening practice, I had an image of the 5-pointed star related to the transcripts, with a similar message about it being the same start that guided the wise men to Jesus.]

Please remember to laugh and to play and to be silly also.  The weight of all the responsibilities that Older Sols bear does not have to be a burden.  Wear it like a beautiful cloak and take it off occasionally when you want a break.
All is well.  We leave you with that simple message: All is truly well.

[Then, I just relaxed into the warm loving embrace of the energy coming through.]

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